Ryzen 5 2400G APU vs GT 1030 Test in 7 Games

AMD R5 2400G + VEGA 11 vs GT 1030 + i3 8100 in 7 Games

Project Cars 2 - 00:51
Battlefield 1 - 02:26
The Witcher 3 - 03:43
Grand Theft Auto V - 05:07
Dirt 4 - 07:16
Fallout 4 - 08:47

Windows 10 Pro
AMD Ryzen 5 2400G 3.6Ghz
Gigabyte GA-AB350N
GT 1030 2Gb
Intel i3 8100 3.6Ghz
16Gb RAM 3200Mhz
  • theluc king12

    Amigo si le haces OC va a ir ariba de los 60 fps

  • Ahmed Ziyad

    What is faster apu or just cpu?

  • Light yagami

    No doubt 1030 is better

  • Mobile Recordings

    A desktop with Athlon 200GE and GT 1030 is cheaper than a desktop with Ryzen 5.

  • Slime a low mid-spec gamer

    Hey can I get your email I need to talk something personal with you even Instagram or twitter or Facebook also enough I need to talk important with you

  • Henry

    The Ryzen 2400G Is better for a number of reasons, it comes included in the processor for a big reason, its not drawing extra power like a normal Intel+nvidia option would and its subject to RAM channels make it quad channel and you will make it even better plus driver updates could support higher RAM speeds. Its really the best budget entry component. AMD is best on a budget and Nvidia when you got the cash to splash

  • SantaHunter

    it would be fkn amazing if AMD could release something like a 2600G or 2700G that performs better than 1030 and same or a bit worse than a 1050 for example..

  • Jonathan Gonthier

    did u overclock the gpu frequency or not??? i wonder if u did, whats the gpu frequency of the Ryzen 2400g?

  • Agung Dwiyana

    this is the reason why now i move the Rayzen. LOL

  • Johan Ayala

    Cual era el procesador de la gt 1030

  • Abd el basset

    what about ryzen 5 2400 with 4g ram in gaming ?

  • hrishikesh kalshetti

    Are these 1080p gaming stats?

  • Abaddon's Terror

    Which one is better?G4600Gtx 1050ti8gb ram 2400mhz(4x2)OrRyzen 5 2400g2gb Vega 118gb ram 2400mhz(2x4)

  • I bims eins Mustafa oder so

    Der ryzen schlägt sich gut

  • A Who Snackbar

    Ryzen 2400G is plenty good for my needs !!

  • Fury Gaming

    It's as good as the GTX 650

  • samiul azim

    the APU is not performing well because of single channel ram

  • reymond seracarpio

    how the fvck is an integrated graphics solution be in striking range of a dedicated gpu.. gotta hand it to amd this time.

  • The Global Memer Elite

    what software do you use to monitor the fps, cpu usage, ect?

  • Darkfire gaming

    For integrated graphics the performance is outstanding so good I build a pc with the ryzen 2400g I will be adding a rx 560 or rx 570 later

  • Tobi Taktlos

    So i see the settings you run the games at and i'm thinking " well you are not a graphics whore" so if i would just turn down or disable Antialiasing .. that would boost my fps by 30-40 at least. I love this chip so much! Gonna get it on Friday and i'm more than hyped!

  • Anderson Frans

    Sir, if you mind can you tell the ram configuration too on ryzen dgpu?

  • Dexter Gargueña

    it has a an average of 5 frames difference between the two in favor of GT 1030. yet i was expecting that Vega 11 will surpass GT 1030 but base from this test, it is not.in the Philippines, a GT 1030 cost more or less P5,000, and a Ryzen 3 cost more or less 5,000 also. so that is P9,000 - P10,000 in price range, similar to ryzen 5 2400g price alone.so i rather have the GT 1030 + ryzen 3 combo than the ryzen 5 2400g,

  • Yunus öğretmen

    what is test system?

  • Italiano Bushbush

    Ryzen apu is better cause you also get a cpu

  • Zameer Developer

    In this test you have use ssd or HDD ?

  • vivi xD

    Buy an ryzen and save money for a 1060

  • Roberto - AVS home

    detalhe: é a gt1030 ddr4 ou ddr5 ?? faz muita diferença

  • Darkness Flame

    I like ryzen 5, he is good processor.

  • Design Platinum

    wanna hear a joke? GT 1030

  • 하얀색.

    $130+$100 vs $200which one

  • TheProMinecraft 49

    Well, just get the best of both worlds and use the the gt 1030 with Vega 11!

  • Messiah

    gta v with 1080 p in low presets?

  • Hugo Takayama

    vega ddr4 vs gt1030 gddr5

  • Ayatul Tofique

    #Testing Games Do you have used gpu with Ryzen 2400g

  • JoeTheDude

    Doesn't it have gsync?

  • vandana padamadan

    Bro i3 8100 and 1030 cost about 18000 rupees and ryzen 5 is 13000 rs

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