Far Cry 4 - GTX 980/GTX 970/R9 290X/R9 290 - FPS Battle - Nvidia vs AMD [Benchmark]

FPS Battle! - Far Cry 4 [1080p]. Benchmark GPUs: EVGA GTX 980 SC vs. Inno3D GTX 970 iChill vs. MSI R9 290X Lightning vs. Sapphire R9 290 Vapor-X.
Drivers used: Nvidia [344.65], AMD [][Cat 14.9].
Test Bench: i7 4770K @ 4.4Ghz, DDR3 CL8 1600Mhz
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  • psychok9

    290X is a lot cheaper than 980 340€ vs 580€ min.What you would suggest to me?

  • fer manson

    gtx 970 the best price performance.

  • Tiwey LP

    what a baaad test, !!! why do you dont user the sapphire r9 280x toxic or r9 290x toxic?

  • Cody Provencher

    The game is ubisoft which is nvidia optimized. Since nvidia and ubisoft signed a contract last year.

  • Gods Eye Photography

    Would never guess the ichill 970 would be on the 980sc ass like that

  • AnonymousGM

    R9 290 or GTX 970 ??????????????????


    Do u guys think a 2500k oc to 4.5 will bottleneck a gtx 970 sli? i have a 1000w corsiar power supply and 16g of ram. thanks

  • Theophilus Kevin Wikarta

    if you got Micro stuttering try this :- Open My documents > Open Folder My Games- Open Folder Far Cry 4- Open the GamerProfile.xml file with Notepad- Change this setting; (Press CTRL+F to open the search function)DisableLoadingMip0 = "0"toDisableLoadingMip0 = "1"GPUMaxBufferedFrames="0" to GPUMaxBufferedFrames="1"It work on me!

  • koko

     Have always been AMD fan but recently they have so much f. ..up with their free sync and the new cards to come out All of them except 390x are gonna be the same old sh.. just a bit warmed up. Sorry AMD time for a change  especially now that u are not able to release a product to be money and energy efficient like Nvidia..

  • Camdex

    These comparisons of the new gtx970/gtx980 vs AMDs last gen 290x are not surprising. Nvidia fanboys get so excited to see nvidia beat AMDs last gen card. Well we'll see what happens when the 380x/390x come out on top and nvidia has nothing to compete until 2016 when the 980ti comes out. Leaving AMD to hold the performance and price crown the rest of 2015. Also not a fanboy I've ran red, blue, and green through out the years.

  • Mister Derp-by

    Did you overclocked GTX 980 I saw GPU's heat was hotter than R9 290x ....?

  • idan124

    256bit vs 512bit what a shame for amd but they could make the 290x runs better with 280x memory speeds

  • soumya basu

    dunno why everyone keeps saying that r9 290x is on par with a 970 when it gets trashed by 970 in every benchmark...either these benchmarks are incorrect or 290x is an over-rated card...10th video i am seeing where 970 beats the 290x by a fair margin....and yet everywhere people keep saying they are almost equal 

  • Stian Eike

    damn it amd, put ur shit together :(

  • Mario G

    im planing on getting a R9 290X or a R9 290, but i dont know which one to get. the R9 290 seems to get a bit higher FPS then the R9 290X which is odd, each time a puase the video to compare the FPS the R9 290 is always above the R9 290X... Plz help me figure out which one to get.

  • odnoglazy

    да хуйня это всё,у меня r9 290 x никогда не видел 64 градуса

  • eljuancho2

    amd we want tonga gpu's!

  • Veselka I Project Woah

    Dem AMD didnt getting far cry AAHAHAHAHA

  • Drake 17x

    hey guys, i built this pc , is it good?Windows 8.1 proCPU- Intel Core i7-4790K liquid cooler - Corsair h100i  MOBO- ASUS Z97 PRO LGA 1150 GPU- EVGA GeForce GTX 980 (SLI x2) RAM- Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB SSD- Samsung 840 EVO 250GB HDD- Western Digital Blue 1 TB PSU- Seasonic M12II-850 (850w)Case- CASE NZXT Phantom COST-1986$I have so far played crisis 3 , and i play it in exact 60!!(max) , it doesn't move from 60 if it does(hardly) it is 59.I love played MMORPG'si have played - rift,tera rising,dota 2, LOL, aion.In online multiplayer , i have played batllefield 3 in ultra settings wid FPS 58-60!!All dese in max settings, in max fps.I live in saudi arabia and I made the pc in 6500 sr.(riyals)

  • francisco conde


  • psychok9

    The card 290X seems with the brake... it has lower temp. Why?

  • Omega Dexter

    did you turn off the nvidia settings? or is ur recording effecting ur fps. i have an asus direct oc2  r9 290 and i get about the same fps as the 980 maybe 3-5 less on average

  • Chaos

    AMD may have lost but compare the price, r9 performed great and is a lot cheaper

  • 'Murrican Oil

    I'm a little curious as to some of the variables in this.  The R9 290 seems to be running better than the 290x...From what I can tell, the R9's seem to hate that opening drive. It's weird, because after that, they ran just like GTX 970's. Why is picking a GPU so damn hard...

