Far Cry 5 - A New Adventure for Delirious! Ep. 1

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Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos!
  • Mauricio Vera

    Lmfao you said pepper stash

  • Eye Grass

    I've lived in Montana my whole life. But I live in the desert part xD

  • pitbull king

    Wait....WHERE IS TEDDY BEAR...FORGET CARTOONZ WE NEED TEDDY wait I should know I beat the game XD

  • Lilcarrot 1400/800 ASTROWORLD

    The only time the cops are the good guys...

  • shadow Lord

    Bro how is this fair its been 2 years and u still havent finished the far cry primal series but u started this one

  • come at me bro

    I like how he calls man mans😂

  • York Boys

    I want more Far Cry 5 I love that so much that's my favorite game so please do more of it is true I love your content H2O please keep it up I want more Far Cry 5

  • Lord Tallon

    ....I want this game so bad


    Pepper stash has very spicy goods

  • Panda hero

    delirious can you make more far cry 5 video if you do that all subscrbed you

  • akito wolfblood

    did u know theres a way to join the cult

  • Heavenson Darkstorm


  • Brayden Barnes

    Farcriy 5 is the best i have it.

  • Peyton Pierce


  • Pastel Chan

    Delirious, i used to have a maskIt broke, though.

  • xXK3ndrickXx

    yea like outlast again in the church

  • SadTiger85

    How Do I Join The H2O Army ??

  • Killer 12492

    I’m going to get far cry 4 On Monday

  • bitsibean

    Okay but on some real shit, the dispatcher may would have been frantic because it’s her friends but considering she could probably hear bits and pieces of the crash, realistically she’d notify SOMEBODY with her of what was happening.

  • Mr. Ojinaga man


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