Far Cry 5 Ending Explained

In this video im going to be discussing what i think the ending really means and what happens next, now i dont think this is confirmed but my theory is correct this is one of many stories that are possible.

Farcry Series connected link
  • Eugene Compo

    What if the whole story was just a hallucination?🤔

  • SQUIDMaster . DE

    There are no nukes when you leave. So they are Joseph's nukes.

  • Voc

    About the "connected or not" thing about the other Far Crys.I finished some secondary missions on Far Cry 5 that were full of easter eggs,and one of them was a "movie director" mission,the name of the film they were making was "Blood Dragon" ((and it had the poster of the game as well,and the dragon's eggs all around)).The director talked about not making another Far Cry movie,what means there are novies about Far Cry in the Far Cry universe ((Far Cry-ception))So i guess that would be the reason why Hurk talks about the other main characters on other FCsJust doing a lil theory,don't want to blow yours up...((If you feel like giving any opinions or say something,feel free,i won't bite))

  • ghostofthemist055

    Actually in the bad ending when you complete it you can go back to the ending mission and decide to resist so if you pay attention when you try to go to jacobs compound again "only you" plays and you get teleported back out so this is saying that when it played on the radio it was just a hallucination.

  • Metal Maker

    If we say the whole nuclear scene was a bliss influenced one, and not real, It still creates other contradictions. The whole battle with Faith (and every other encounter with her) was a in a bliss hallucination. Does it means she is alive? And Marshall and Virgil? They were both dead for real even tho it was in a bliss hallucination they died...

  • TheRazgriz007

    Almost everyone I've seen so far really hates the game's endings. Me? I think they're pretty good. It takes a lot of guts to craft a story where, whatever you do, it doesn't always end the way we want. Just like the real world. It's not meant to be an ending that pisses you off or is incomplete, it is meant to make you think. Consider the bigger picture. Throughout the entirety of the game you are hell bent on the task of destroying this cult that has been tearing the County apart and focus on little else. You get all the way to the end, resist Joseph (as anyone would really, having come so far) and defeat him... only it turns out he was right.

  • ranker4

    So this are the theories till now:1. All was a hallucination.2. Joseph nuked Montana.3. WW3 started. Seen someone telling that if you listen the radio, you will hear that a nuke dropped in North Korea, therefore the war started and some country, probably NK, bombed Montana and Joseph knew all along that WW3 will start, reason why he built the bunkers, in order for him, his family and his followers to get inside until the war would be over.Joseph is insane, but he is not that insane to nuke everything he tried to create just because he lost. Probably it's simple coincidence that a nuke dropped right after Joseph was captured.Still, i wonder what can happen with the main character since he is with Joseph, will he torture him or brainwash him? Still, he has no bliss to do that, so maybe he will just keep him as a prisoner and just punish him.

  • BGA1738

    What’s interesting is that you can go to the veterans center and drown in the lake nearby, and if done correctly, you won’t die and you would be able to walk around in the center without your screen going black. Does this mean you broke the brainwashing? Or is it just a glitch in the game? I’m curious if anyone has done this “glitch” and completed the final mission by walking away and see if anything is different when the song comes on in the car.

  • Garrett Chapman

    Oh my god your mic sucks

  • Amy Gilewski

    Wait I thought that the nuke ending was the bad ending

  • 바퀴벌레3

    So this is a tutorial of Fallout 5...

  • shawn simon

    do all far cry's have no good endings serious cuz games supposed to make you feel good at the end and this didn't

  • SilverWave

    I HATE that there are so many open questions! All of these endings feel so unsatisfying! Your theory is great though!

  • SilverWave

    Either way, the story end terribly, because the nuke will drop regardless. Even if they just leave, it wouldn't have an impact on the nuclear war. I just wish they would just leave, get the national guard and that's it. The fact that the deputy fell in trance again just makes it a terrible ending too. It pisses me off.

  • chriswr2007

    Thank youuuuuuuuuu for explaining

  • Prodigy G14

    Really good detailed video

  • Gerard Hilboezen

    Very nice video and I support your theory! I am also thinking they wanted to trigger a war because maybe they did have acces to nuclear bombs after all as they had the silo's. Plant people/seeds in the bunker and let the bombs go off, destroying the world because America would start a chain attack of nuclear warfare by making use of the outside world current situations + every survivor would instantly believe that Joseph is the protector send by God.Due to severe conditioning and bliss in the final battle u still saw his plan due to paranoia is my guess. After the battle u speed to Dutch his bunker by getting adrenaline to cure u from the bliss effects. If the bomb go off, why are NPC's driving normal lol. While cuffed to the bed presumably by dutch as a precaution u still see Joseph. Gave u the medicine and u spawn at the radio tower. A true foe never gets out Rook his head because of all the brainwashing.The walk away ending I cant get my hands around. I dont think u killed our friends in the car because the music was just a step in the condition proces. (No movie of wolves and so on) Probably you just passed out and got to the national garde. Would love to hear your thoughts on this! :)

  • Kalani IoI

    I went to Dutch’s bunker and talked to him and he says how he didn’t expect the Joseph to use a nuke

  • William Poole

    If they make Far Cry 6 a culmination of every one put together, it'll be the greatest game ever made

  • Arathorn Dezeus

    Only youuuuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUU

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