Far Cry 5 Ending Explained

In this video im going to be discussing what i think the ending really means and what happens next, now i dont think this is confirmed but my theory is correct this is one of many stories that are possible.

Farcry Series connected link
  • Jude Landesman

    This guy thinks a video game is his family😂😂

  • Wowy675

    My theory is that the nuke ending is connected to the zombie dlc

  • Bey Vargas

    ...or it was all real and you're totally screwed ;)

  • dan myers

    You posted this on my birthday 😂

  • Blue green red skull

    hurk is in lost on mars dlc so does that mean the nuke was not real u were just infected by the bliss

  • Medic Medal

    What if your prediction is the true ending?its a possible chance that RESIST is the true ending

  • M. P.

    I think Farcry 5 can grab someone who didn't like 3 or 4, just cuz of much better story all around.

  • Mel Camabit

    Joseph was right, and is the prophet. It could have been coincidence that when you arrested him, the world ended. You can gather that shyt is going down just by listening to the occasional news radio casts. But that would mean that outside end of the world events had nothing to do with J.Seed. However, if you choose to walk away, there is no end of the world. The world should have ended just as much as if you arrested him. But since it didn't, there is the proof that your actions did/didn't bring about the end of mankind. Joseph was right.


    Did Joseph detonate the nukes or did another country declare war on America?

  • Matthew Pound

    I personally think the cannon ending was half hullicination where joseph under the effects of bliss performed all these heinous acts of violence and munipilation to "force" the collapse upon hearing the news of global tension. At the beginning of the game when you first try to arrest Joseph and your plane crashes he is seen talking to the control center...i think he manipulated the entire police force including the national guard stationed in Montana as sleeper agents if anything were to ever happen to him.More to the point i beleive the ending is joseph stoned out of his fucking mind triggering the national guard to bomb all of Montana...I say this bc i highly doubt North Korea would target the few nukes they have to rural lands in America. They would target major cities. The missing plot hole in this game is not knowing how much bliss the deputy (you) can actually handle and function off of before succoming to madness. You always wake up like a bad hangover and are fine. So i beleive the bombs were in fact real(maybe the bliss effect exaggerated the blasts to look like major nukes??) and it was josephs manipulation that caused them to fall specifically where you are located. By the end you dont resist him, you don't struggle. You just stare into his eyes wondering what the fuck is actually happening.The one common thread with all these endings and from the start as well is the National Guard is always used as a last resort solution that always seems to backfire. This is why I believe they were Joseph's ace in the sleeve all along, in case he was ever about to be arrested or killed; All in order to believe his hallucinations of being this prophet of god's plan.

  • Eco Beast

    If nukes did got off, they would be dead no matter what type of Nuke it is. Also, Hope County wouldn't catch on fire. At the least it'll have the same effect as seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So either Ubisoft had a HIGHLY unrealistic depiction of nuclear dedanation, your character had said depiction, or The cult used DBM's (Domestic Ballistic Missiles) or Just grounded bombs filled with the same stuff that's in the silos.

  • Swaggy T

    I was thinking that because Pratt knows that only you is the trigger song than I feel like he would try to kill the deputy right?

  • Glenn Piper

    be amazing if we get a sequel to this game

  • William Poole

    If they make Far Cry 6 a culmination of every one put together, it'll be the greatest game ever made

  • Blooddragon Gaming

    i feel either rook was knocked out during the beginning of the game (at the tower) or everything happens for real but the nukes are an illusion that everyone at hope county are witnessing (except Joseph) and nobody is really dead (except the other 3 from the truck). the reason why i say this is cause when you choose resist, he throws the bliss tanks, and all you see is you and your allies in the bliss and you “rescue” them from the bliss, and the nukes fall, and then if you start again after finishing the game, you somehow end up at the tower. if everything i mentioned about the end is wrong, then it could mean that you were knocked out at the beginning of the game, or it hasn’t happened yet and it could be a foreshadow or a dream. i dont really know to be honest

  • Daniel Muhammad Ademz

    Anybody notice that ever since Far Cry 3 and now to Far Cry 5 that the villains turn out to be good. Of course they've killed many people but at the same time the player does too, and the player seems to be the real bad guy. Far Cry 3- Jason finds out that he is the same as Vaas and has turned into a killing machine, Far Cry 4- Pagan Min seen Ajay as family but instead Ajay joins the golden path and kills Pagan Min, Far Cry 5- Joseph Seed was correct about the ending of the world yet Rook is pressured to destroy Joseph Seed's cult.

  • SQUIDMaster . DE

    There are no nukes when you leave. So they are Joseph's nukes.

  • Djg.lifeishard Oof

    waitwhy does the flag in the bunker have the cult symbol on it?

  • Mr. Random

    I never understood the nuclear bombing at the end(I beat the campaign)

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