Ryzen 5 2400G APU vs GT 1030 Test in 7 Games

AMD R5 2400G + VEGA 11 vs GT 1030 + i3 8100 in 7 Games

Project Cars 2 - 00:51
Battlefield 1 - 02:26
The Witcher 3 - 03:43
Grand Theft Auto V - 05:07
Dirt 4 - 07:16
Fallout 4 - 08:47

Windows 10 Pro
AMD Ryzen 5 2400G 3.6Ghz
Gigabyte GA-AB350N
GT 1030 2Gb
Intel i3 8100 3.6Ghz
16Gb RAM 3200Mhz
  • Darkshock 42 MLG 0

    You used an i3. This makes this test null and void.you need to use the same arcitecture

  • WARtractorFWD

    you are idiot :D OMG maybe set seting to get stable 60 fps not random :D

  • Roberto - AVS home

    detalhe: é a gt1030 ddr4 ou ddr5 ?? faz muita diferença

  • A normal CS:GO Chicken

    I see a lot of AMD fanboys in the comments...

  • Slime a low mid-spec gamer

    Hey can I get your email I need to talk something personal with you even Instagram or twitter or Facebook also enough I need to talk important with you

  • dhika

    youre using i3 8100 , thats so superseeded if you compare it to 2400g

  • Siramad

    3200mhz hahaha fuck me

  • Robert Aillery

    Lol the way the guys arms fling in PUBG because of the screen split 😆😆😆

  • Babar Ali

    Wow the i3 8100 Cpu Temperature is so good which cooler should I used to get similar temperature like you.

  • Syanide Sy

    Thx u so much now I am sure I’m getting a ryzen.

  • Jeffrey Lai

    1×16Gb RAM for this test?

  • Davi Rosa

    It´s ok so far. I don´t think I need an offboard video card for while.

  • JIer4uk

    i have RAM sumsung 3333hrts 18 timing 40 fps

  • guto lins

    estou na duvida entre RYZEN5 2400g+GT1030 ou RYZEN 5 1600+GT 1030, QUAL A MELHOR COMBINAÇÃO??????

  • Rafael Boss

    2400g the best ! It is good for playing games on low and after will be release gtx 1150ti or 2050ti you can buy gpu and it's good to go !

  • Memeception

    Should've tested the r5 2400g with directx12

  • Game Zone

    my gpu usage is 0 % with vega graphics. someone please help i tried everything but it not worked..

  • hrishikesh kalshetti

    Are these 1080p gaming stats?

  • MarkoHeroStyles

    What is better? i3 8100 with a RX 550 2g or Ryzen 5 2400g Vega 11?

  • Mohd ar

    the extra 5-10 fps comes 85% from intel CPUs and not the GTX1030i dont know exactly why but in most cases intel CPUs can give you more FPS compared to AMDThat means even if you try:Ryzen/Intel + GTXintel still give you more FPSBut ryzen works like 20-30% less than intel CPUs


    Sir GT 1030 is that DDR5....? plz tell me

  • Flauros

    99% juegos Pro Nvidia y pa uno Pro AMD lo pones en DX11 ole!!! aajajajaja

  • Runkku Muna

    Gt 1030 is not designed for gaming

  • BPD MF

    People talking shit like people who but this have more than $300-$400 to make a usable modern system. You can build a full working pc with 8gb ram and an ssd for like $400 and it's a huge upgrade over the core 2 and early i3 PC's they likely are using now. A working pc for about the cost of just a mid level GPU that gets only a few more fps. Sounds great for me to build my mom a snappy pc for browsing Groupon, Gmail, and playing Pacman, and streaming Netflix and that's not mentioning that i can install a few of my go to games for when i visit and at least have them playable.

  • Italiano Bushbush

    Ryzen apu is better cause you also get a cpu

  • Redmi Baabu

    Thank u very much Nice video🤗🤗

  • Zameer Developer

    In this test you have use ssd or HDD ?

  • butthurt glober

    This is weird I have the 1030 and I get a lot more fps then this wonder if they are using the ddr4 version

  • Polski Ser

    Sad, that apu is better than gtx 550ti

  • killzld

    Umm... ryzen 5 2400g cpu 3.9ghz, gpu 1600mhz oc VS i5 8100 gtx660 how is winner?

  • Dorito Incognita

    similar Work but $$$$$ AMD win

  • Koeras

    So 1080 low-medium settings for current games works great. Which also means that any indie type game and older game will work fine. Impressive and cheap. Vega 11 or GT 1030. Would be interesting to see DIrect X12 for Vega 11.

  • Anormal GAMER

    Amına kodumun piçleri dolar uçtu biz ne alacaz itler

  • Ege Engin

    My gpu is intel hd graphics thia is a trash

  • Van Nessa

    I can play all this on medium to low at 1920x1080 monitor with A10 7800k + gt1030

  • Just ClickBait

    I hope you get to read this but can you do a video using the 2400G to play runescape all settings and show fps please :)!

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