Far Cry 5 Real Life Graphics | Ultra Realism 4K 60fps

America the Beautiful. Far Cry 5 Ultra Realistic Graphics in 4K 60fps.
View in 4K on a nice display for the best experience.
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Far Cry 5's open world America has some of the best graphics yet of 2018.

Far Cry comes to America in the latest installment of the award-winning franchise. Welcome to Hope County, Montana. This idyllic place is home to a community of freedom-loving people–and a fanatical doomsday cult known as The Project at Eden’s Gate. You are the hero of the story in a thrilling world that hits back with every punch and where the places you discover and the locals you ally with will shape your story in ways you’ll never see coming.
  • 한기훈

    what is that song? 8:00~

  • Neman Sialkoti

    lol that background music XD

  • black ops 2 gamer

    This game for xbox one or ps4 ? please answer !

  • Kartik Patil

    2:35 Ultra realism my ass!

  • Kevin Miller

    The one thing bothering me about this game is them having a bear kill a wolverine. Bears run from wolverines in fear. Watch Animal Planet. They have wolverines bullying bears on there every now and then.

  • MrZeljko88

    THIS Game runs like crap its not optimised well at all

  • zekoon2

    The graphics we saw in the trailer were a lie as usual

  • Anas Khan

    what is first music name plz

  • The_Lone_Wolf57

    Damn. I wish I could get these graphics. My SPECS: i7 7700K processor at 4.2ghz Nvidia GTX 1080 Graphics card.8GB of RAMI play on max settings at 1080p and get a frame rate of 50-62. Is this because my display is a 49” TV or do I need more RAM?

  • Ek Seng Ng

    those physics though.lol flame thrower a truck and the truck swings around like it balloon


    Looks like real good good 👍👍

  • Beto el Curioso

    Please. Your PC specs??

  • Jorge Dr

    2:20 looks too real.. Kappa

  • Joy L

    The AI and movement animations of the NPC's are quite disappointing.. No apparent improvement since Far Cry 1. Looks pretty though.

  • Flowmasta Flam

    "THAT DOESN'T EVEN LOOK REALISTIC!!!!" - Some kid with a 960 gtx, shitty internet connection, and 1080p monitor

  • Rus Gj

    Wt should be the pc requirements for ultra graphic

  • Nero Scout

    How dare u kill Tedyy Bear.

  • darkspl

    will rx 580 run 4k 60fps?

  • Arthur Herrera

    0:35 Ubisoft is really good at making water... Yea gta's water effect looks like shit compared with this

  • ItzSamOnPC

    That title hurts my eyes.

  • Budget Buddy Gamer

    This is not 60fps bro.....I myself own Titan x

  • Mails Bronx

    farcry 2>farcry 5

  • Vedran Klemen

    Is this Far Cry 2 Remake.

  • Alexander Hart

    When you spend 90% of the budget on graphics and only have 10% for AI

  • Scarakus

    It looks good, and bloody!

  • zekoon2

    The same graphic far cry 4

  • His Supreme Clarkson-ness

    AMD optimised - runs well on everythingNvidia optimised - runs badly on newer nvidia hardware, terribly on older nvidia and all AMD hardwareWhy do people still pay nvidia to put gimpworks in every game?

  • Klawx

    Crysis ( 2008 ) looks better actually

  • DC is the GOAT and Jones is a FRAUD , Floyd is too

    Is this game hard to play? I mean are the objectives to achieve clear to understand or just an open world and you get lost? I am willing to buy it but really confused, please any advice?

  • deivid almeida

    isso nao esta em 60 fps constante

  • Sajirou Plays

    Too bad the story and characters save for one or two are completely crappy that it weighs down the game for repeated playthroughs. I mean this game has an absolutely garbage story that brings it down from a 10/10 to a 3/10.

  • You Tube

    Far cry 5 ...has ....fucked GTA 5

  • NemeanLion

    Visually very realistic looking, but the AI seems a bit off. Strange reactions/behaviors from people and animals.

  • medvidekmisa

    this is realism? lol :D have you heard of metro last light?...I bet new metro will kill all new games in graphic way

  • julien siberil

    UNE GRANDE GRÂCE NOUS EST DONNÉE ! http://www.prophete-du-sacre-coeur.com/

  • Marcikutyaful

    The story remained the same shit? The environment is beautiful.

  • Katze Shiva

    Graphic is nice but i wish we would have a open World game with an European City, full with open houses, suburb, factorys and shit, like gta 5 but way more Details and things to do. I know it would cost Millions, but that would be something new, this open World games nowadays geting bored asf, its all the time the same setting, idk why they dont try something new, guess its the industry just want to make morreee money...

  • Black Dahlia Gaming

    Someone needs to walk into Todd Howard's office at Bethesda and put a copy of this game on his desk with a note saying "this is why we need a new game engine"Especially at the beginning when you end up in the underground bunker and you open up the hatch to the outside world like a fallout game then walk out into a forest that would look great on Skyrim. Plus the gameplay in a way reminds me of Skyrim in the sense that you can go anywhere and do whatever, but in this game you don't have to really do missions at all and you can still make progress towards the end of the game. And I like the way the mandatory story missions are done because it helps keep the flow of the game going. One minute I was taking over an outpost or saving people from a truck or something and then all of a sudden I'm getting tossed into a mission. First time I played this game I spent the longest time just trying to get to a place without getting distracted by enemies or saving civilians or blowing up those silo's. I got to level 2 resistance just by doing all those little side quests or liberating outposts. I played for hours and never did a single real mission in the game but was still progressing through the main story. Another thing that reminds me of a Bethesda game is this has replay value because you can beat the game and have missed cool stuff and missions and interesting characters where as most games once you beat it, all there is to do is play it again and get all the collectables and listen to all the stupid audio logs or something like that for that 100% completion

  • MassiveG

    I was almost as impressed with Far Cry 5's graphics as I was with eating bull testicles at the Testy Festy.Seriously gorgeous open world, though. Looks even better without YT's awful compression.

  • David Gal

    Lmao, Blast the bear!! Explode the lion!! ;D

  • yeetstacks

    looks better than some movies.

  • Mukesh soni

    Sound not match with game...

  • Eduardo Forneck

    Absolutely great graphics, but a little bit buggy

  • mardukl

    how much memory ur gpu has? cant do 4k with my 980 8b :( can do the res before on ultra without problems

  • ricz

    For anyone interested the second song is "HOOKED ON CLASSICS PARTS 1 & 2 -LOUIS CLARK"

  • करन सर्सवाल

    Today's gaming Logic people made. Realism Graphics = Best Game, Normal Graphics = Sh*t Game.

  • Darryl Little

    This looks stunning ....time to make the move to Xbox one......I stay year or two behind and save a shitload of money

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