God of War VS Ryse | PS4 Pro vs PC Ultra | Details Comparison

"God of War VS Ryse | PS4 Pro vs PC Ultra | Details Comparison" no description available.
  • Dominick Hodges

    Pc looks way sharper

  • Gamer4 Ever

    Imagine Kratos talk in dothraky language 😱

  • joel rosas

    esta trabajado en mismo formado grafico las misma base

  • Gregory Miranda

    Note even close. Obviously god of war niggas

  • PacMonster146

    One game is actually fun.

  • Ray Pen

    PS4 lost e3 2018 horrible cringe worthyShow how embarrassing Sony has no games they ran out 😂🤣🤣

  • JustALilBit

    God of War is a masterpiece.

  • Ansyar Hamrum

    Why is ryse in pc? Ryse is pc gaming graphic beautiful?

  • Teyon Alexander

    this is the weirdest comparison I've ever seen. I get comparing the same game on different platforms but comparing two completely different games to each other where the only thing they have in common is over the shoulder sword play is weird. Let's compare Witcher 3 to Breath of the Wild or Darkest Dungeon to Dragon Age. I mean...why?

  • M ghostDOG281

    For a 2013 xb1 launch title which used to be a xb360 kinnect game ryse looks damn incredible god of war came out 5 years after so of course it looks better but still ryse is one of the best looking games of this generation

  • Amir Hossein Amir Esm

    What The Fu\:do You Have Problem With GOW? Why Do You Compare GOW With Rise.????!!!!

  • JaCk MeOff

    graphically they both look amazing and about the limit of this gen,tho ryse was released in 2013 gow in 2018 i have to say that cryengine used in ryse is more advanced and better than the engine used in god of war

  • Uzumaki Kira

    God of war is a new game whereas ryse came in a lot earlier. I m surprised ryse can compete with God of War

  • Phantom Pain

    God of war is better because RYSE ending suck 😂😂😂

  • Nolan Pauley

    Ryse looks better imo

  • superguyps3

    Both are good and i loved god of war but Ryse also looks good lets not forget it was released way before god of war was released so the visuals are really holding in ryse

  • MustafaAlyasiry Alyasiry

    This is GOD what is Ryse???

  • Kremnievyy Bog

    God of war лучше однозначно!

  • Washington da Silva

    Quem imitou quem aí?

  • Ansyar Hamrum

    Zelda botw is the win😁😁

  • Wolfs Fang

    I clicked because ive never heard of this game called "Ryse" looks cool!

  • Beyond Soul

    Ryse=average gameVsGow4=masterpiece

  • Andrey Oliveira

    É incrivel como um jogo de 2013 é comparado com um de 2018.Vivo esperando um Ryse 2

  • vitor simoes

    Ryse 2013 > god of war 2018

  • Funhouse 107

    God of war looks last Gen while Ryse looks crazy real.

  • Stone S

    Ryse son of Rome don't even compare to God of War. God of Wars in a level all its own. It's funny that some fuk head would even make a video like this. Ryse son of Rome scripted shity Kombat. God of War the best combat to date in any third person action game.

  • Vishal bind

    Ryse grapic is better but god of war gameplay is better

  • Mukhtar Aljashamy

    it's regular that's the god of war is better because it's newer


    Both are amazing games

  • RedIndianRobin

    If Crytek makes a game with Cryengine in 2018, GoW will poop its pants.

  • Enter the Game

    ryse old game butt very good everything grafic ,gameplay ,story...

  • Vian Flash

    Its stupid. 2013 game vs 2018 game. Its 1 generation graphic. For me ryse win.

  • pegotoso

    La comparación debió ser con la Xbox One X o no?

  • Ptolemy336VV

    God of war absolutely looks better than Ryse. Ryse's shading models are flatter, lower model and texture details, and aside all that, these 2 games should not be compared. God of War is a bright star in the world of games, while Ryse is one of the worst games in game history. Simply horrible

  • Wesly Alves

    Nossa "idênticos"

  • xKaoticPanter

    BS this is not PC ultra hec even the old Xbox version can reflect the fire on to the armor and have physic base lights this is pc Low and he cherry pick some of the worst dark parts of Ryse vs some of the best light parts of GOW

  • Ray Pen

    Ryse wins easily no surprise there

  • mal siaosi

    Some people talking about how ryse has shit graphics yet its 5 years old yah turds

  • Nilesh Gautam

    This is the insult of God of war😒

  • TB GW

    It’s ridicules when i read people comments and they try to comparing gameplay instead of the graphics on a video for comparing graphics .Even blind people can see it ryse is so much better than gow , thanks to stupid and super weak hardware of ps4 .It’s Sony mistake not pc or ryse .

  • WE WUZ 4k n shiet

    Ryze clearly the winner

  • radioactivsmurf

    God of War atmosphere and beautiful visuals wins

  • Alip Azham

    ryse graphic looks better cause its on pc you know..and god of war does look good for a console games..but if you start playing game to be amaze by graphic damn you are pathetic..I have 500 hours on borderland 2..the gameplay and the experience is what matters..graphic is just icing on the cake..if the cake taste bad while icing looks beatiful,no one would even bother..but gaming is so different now they wont be satisfied untill they see kratos boogers in hd..

  • Chan Nghiep

    i say from the game that had been released for almost 6 years , Ryse's graphics are still holding on their own

  • Jay Green

    Ryse was the best graphics game on the Xbox one

  • Yavuz Dereli

    Oh my, cryengine... Always ahead of its time.

  • Levitate Dave

    pero cuál es cuál gûevón, cuál es en la Ps4 Pro y cuál en pc

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