Far Cry 5 4K Max Settings PC Gameplay

Far Cry 5 is a pretty game as is, but when you crank up the graphics settings, it can look downright beautiful.

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  • GodofDebate

    You play like a faggot

  • ketnipz

    looks worse than fc 4 for some reason... maybe 30fps makes games feel more immersive? like a movie you know

  • Chris B

    I'd recommend turning the sensitivity down so that you are able to aim without overshooting the targets. Not too much just by like 30%.

  • Korol' Koroley

    looks like runned on ps or xbox

  • hank willy

    I have 1080ti SLI with 32in 4k monitor. Can't get 60 FPS on ultra. I could really use some help.

  • NZBigC

    It is a very pretty game indeed!

  • thanasis galan

    pc specs? game settings?

  • comet lee

    can my pc handle it?1080 ti sli overclockedi9 7980xe overclocked64gb ram 6tb hdd 1tb ssd i really want to play this game but i just wanna check if my pc can handle it

  • Alex Pulover

    what are the pc specs ??

  • ivan Ivanovitch ivanovsky

    can my ddr3 graphics card run this ? :p

  • SlendyDie Gaming

    for me the game on max runs better than the video on 4k XD

  • AdamsyahM72

    Look at this Graphics! even my PC can't run the Game.

  • I eat playdoh

    Beautiful gameplay ruined by this awful narrow FOV.

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