FAR CRY 5 Live Action Trailer NEW (2018)

FAR CRY 5 Live Action Trailer NEW (2018)

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  • BJkreulach

    I loved this guy. More than Vaas, and that's saying something, as far as Far Cry villains go.

  • Reiwire Gameplays

    The real game has more beards

  • MKIceAndFire

    FAR CRY 5 FIRST 90 MINUTES - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMC_R0O_eYE

  • Simply Ryan

    The background song is called Red Sex by Vessel.

  • Quentin Bury

    On dirait le même Joseph c'est ouf

  • Benedict Siray

    best game trailer i've ever seen ..

  • Isaías Santos Silva br

    Simplesmente foda e a música de fundo melhor ainda!!

  • 14

    Shouldn’t John be doing this?

  • Denis Belemenko

    What is this music called? Tall me place!

  • 14

    Shouldn’t John be doing this?

  • ezequiel fernandez

    Tenian que poner a maluma que es mas parecido

  • Slatena ART

    He's like: Errr.... I changed my mind. runs

  • AshleyLynn Entertainment

    This game is Soo good it's my newest favorite game out of my whole game collection I am glad I got it

  • falloutairsoft

    Is it just me or does Joseph seed look like David koresh

  • Solid Gamer

    The world is ending but not the way people think , end meaning end of a cycle , cycle of suffering , more human are awakening to life , it time human becomes more conscious and sensible in life.Joseph seed was right about the society , government and the matrix we live in but the method he used contradict what is trying to achieve , its not about sin , its about overcoming those things if not it rules your life but not your authentic self.

  • TorroDash

    The graphic is 100% like real life

  • Jonathan Longden

    Joseph Seed best villain i seen in years

  • Ventures Wit Hoyos

    Far cry needs to make movies josheph as Mathew mccauhnwhey, John , as Ryan Reynolds, n Danny McBride as hurk

  • Misty Front

    That was a really moist kiss...

  • Raynald Robots

    wait,did he just killed the pastor?

  • Happy

    Next game all main character s team up to fight korea? Hmmmmmmm

  • Anderson Siswanto

    What settings are that?

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