FAR CRY 5 Live Action Trailer NEW (2018)

FAR CRY 5 Live Action Trailer NEW (2018)

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  • Rikelmy Beckham

    Omg is Far cry 5 movie

  • wushlc

    these cinematics aee pure genius (games shit tho)

  • Kapuk Gaming

    I hate father (Far cry 5)

  • LA Bron

    Wait what?!?!?!?. I thought i have killed him

  • Lel Jdam

    farcry 5 is living breathing proof that man buns can collapse socities

  • SAO Asuna Yuuk1

    OML the father.....it's Jeremy from the series Bitten lol, I only just noticed 😁

  • Jhonathan Jhonathan ;D

    Is that a movie trailer ?

  • prime 2001c

    The girl he drowned was the little girl but older I think

  • A Pack Of Goblins

    How do we get them to make a movie?

  • Mickii Darkness

    i just download the game and it says Far Cry 5 (Mena), what does mena mean

  • 바퀴벌레3

    Well... Although Ubi's games are exact copy of each other, The trailers are always amazing

  • BigButler

    we need a real Far Cry Movie !!!!!!!!! PLZ not fucking Till Schweiger diese Null braucht keine sau!

  • MKIceAndFire

    FAR CRY 5 FIRST 90 MINUTES - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMC_R0O_eYE

  • Sebanett

    I finished the game and if you did too then you will know why the song: "Only You" scares the shit out of me...

  • Adriano Galli

    Epic, i love far cry !!!

  • Games Legend

    The man in thumbnail looks so Real

  • Den Pro

    Ну завтыкал... с кем не бывает?)))

  • EdyGk2K'sOnlyTM 2k

    I love Ubisoft games... but one day they will accidentally" or not" create something that will make someone really angry. They kinda push it to far away... Bolivia drug cartels, now this.. Some people may see it as games and movies but some others may not share the same opinion.

  • Hjorten

    Where is this available?

  • LoganFromBerk

    "I told you that god wouldn't let you take me..."

  • Azzam Rukmawan

    So.... is it serious XD?

  • IVIasterEmpire

    Did anyone notice that Joseph left saliva on the guys forehead

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