  • Alex Maia

    Isn't the Sapphire r9 290 Vapor-x supposed to have a 1040mhz clock speed?I never see it go pass 1000mhz here.

  • crteezy

    Do it again with the AMD Omega driver (14.12). You'll feel the difference ;)

  • Picasso Pablo

    As GTX 970 owner I think its not right to compare prev generation of AMD cards with the newest NVIDIA 900 series, you most wait for new AMD cards to compare.

  • YourPalHDee

    just realised I can get 2 290s for the same price as a 980, so technically this isn't even a contest. since 2x290 is about 60% better frames than a 980.

  • kuba83bb

    1380mhz core gtx vs 1000mhz r9 290 congratulations :)

  • aziz compaore

    Guys Whit a i3 And 4gb ram And this card video card i Can play better than ps4?i Can get more than 30 fps on high?I have ps4 And i want To chage My PC video card.

  • Josh Cappello

    ...Wait how the hell is the lightning getting such low frame rate? I thought the lightning would be stronger than that

  • Ordinary Guy

    290/x runs better at 4k than the 970. Sooo ima go with the 290's. 4K POWER

  • McMinty MP

    A MD aside....why would you EVERY buy a 980 sc over a 970 after watching this video lol. Almost no extra perfoemance. I'm just waiting for the 980ti to get released. That should be able to surpass 970sli (hopefully)

  • BigD

    Ok you guys know these cards are made for higher rez then 1920x1080 right? Yes they will run at the rez but are made for higher..this is why some games run better at HIGHER rez then a lower rez. You dont get a card with 4g to run only at 1920. No all that memory is not just for games lol

  • yeh

    If u get a msi r9 290 would it perform better?

  • abdelaleem taher

     awsome video but i wounder how to show fps on video ? because i dont like using fraps

  • Amp1tude

    the only fucking time you invest in a flagship radeon over a flagship nvidia is if you are gaming at 4k and expect 30fps in which case the radeon solution is cheaper and will give you the same performance. if you are expecting consistent 60fps or higher on 1080p then you can stop debating because nvidia will always be the way to go. every single new title that was released in the past 2 years had a horrible initial experience with radeon drivers and took forever to mature and even when it did it had horrible min fps


    Why sapphire r9 290 reaches same FPS amount as r9 290x lightning which is like 150euros more ? 

  • Nikolas Stoebick

    I'll take a 295x2 and blow them away for $100 more dollars.Since you wanna compare a 290x (i picked up two open box at microcenter for $160 each) to the far more expensive 980 ($<600)why not compare the 295x2

  • billa69 bolla69

    this is not runescape wtf shit video.

  • Densanity

    Any game with gamenotworks will not run fine on amd cards

  • Jay-ar Talagtag

    pls HBAO and Enhanced Settings

  • Beadie

    I cannot thank you enough for this video! It has been a decision-making video for me, so keep up with the super helpful and quality content! (Also, amazing soundtrack)

  • Pokerit

    Ubisoft is usually licking Nvidias balls so fuck em.

  • A happy Bambi

    i would get the r9 290. its more bang for your buck as the saying goes

  • Adrian P

    NVidia Gamework is shit

  • Tony Tran

    Here's my Specs:Intel i5 4690k OC 4.5ghz,Gigabyte Z97X UD5H Motherboard,Kingston Salvage HyperX 16GB DDR3 2133ghz,Gigabyte GTX980 G1 Overclock,120GB Intel SSD For Windows,250GB Samsung EVO For Games,1TB WD Black Caviar Storage,EVGA SuperNova G2 750W 80+ Gold,Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit,Noctua DH14 Cooler,NZXT Lexa S BlackLine Edition Tower Case.

  • MichaelNickers

    this is kind of epic

  • XK XK

    Completely inaccurate benchmark run. HBAO+ is a Nvidia GameWorks feature, which obviously is meant to run optimized for Nvidia based GPUs not AMD. Next time turn off any Nvidia or AMD game features in-game to eliminate any inaccurate readings...This is way more accurate...https://youtu.be/9bDmF50Y10U?t=1m47s

  • Tiago Lustosa

    These gtx "turbo" are really strong ... but not unworthy of these models could have other "more coherent" benchs using normal gtx (or AMD oc). these 980 and 970 tboost are very expensive? ... Maybe to buy two 770, 280x, 290 or almost one 295x2 ... uses more vivid color for amd. benchs good :)

  • woutre dedrd3w

    I had 80 fps not 50 on my amd r9 290x

  • Adrian Jkn

    How can you compare these cards ?! The 290(x)s are much older then the 900 series of NVidia... Maybe you can compare the 290/290x with the 770/780 but not with this two cards...

  • SpunKie0

    Was it the iChill X4 or X3?

  • RGOC [EN]

    ♫ Link to Song used in this video - http://youtu.be/UQD6q53a9A8

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