Hinder - Lips Of An Angel

Music video by Hinder performing Lips Of An Angel. (C) 2006 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
  • tinkerbell716

    Crazy how you could not listen to a song for a decade or more.... yet remember the lyrics. Damnnn

  • Honeyjane Pintac

    Hi who's still watching on 2018

  • Edward Collazo

    Love this song but the way he moves when he sings just makes me laugh!!

  • Christopher Mccarroll

    Straighten that wrist gay boi.

  • Michelle M

    This song NEVER gets old!

  • Kelly Anderson

    Lips Of An Angel nice

  • Rick D Ellis

    Does E know you're hitting on his girl?

  • TheBaconeaterz

    she had a smelly VAG,thats why he left.

  • William Mccauley

    I wouldn't be on the phone i would be banging the hot blonde.

  • pimma510

    Did he get his dance moves off Peter garrett?

  • Jamu Choco Yeng2

    Rindunye lagu ni.. 😘😘😘

  • Andrea Lea

    Hes a weirdo but you gotta love it 🤘2018???

  • Thomas Smith

    Tammy Dee Trott/ Fuller..I will Love You, till my last Breath- regardless of who I am with. aIn Fact-- I would leave her, and run to You, at a moments notice.. It" s been 31 years since I held you, and it feels like weeks.I Love You !! You contacted me, 6 years ago, and I still remember every word of our phone call. Soulmates...Someday, We will be together again.

  • Neka

    This song is really nice to listen to but tbh the message is shit just saying... I still love it though

  • Marana Shallom Dallego

    Gosh. Unique vocals man! Still love this even though its been ages.

  • Veronica Lay

    2:29 that’s my parents after seeing the water bill who else agrees with me

  • Katherine Escobar

    wow, you were right, this song was for me. I feel much better seeing her smile. she really is Beautiful

  • John Michael

    dont feel bad 94% percent is all lip singing....honestly i appreciate the usefulness until the point of "' I DONT PLAY THAT "'....""backstarvers garden is larger than life"" !!!! and growing

  • Jordan Lewis

    July 2018 still going strong🙏🏼

  • JimMusicCover

    with the lipth of an angel

  • SuperYockster

    I've seen those arm movements before. Joe Cocker. It's all good, though. Works for both.

  • Miriam Israel

    Damn! This is some sneaky shit right here.

  • Missa Hargrove

    Though we wanted.. but odds were against us.. We still pass from time to time and no one can stop that my friend

  • Lee Wawson

    Screaming IT'S just A stream Dream !!!

  • K Moves

    He sound like David Cook

  • Pauline Gurske

    Every now and then life brings your angel back to you.

  • New Era

    this not the vid I saw when I was younger, dude had blond hair

  • vipin Kv

    years ahead, I still can remember those lyrics!

  • Missa Hargrove

    Couldn't have put his, mine.. Our lives knowing... We could never be.. 28yrs later.... Believe that!!

  • Tammie Wade

    Is it just me or is he acting alot like Steven Tyler of Areosmith.

  • Carlo Kein

    This song is so SATISFYING!

  • Crystal Nicodemus

    So what live me a long go fricking mray Flynn and you wrote be a long.

  • Akram Buzaid

    Goddammit, I miss the old hinder so much

  • Terri Larson

    Love this song have listened to it over and over since it came out. Great one thankz

  • Amber DeBarcelos

    This song really makes me think of my ex ☹️ my heart hurts right now

  • Polyamarous 1

    Don't ever trust a girl who loves this song. Years ago my Ex loved this song to death, she eventually left me for her ex. It ripped my heart in two

  • Francis James Flores

    2:17 - 2:18 I think he saw some cockroaches

  • Patsy Jacks

    My crush and I are very close and every time we talk he ants me to sing this song.

  • Ricky Wagner

    In 2018 this song is a beats song

  • Auora Klippert

    My daughter likes this song. It's only the only reason why I haven't deleted it.

  • Sage Moon

    I think about my ex. He just got married. I was so sad.

  • jelle jelle

    I remember my Dad always playing this song. Always. I always woke up to this song, i used to get annoyed because it was too loud. But now, i missed it, i missed my childhood sm, i wish i could just stay like that.

  • Sungjem Akatsuki

    2018 mark for another generation.

  • sara Ahmad

    2018I'm sorry I just can't 😭😭😭🤧😩💔🤘🏻

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