Far Cry 5 Training - Escape from Hope County смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720 лицензия

Kyle, Dan, and Erika train to take on the challenges and tasks players will face in Far Cry 5 under Army veteran Rick Hogg and take their skills to the next level!

Thanks to Far Cry 5 for making this video possible! Far Cry 5 is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 27th – go to http://bit.ly/FarCry5Training to learn more and pick up a copy!

And a special thanks to 5.11 Tactical for their training and expertise – go to http://www.511tactical.com/ to check them out!

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  • WCF - Spuky

    childish and scripted thats sad :(

  • Z it up

    10:08 where was the rocket 🤣 best vid I’ve seen in a wile

  • Foxy Girl Yt720p

    Umm. All things you learn on a farm.Steel rounds are shit brass is alot better

  • LT Patart

    I wouldn’t escape, I would stay to kill some more of them to liberate.

  • Chloe Ertl

    this is really shitty

  • Sean Jenkins

    They say these people are professionals ha

  • What ?

    Virgins vs real man ! So much cringe

  • KiddMayhem

    Will definitely try this at home

  • schonnj

    Yay Kyle! Fighting for freedom, and science!

  • Roni_112

    who can't hit a target with a AR-15 scope from 30 meters away smh...

  • H MasterChaos

    10:14 she totally fired the rocket launcher

  • WolfAirsoft

    cringe is over 900000000000

  • Combined Gaming-420

    I honestly don't know how they're THAT bad of a shot. The fucking target is like 10 or 15 ft in front of them? Like goddamn I've only shot a rifle only 2 times and have a better shot than them.. I don't understand man..

  • Olgierd looks like Beckham

    Lmao you were supposed to infiltrate the house first before you sent the dog in.

  • Ian Meyh 임란

    Just wanted to say that the dog were seriously like boomer

  • Julian Quitoriano

    This is cringy as fuck

  • fearme1012

    Nice simunition round shooting... ffs.

  • YGK

    Its bullshit he did not hit it its bullshit its not true 1:41

  • BraBraTorrent

    Can these guys please stop being f**** virgins for 5 f**** minutes

  • Ash

    None of these jokes were even remotely funny

  • La Li Lu Le Lo

    Oh fuck no, I'm definitely not gonna wait for them to help if Eden's gate becomes an actually thing

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