Hinder - Lips Of An Angel

Music video by Hinder performing Lips Of An Angel. (C) 2006 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
  • Wade Criswell

    Good Song but a few points need mentioned 1.) If you are not happy with your girl respect her enough to break up (Stop wishing the girl on the phone was her)2.) If You are sneaking around on the phone with her in the other room you are already cheating (Emotionally)3.) Please for the love of God Fix whatever is wrong with the flailing arm …… Damn it is the single most distracting thing in the video.Other than those facts the lyrics are well written and the song has a good beat. It also tells a decent story about a struggle of internal emotions in young men.

  • braydon caissey

    My man's seizing up

  • Grand Magus

    His T-arm never gets old XD

  • Cecily Waight

    Yes you'll be watching in 2019...

  • Bob Byrd

    he never stopped loving her he never moved on in his heart

  • Tamberlyn Saadieh

    This shit reminds me of the days I would sing this on the American idol game😂😂😭😭

  • KiD

    Every girl had this as their ringtone in 2006 😂

  • Antonio Miranda

    Alguém ouvindo em 2018???

  • Jackie Hiner

    Global security check active on

  • Mark Sabaduquia

    who's listening on 2019

  • Al-nadzmil Loong

    Speak mixed w"/SStrangeworrdss

  • Jill Flora

    He moves like he needs medical attention.The song tho....<3

  • tripjet999

    O.K., but so much better music available from better groups.

  • Aimee Utter

    I love this song one guy I dated sang this song and now I am single 2018

  • adamzez

    half of us came from the dino arms

  • llamaface

    Side chick anthem. Almost bad as Get it On by Montell Jordan

  • artyman60

    Anyone’s here in 2018????

  • Jackie Hiner

    Lips ov an ANGEL Boise idaho

  • Taryn King

    I wish I could hit the like button a million times and have it count as much <3

  • Jake Curran

    We listen to this so much my daughter knows all the lyrics

  • Crystal Melzow

    I'll be loving this song before 2018 and long after.

  • Luke Luben

    Brings back memories

  • Angie Carr

    Loved this song for years,

  • Gmarmang

    His Ex-girl is Salone from entourage!

  • MrSnuka3000

    I want to karaoke the shit out of this song just so I can dramatically do that t-rex limp wrist thing.

  • Tavia Dunlop

    Super man I fucked up fully n truly But it’s long ago

  • The Great One Named Jimin

    I have been always looking for the lyric video cause I'm just used to having a small intro at the beginning of bts mv's and i just remembered that most American mv's dont have that

  • Only real music gunna last

    Wow this is really bad. Hahahahahaha 😁

  • Justin Pullin

    Jessica messay, Justin oilerLuis Luciano, danielle pullinScott brown, misty oiler

  • ThisBoy LovesPink

    Why does this song remind me of Supernatural?

  • Taylor Ryder

    Man this song was a banger. Never really listened to the lyrics until just now.

  • mason hernandez

    Grey's di Girolamo Siempre te voy a agradecer por haberme amado <3

  • beara fera

    Emo fuckboy from the early 2000s

  • Jill Flora

    Leather dog, never wanna say good boy... but it's so hard to be anal...Picking out the lint from my navel.

  • Mark Sabaduquia

    if you sing like this ... even if you are ET you will get laid

  • Will Morizio

    Is it just me or does this song border on parody? They overdo it so much

  • Kyle Williams

    Repeat.... This song kills me.

  • Aimee Utter

    some guys say even though I am different I have lips of angle

  • Nikhil pinto

    Tinder, you make it hard to be faithful

  • Matthew Pavelka

    That's all I think about is it name

  • Nicole Campos

    2018 BRAZIL !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Felicia Phillips

    I'm black but love this song!!!!

  • Mike Kohl

    I lost my good friend just over a week ago today im taking these lyrics in a compeletly different way im fighting to keep back the tears im remebering all the good memories rest in peace aaron barnhouse


    when a band is obv grunge... but emo is the cool trend atm. Sad, he has such great vocals.

  • Album Analysis

    Rocked said it best: the dude in this song shouldn't be telling his ex he misses her when he's in a relationship with someone else. It's obvious he moved on, but she hasn't. Overall, though, when you think hard about it, this song doesn't make much sense. At least it sounds good. But that's all it's got.

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