Ryzen 5 2400G APU vs GT 1030 Test in 7 Games

AMD R5 2400G + VEGA 11 vs GT 1030 + i3 8100 in 7 Games

Project Cars 2 - 00:51
Battlefield 1 - 02:26
The Witcher 3 - 03:43
Grand Theft Auto V - 05:07
Dirt 4 - 07:16
Fallout 4 - 08:47

Windows 10 Pro
AMD Ryzen 5 2400G 3.6Ghz
Gigabyte GA-AB350N
GT 1030 2Gb
Intel i3 8100 3.6Ghz
16Gb RAM 3200Mhz
  • The_Truther_Files

    so i can buy a cpu that has better graphics integrated than dedicated? wow..

  • lord dumbness

    I would buy the 2400 and wait for NAVI and get one of those 1080 strength cards

  • NoMoneyGamer

    Make both benchmark using 2400mhz ram please

  • Ebrahem Mostafa

    ty iwas will by ryzen but nowi will by intel i3 8100 + gtx 1050 ti 4gb

  • Benjamin Hernandez

    I got a GTX 1030 that I used to soup up a $10 office PC I found at a Goodwill. It just lost it's PSU, and it looks like I'm not going to be able to afford a full upgrade. I guess I'll just get a regular Ryzen 5, slot the 1030 in, and keep saving for a real card.

  • ruben g

    So if you get the APU with your existing gpu, will it add to the performance?

  • ZliteGaming

    is this worth to buy for a low - mid gaming?

  • hellhole

    i get all you poor kids living with your parents cant afford a decent gpu. But seriously 40 fps on bf1? why even bother with pc gaming?

  • Khaldi Mustapha

    pour quoi les chiffres sont en rose ils sont pas claire

  • F_H_S

    PUBG motion blur?You retard?

  • The Crazy Old Coot

    Yo! could you do me a favor? I wanted to under clock the CPU side of the R5 2400G but if I try to set the Frequency below 3.9Ghz it ignores it and defaults to auto. I wanted to do this to see if it would allow me to overclock the Vega 11 side higher. I am using an ASRock AB350M Pro4 motherboard and want to see if this is a motherboard issue or a Ryzen APU issue. I see you have the Gigabyte Motherboard.

  • Daniel Aguilera

    I hace this apu and it is amazing if you want a cheap pc i Will recomend it 100%

  • Cygar Hawk97

    thanx this video helped me a lot all it showed me is that i cant play at max settings thats all............................why we want this videos is to see on which settings at what resolution will we get 60fps not that it cant play at max setting seriously get your head out of your arses people

  • omer porges

    Overall excellent performance for the price. Of course it is not uber gaming, but for the price of CPU you get a nice bundle.. Good if you want to upgrade later down the road.. This will do fine on 1080p med/low settings on newer titles but you can play older AAA on higher settings I think

  • 柳丞

    Yea my gt1030win!!!!!!

  • TuGaCha

    But when I play gta 5 with this Apu I get around 60-70 FPS max and 50 FPS min

  • EradicationX | Today

    lol amd.. a gtx 1080ti destroys this crap

  • Bros Power

    Get a ryzen 3 1200 + gt 1030 then boom there goes the budget build with 4gb ram only :(

  • Phoenixian Dave

    so basically you can have a xbox one level performance in less price.

  • Kieran McHale

    Note that the 1030 is using an i3 8100 cpu so results do vary

  • Kaabii Izumi

    Tienes que poner dos módulos de Ram en la APU si no desperdicias la capacidad

  • Ghanou Amr

    Khkhkhkh nvidia gpu get rekt by an igpu from amd this is funny lol

  • bobby iblis

    so ryzen not using vga?

  • Rock star

    Can anyone suggest me any motherboard for ryzen 5 2400g

  • KiLlAdEf 2

    i though that apu can use the igpu and the gpu at the same time, but the gpu has to be amd, right?

  • Scottish_gamer_Video_Game_Cheater

    Intel fucked two months later still no answer

  • remaG laugaN

    Tengo la GT 1030 con el Athlon X4 845 y la verdad estoy a gusto pero en render no me va tan bien... alguien sabe si con este Ryzen me irá mejor en render ?? jugar no es mi prioridad, es un plus, si alguien me puede orientar se lo agradezco !

  • felippe1

    Test Ryzen 2400g + Gt 1030

  • TheObserver

    When you Combine Ryzen 5 2400G and then GT 1030 How will affects your gameplay?

  • Bros Power

    Those like $50 right now!


    hello my friend you have a nice video. But there's one thing I'm curious about. With ryzen 2400g apu processor and 16gb 3000 MHz ram, is it possible to do the test while playing this game?

  • Hidayattullah

    i curious about ryzen 2400g temperature

  • LuCiel AinChase

    Overclocked Vega 11 should be same with gt 1030...

  • Samuel David Escobar

    I think your APU is mining: v

  • Warsun

    Every one of these games are not optimized for AMD hardware. In fact the games themselves are garbage games. It shows it using over 87% usage on games no bigger than Skyrim. An Skyim only uses 11% CPU usage. So the games are not just unoptimized they are poorly optimized in general. its like the game set it too 80% usage at all times.

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