GeForce GTX 970 1080p vs GTX 980/ R9 290/ 290X Benchmark Tests

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  • The PaperCut Survivor

    Wow... The 970 is still a total beast! :D

  • Cutler Cycles

    4k and the 200 series will catch up a bit

  • Zackster

    Why would anyone buy a 980 if you get almost the same exact performance with a 970? Most people (including me) are going to play most games capped at 60fps... You can just overclock the 970 and get almost the same EXACT performance for $200 less. Seems like a no brainer to me

  • Overlord277

    So you're telling me that AMD optimized games run WORSE on AMD Hardware over Nvidia?The winner is clear!!!Consoles.

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