Far Cry 5 Real Life Graphics | Ultra Realism 4K 60fps

America the Beautiful. Far Cry 5 Ultra Realistic Graphics in 4K 60fps.
View in 4K on a nice display for the best experience.
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Far Cry 5's open world America has some of the best graphics yet of 2018.

Far Cry comes to America in the latest installment of the award-winning franchise. Welcome to Hope County, Montana. This idyllic place is home to a community of freedom-loving people–and a fanatical doomsday cult known as The Project at Eden’s Gate. You are the hero of the story in a thrilling world that hits back with every punch and where the places you discover and the locals you ally with will shape your story in ways you’ll never see coming.
  • wol verine

    Please o please tell me where did you get this amazing classic soundtrack mix, i love it, i need it?!

  • Dimka Fistashka

    Ну и гдже тут графика ? Древняя

  • MassiveG

    I was almost as impressed with Far Cry 5's graphics as I was with eating bull testicles at the Testy Festy.Seriously gorgeous open world, though. Looks even better without YT's awful compression.

  • Tech$Gaming Stuff

    625k Views676k Subscriber!!!

  • NZHorizones

    Such a shame the physics are so stupid, hats off to the designers and animators though, looks stunning at least :/

  • bob button

    what graphics card to run at this setting please?

  • Sebastian Grant

    Acquisition coal relieve zhnose lots eventually dance poem hotel stay vision dead.

  • Gaming FOR FUN

    The first 1 minute graphics look like gta 5

  • Emre Gülşen

    omegayt man is crazy is you may goattt

  • MarshalDavid

    Still games look like games.

  • Vagina Bucks

    No NASA computers were harmed during the video

  • Ludovic Trottier

    2:35 I need this flamethrower to teach parking idiots a lesson.

  • xXSgtWolfXx

    the graphics are good and some places in the game look photorealistic, but they're not that great in most areas of the game.

  • Zbigniew Sadowski

    Stunning views, but the AI behaviour is crap. And things like 6.30 should ban this game for eternity.

  • Faded Sky Studio

    i have a 1070 and i cant play on 4 k settings :(

  • Diyan Boyanof

    Just get up from the PC and go outdoors... It has better graphics.

  • Anku Kun

    I can play it on ultra but I don't have 4k :(

  • Qarnayn Malik

    Omg this looks effin amazing I love my far cry games 3rd one was the best for me

  • Tobias Van den Eynde

    this... looks gorgious, i wonder what the cry-engine will give us in 2024 in a far cry game...

  • Pill Cosby

    looks exactly the same

  • mgkpraesi

    Doesnt make the Game any better.

  • Whacka-mole The Non Conformist

    All first world problems eh? I can't wait till war comes to you and yours. Then you'll understand just how much meaning their really is in these "gorgeous graphics". Wow man, you will save the world with them so you go man. Do you have no e begging links?

  • Phong Vo

    Oh wow realife graphics huh "sees png mountains".

  • SmokeDogNY420

    oh, a wolverine fighting a grizzly in town with Gershwin being mangled in the background....video games are so dead



  • Mg Sasanka De Zoysa

    Nice Gameplay :D ... By the Way U Gotta Find Some New Music :#

  • The Inquisitive cat

    This game looks like fun.

  • ulf ulf ulf

    looks like a video game , the graphics are very standard

  • GalaxyTraveler

    Peaceful and beautiful up until the gunfire.......why can't there be adventure based games with graphics like this, instead of run and gun "kill 'em all" type games? :/

  • Cristopher Alexander

    Damn that piano playing makes me think of life and what happens after it . I believe when we die we travel to another dimension were the dead lives and after that is heaven or if you were a bad person.... HELL

  • Hi, Neighbor!

    I can't wait for the remastered version to come out in 2024

  • Nicolas Perez

    esta bueno el juego ,es divertido y unos graficos de la oztia ,pero me marea a morir no se si es el motor grafico o que mierda ,me paso con el 2 tambien que no lo podia jugar.... una lastima...

  • Yiğit Keleş

    i see this video 480p NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo

  • Shadow Heart

    Goddamn. I have a 1070 and it doesn't look this good. Is this the 4k difference?

  • Dyadyushka Oleg

    Feelings when the videos is lagging.

  • Tanvir Alif

    Watching 1440p at 60fps on my note 5. Looking good.

  • TheDragonboy2001

    Lowkey I’m more impressed with the Beethoven remix 😂

  • Djordje Stojic

    graphics is like gta 5

  • Cristopher Alexander

    Whats the piano song called playing in the beginning?

  • Fregatte Española

    Its looks like 2010 graphx..... so dumb textures, geometry

  • weirdwordcombo

    slightly unnatural movements of people give it away here, not the graphics, which are undestinguishable from the real world

  • Susanne Melin

    it looks rely realistisk not ultra

  • Shattered Mirror

    Graphics is general: Very niceSoundwork: OkWorld interaction: Mh...FX: Getting clunkyFights: Not very interestingAnimations: :) ...AI: It hurts...

  • whatever is cody

    This look like 8k graphics

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