Evolution of Far Cry Villains - Who was the Best Antagonist? (2004-2018)

All Main Antagonists from the Far Cry Series - Who was your Favorite Bad Guy?
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▼ Timestamps:

♦ Far Cry
- Dr. Krieger (00:08)
- Mutated Dr. Krieger (00:41)

♦ Far Cry 2
'The Jackal' (00:55)

♦ Far Cry 3
- Vaas Montenegro (01:50)
- Hoyt Volker (02:22)

♦ Far Cry 4
- Pagan Min (03:04)

♦ Far Cry Primal
- Warchief Ull (04:15)
- Batari (04:41)

♦ Far Cry 5
- Joseph Seed (05:17)

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  • Kyle Crane

    Pagan Min is amazing!

  • Frost Wrath

    Hoyt sucks ass vaas is better

  • Clacking 76

    you missed far cry predator and far cry dragon blood


    Do u know the definition of insanity

  • irfan ha

    If you look at hoyt he's kind of a killer who likes to have fun by killing people just like pagan but if you wanna know the definition of insanity vaas is the best

  • Morbid Onslaughter

    The Jackal and Vaas!!!

  • Blayne Winchester

    The best is Vass Montenegro, i love him❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍🐺

  • Lil Kek

    I dunno why people take Fucking Joseh Sperm (joke) over Pagan MinAnd also most of you have probably never played Far Cry 2The Jackal is a mastermind.He is the man who has the power to let people fight against each other.He is on his on and everytime you try to kill him throughout the game he gets awayAnd in the end who know if he is dead or just the one who controls every War in the Far Cry Series by just selling weapons and manipulating the leaders ?He is truly a Jackal

  • Arjun Verma


  • M.D Idrishi

    Vass is always my favourite

  • Saith Feed

    Hoyt is disgustingly underrated unlike Vaas who is a joker clone, Hoyt is actually intimidating and got what it takes to be the main antagonist of FC3. The Jackal and Jacob Seed are great as well.

  • Ashen one

    The the trillionth time.....Vaas is not the main antagonist in far cry 3

  • B-Y Bryce

    Krieger: Cliché mad scientist who experiments on himself.Jackal: Underrated antagonist. Not really a villain but neutral. Becomes a hero at the end.Vaas: Representation of steroids overdose. Hoyt: Everyone forgets he was the main antagonist of Far Cry 3Pagan Min: Discount Men's Warehouse Pol Pot Joseph Seed: Hippie drug addict

  • Tushar Dey

    Far cry 3 blood dragon

  • Abdullah Ab

    "Did I ever tell you the defination of insanity" -Vaas

  • generalcontrol

    Pagan Min. I tend to like self-proclaimed kings in purple suits in video games.

  • Santonu Borpuzari

    1 Pagan2 Vaas3 Joseph

  • Subrata Bhattacharjee

    Stop shoot stop shoot, do they sound same?.... This one dialogue of pagan is enoughEnd of debate... Pagan wins!!!

  • Jaider Enrique Cortes Paternina

    The jackal is my favorite

  • Darknezz Gaming

    Vaas is the best. Not just from Far Cry, but the best antagonist in every game in the world

  • Xxfuture FighterxX

    WTF The first FAR CRY was like Resident Evil

  • monkeydigest

    ▼ Timestamps ▼Far Cry- Dr. Krieger (00:08)- Mutated Dr. Krieger (00:41) Far Cry 2- 'The Jackal' (00:55)Far Cry 3- Vaas Montenegro (01:50)- Hoyt Volker (02:22) Far Cry 4- Pagan Min (03:04)Far Cry Primal- Warchief Ull (04:15)- Batari (04:41)Far Cry 5- Joseph Seed (05:17)► Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed the video you can subscribe here:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMZnJb_BPWAJn9unjDVH31A?sub_confirmation=1

  • VP SS VKS Sm

    did I ever tell you the definition of insanity ?

  • YourBoiSquanto

    Vaas is the worst he kills your brother

  • Sathya Kumari

    I love vaas and pagan min

  • K9 MobsterMobster

    1.Vaas 2.Father3.Pagan

  • Lara :3

    Joseph and Vaas are my favourites

  • Hamzah Turkmani

    Pagan min did not wanted ajay dead he a good guy but his royal army and guards want him dead

  • Tarik Gunes

    Pagan min pagan min pagan min pagan min pagan min

  • Tushar Dey

    After playing far cry primal warchief ull was also good

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