Evolution of Far Cry Villains - Who was the Best Antagonist? (2004-2018)

All Main Antagonists from the Far Cry Series - Who was your Favorite Bad Guy?
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▼ Timestamps:

♦ Far Cry
- Dr. Krieger (00:08)
- Mutated Dr. Krieger (00:41)

♦ Far Cry 2
'The Jackal' (00:55)

♦ Far Cry 3
- Vaas Montenegro (01:50)
- Hoyt Volker (02:22)

♦ Far Cry 4
- Pagan Min (03:04)

♦ Far Cry Primal
- Warchief Ull (04:15)
- Batari (04:41)

♦ Far Cry 5
- Joseph Seed (05:17)

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  • Darma Wayan

    I choose Pagan Min I love Pagan Style 😅

  • Leo Calonder

    1) Pagan Min2) Hoyt Volker3) John Seed I feel like Vaas is so overrated

  • Mr. Narrador

    You are my,And i are you Oooooh Shit Vass Is the best!

  • Sherry Birkin


  • Depressed_kid _666_

    ᴠᴀᴀs ᴀʟʟ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴀʏ ʙᴜᴛ ᴘᴀɢɪɴ ᴡᴀs ᴍʏ ғᴀᴠᴏʀɪᴛᴇ

  • Bilabosta


  • Kaneki Ken

    My favorite villain is Vaas!

  • Army Knight

    My favorite is Vaas Montenegro.

  • João Abreu

    Joseph seed and vaas


    Vaas is the best and hoyt

  • Ahmed Elshazly

    Wait what about the antagonist from far cry from 3 blood dragon ? He also deserve to be mentione on this list

  • Srecko Motic

    Far cry 1(2004) the best dr. Kriger

  • Pagan Min

    3:55 is Not Pagan But Unique

  • James007HungerZone

    Is Primal worth a try? Been thinking of getting that one

  • Huda Isa

    The Father and we are his children


    Primal bosses were okay, Pagan min was magnificent and the father was very baad because it exists also a good bad like the other villains but FC5 was without any kind of hope

  • junejuly532

    Vaas was an interesting villan than the rest.

  • Pete St. Onge

    Games but I liked Hoyt and Pagan

  • DreamArt STUDIOS

    1. Pagan Min (FC4) Most Evil2. The Father (FC5) Most Sophisticated3. Vaas (FC3 Most Scary4. Jackal (FC2) Most Boring



  • Marijus Domskis

    The best is pega min

  • SanDMan

    FC - Huh?FC 2 - malaria simulator, realismFC 3 - Sharks 🦈 FC 4 - Mountains FC P - Detroit simulatorFC 5 - Michael Bay

  • Jahangir Akand

    Bat ary nipple visible

  • gamer boy

    Pagan min is the best

  • monkeydigest

    ▼ Timestamps ▼Far Cry- Dr. Krieger (00:08)- Mutated Dr. Krieger (00:41) Far Cry 2- 'The Jackal' (00:55)Far Cry 3- Vaas Montenegro (01:50)- Hoyt Volker (02:22) Far Cry 4- Pagan Min (03:04)Far Cry Primal- Warchief Ull (04:15)- Batari (04:41)Far Cry 5- Joseph Seed (05:17)► Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed the video you can subscribe here:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMZnJb_BPWAJn9unjDVH31A?sub_confirmation=1

  • Ahmad Mizan

    Who think far cry 2 is the worse franchise far cry ever, like please

  • Redcarl Padilla

    why no far cry 3 blood dragon


    vass is a awsome villain

  • Skull MDG

    In my opinion Joseph Seed is the best antagonist.

  • dachi ergemlidze

    Vaas and joseph seed

  • byFroster Tube

    1 Pagan Min .2 Joseph Seed 3 Vaas

  • Brandon Ramírez 11

    1. Vaas2. Pagan3. The Father

  • Avinash Upadhyay

    I think pagan and vass much better than other

  • Mr. Narrador

    Vaas is The best Villan !

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