Dante's Inferno trailer

  • José Brandão Brandão

    Dantes for PC or DANTES INFERNO 2

  • *The Crimson King* •

    "I'm afraid it's been...9 years..."

  • I'm Up

    Looks like a knockoff God Of War.

  • ChaBz Lord

    2018 and I'm still wishing for a sequel.. :'(

  • Jonas Or Something

    bring back bill withers for fucks sake

  • xcalibur1011

    ea. please redo dante,s inferno for the ps 4.

  • Abhijeet A7x

    Can't wait for another part

  • Ricky Spanish

    I need a REAL remaster, not just a port. I bought this game twice and im itching to get back at it

  • emanuel romero

    Dante infierno 2 para cuando estuvo buena la primera

  • 191281marlboro

    Remaster and dante inferno 2 please !

  • Momolko

    I still Watling for the "Dante's inferno Redemption" 🙂🙂🙂

  • SuskePlayzYT

    Part 2 of the game plsss I played dantes inferno many times plss make a part 2 of it

  • Tops Emulator

    electronic arts for when is the second part of this great game

  • Z H

    Is this not just a god of war clone

  • That Guy

    For a GOD OF WAR clone, the game wasn't bad at all, the sound quality and Design was pure amazing, and the combat was great. I wouldn't mind a Xbox1X and Playstation 4 Pro remastered edition.

  • Rocky balboa

    Dark souls but more edgy

  • Bruno Silva

    9 anos atrás '-'

  • sai76

    Christian God of War.

  • FoxxyTM -

    YouTube sent this in my recommendations, and i tought it will have a sequel...

  • Seth Meyap

    This game still gives a chill bones. That feeling that you read 9 circles of hell and play this.

  • juan de la cruz

    remaster ps4 EA #EAdantesInfernoRemaster

  • Baby John

    Best game...I want a second part so bad..

  • Dumb Person

    When you’re so badass you defeat death and steal his scyth

  • Xavi Banegas

    Dantes infernus 2 pleaseeeeeeeeee

  • Mephisto Pheles

    Do the fucking sequele

  • Fanguy YT

    Why can't they make a movie on this....?

  • reko sama


  • stop t-series

    Says 18+ but i was playing this game with my 15 year old cousin in the psp lived it

  • MIimo Reii

    This was a great game. I know there's not going to be a sequel but the least they could do is make a PS4 edition remastered.

  • Jackson Ville

    If yall at ea could pull your heads out yer asses youd realise that this could have serious potential for a ps4/pc port or even a remake. Yall cannabise and eat our favorite game developers, visceral is a perfect example. Us dead space and danes inferno are fucked because EA decided to buy the studio, remake the game to your greedy purpases instead of just letting the studio that made the game great make it. Then you shut down the studio when your bastardisation of the game fails. PLEASE get the original devs to remake this game and it will kill.

  • von.der_ _


  • Niv 'Mohnd

    For a DAMN SECOND i thougt that there was a remaster coming...

  • cristian arredondo

    I don't know rick it seems a god of war II

  • ANNA MAE Devlin


  • Jorge Gonzalez Bustillos


  • Sarthak *

    Is the dante of dmc there?

  • Gilberto Souza De Freitas

    Esperando dublarem para português Brasil........

  • derviken GYM JDP

    La segunda parte no a salido ???

  • Sarcastic Cat

    Fact:In divine comedy demons can only punish/hurt souls that are already been excuted or placed in hell.When Dante arrived at hell he was just completely ignored.

  • Games LucasJF

    Quem tá vendo em 2018 deixa um like aki

  • X-linked; Mm; Pampari; 1/cos

    Ma Beatrice non compare nell'inferno

  • Hillary Trump

    I never play this game. I would love to have this game on ps4

  • El Chapo Guzmán

    ,9 years ago , but I still wants to play this game

  • The Tall One

    I want him to have more, weapons!!!

  • Mark Trujillo

    Damn the eye candy alone is insane

  • Alexander

    How much would you pay to go to hell and back ?

  • Nuno Miguel

    E A , vocês estão a dormir ?? Para quando o dantes inferno 2, milhares de jogadores esperam esse momento ,enquanto vocês ,meteram de lado uma das melhor franquias de jogos já criadas..abrem os olhos ,muitos jogadores pelo menos é o que vejo nos blogs anseiam um novo jogo

  • Lucas Inacio

    Jogo top pena que não teve continuação

  • Marko Moralez

    Dantes inferno redemption please

  • David Baker

    This game is so chaotic. Please do another one!

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