God of War VS Ryse | PS4 Pro vs PC Ultra | Details Comparison

"God of War VS Ryse | PS4 Pro vs PC Ultra | Details Comparison" no description available.
  • MegaUnavailableusern

    One game is completely linear with a 5 hour campaign. One is semi open world with side missions. Open world games are much harder to achieve the best visuals compared to a 5 hour linear game. God of war has many more things going on in the world and much more attention to detail. It's not even close which game looks better. God of war is technically far superior.

  • MercifulFather

    Ryse looks better, but the game is bad. God of war is the perfect package

  • djawadoudba

    Sorry but spanish voice of Kratos are 🤮



  • Clarence Dankerlui

    who cares about which one looks better to detail...all that matters is which one is a better game in general. and ryse is nice but it's way out of it's league compared to god of war!

  • I3est ShoTツ

    Dude Ryse is 2013 and God of war 2018.. Comeon Like its obv that Pc is better... Console is 5 years behind like u can see.

  • CatMienn

    And... on top of that, with this game Santa Monica contributed to the industry, creating a new solution for volumetric illumination. From now on we will see it in more games.

  • Goten RAIZ

    You wacth VS. You play.

  • Farhad Guli

    Ryse is more realistic 😍

  • The Elite Dragon

    Why they didn't do Ryse on Xbox vs ps4 god of war


    RYSE's graphic is better, BUT many Detail is GOD OF WAR WON

  • misael lacerda

    Tem que ser muito burro para poder comparar God of war com Ryse.. Puta que pariu

  • LEO PL

    God of war it game. Rase demo tehnologic.

  • MeihanaBee

    0:44 "hey vegeta!" Lol wtf

  • Excell Sentinel

    2013 vs 2018, Ryse win.

  • GT-Spinal 11

    Better frame rate on pc

  • Diego Maia

    2013 game looks greater than 2018 one, I really LOVE both games, but the story of ryse has rocked me more than the history of all previous GoWs together, I don´t know why ppl hate Xbox so much, but even with fewer unique single-player games, Microsoft does a more decent job than Sony in their exclusives. I´m not a fanboy, I have both, I play both... But, this comparison talk to itself, 5 years later and a similar work, Almost copied... Let's say, Inspired.

  • BroImLeandre

    They should make another Ryse; it was pretty decent, though there are a few elements of the game that I think the studios could improve upon.

  • MattJot

    Ryse enviroment is too sterile in compare to GoW.

  • jax44

    Ryse not is better, but is more realistic.

  • Pao Chongloi

    Ryse i wanted to play but the game is not in PS4. Sad. Plus, I know the game did not sell very well. I still want to play that game.

  • Thunder Lips


  • Benito Diaz

    Vi el video en mi tv 4k Samsung, y debo de decir que god of war se ve espectacular, ambos juegos se ven muy bien, pero para ser honesto, se ve mucho mejor god of war. Saludos.

  • adnan zook

    god of war god of war god of war pk.

  • ZombieGamer

    Ryse was such an amazing fucking game man, I hope they make a second.

  • Bryce Krispiez

    They both look phenomenal damn games have come a long way

  • coolio diablo

    Lol these PlayStation kids are delusional, the ryse game looks way better graphically, maybe they're blind? Idk...

  • adnan zook

    god of war all parts amzaing

  • enrique figueroa

    I wonder why Xbox won’t make a sequel to Rise: Son of Rome? Ooo wait I know they fucked that up too..

  • Turki Kaboha

    Screw both Skyrim : Dragonborn wins

  • Alison from Gamology

    Hello!I'm working for Gamology (4.9 million fans on Facebook). I found your videos and I really like them!I'd like to post some of them on our pages. But first, I need your approval. I'll also credit your original video in the comments.Have a nice day!_______Our pages:Gamology US - FR - ES - Asia - TBOGM - GCN - Amazing Gaming - Crazy Gaming - Pixel Heroes - Gaming Facts - @GamologyOff (Twitter) - Gamology (insta) - Gamology (YT)

  • ta o

    Se ve mejor el pc ultra

  • topvoldo zion

    Comparing graphics PC is incomparable with gaming console....

  • Stoynov666

    Pc i better just for one thing. I play the games for free 😄

  • Railtonoob gamer

    se o ryse fosse mais rpg em sistema de armadura . combos criar . mundo aberto como o god seria foda .ryse 2 eu acredito mais so se a Microsoft toma vergonha e trazer jogo com conteudo bom com sigleplay e online . Ubisoft tem for honon . e mediano mais o publico gosta de fantasia e sangue como o. the wi 3

  • Read the Scriptures!

    Ryse is more violent has more moves and looks alot better.Sorry i spelled God of War wrong.

  • JhudielTheOne

    greek and rome are.... quite differentedit: Romans Vs Germanic Tribes (Aka Marius Titus Vs Kratos)

  • Ryan Richardson

    This video was posted for controversy and views. Anyone who isn't a total fool knows the limitations and differences on the platforms. That said... The original Rise release on the X1 looks way better God of War on the PS4. I'm primarily a PC gamer who owns PS4 for a Netflix machine btw. I dont own an X1.

  • Markus Phenix

    I am a console gamer and to be frank consoles are not ready to takedown PCs yet because the graphics and framerates are still better but in time things will change when PS5 launches if a PS5 paired up with quantum dot TV then i do believe no matter how good the pc of todays or future Gen PCs would be console will beat it

  • Clayton Bugeja

    Ryse utter garbage game

  • Electrics

    Except ryse was shite

  • CubeLifeStudio

    It's a 2013 game next to a 2018 game. I like good of war but ryse is very dated. Why don't you compare it to crysis😁

  • hellisfnboring

    2018 vs. 2013? Wow... thats fair.

  • Bryce Krispiez

    Y’all are some touchy motherfuckers in the comments. Both of these games look incredible. I hear people going “it could’ve been better” and bellyaching about graphics. Y’all need to remember what games used to look like so you can be appreciative of art like this

  • GravellerGear

    First thing I noticed was the fps rate drop of God of War.

  • MrQwerty227

    Rise is impressively close considering it came out 5 years earlier.

  • Miguel Idme

    increible lo que haces con pocos recursos a pesar que en pc tengas todo a tu favor no la hace xd jajajaja

  • SengirShowsU

    Wow. Rysen Looks so much better from a graphical standpoint. While God of War is more stunning from a design prospective to me.

  • Parappa The Rapper

    Redbull y tabaco lo mejor q me ha pasado

  • arteshe.sorkh6

    ryse= pc run 2000$god of war= ps4 run 399$

  • Ahmad Darwishenay

    Ryse Son of Rome OLD Game 2014 - God of War 2018

  • Emperor B.C

    God of war is the better game but ryse looks miles better graphically.

  • 474747suman

    Which pc are u comparing with,,,compare with pc which we can get at same price as ps4,,this comparison is bullshit

  • Jc M

    Why compare rise ,was trash

  • ZombieGamer

    Hey I have an idea! Lets compare a five year old game graphics to a brand new game. #LOGIC

  • Pluzo Ultora

    Why people compare games? "Because we want to know what game is better"No, these games are completely different, mechanicals different, history different, directors different, plataforms different,so, Why?If you thinks Gow is better, ok, respect who thinks Ryse is better, same for Ryse, i think Gow is better, because i play, i can't say Ryse is a shit, i never played, i don't know, but i respect who likes, if you don't have respect, don't wait be respected.Just play and enjoy.

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