Hinder - Lips Of An Angel

Music video by Hinder performing Lips Of An Angel. (C) 2006 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
  • Angel Odell

    Ahh yeah my early 20s time flies ❤

  • xxblackdiamondxz 1

    2018 anyone else love the song

  • Lil Pamp

    My whole life I thought it said “my cousin the next room” and I always thought it was so weird

  • Shahjada Fahim

    Yeh we want this type of song today’s

  • michael close

    you make it hard to be faithful when you won't do anal.

  • karan amrose

    Sometimes there is no way possible to be with person you love...

  • Glen Madkins

    i was the black guy in the back ground tripping mushrooms at the house in okc lol i need keys garv. blue note was awesome i think lol

  • HTX original

    Shandy I never really moved on. I wish I could hear your voice saying my name. It would sound so sweet.

  • Helen Hines

    Wow choosing between a blonde 9 and a brunette 10 must be hard lol.

  • Jhett Conners

    Still just as fucking cool as the first time u hear it!

  • 沉月PsYcHo boy

    Who's miss this time?

  • Chris Lemere

    I have my true love and will never lose her I do everything I can everyday to make sure she feels loved and appreciated touch so sweet eyes so bright like the sun brings warmth to my heart her soul grips mine tight never letting go forever is our hope eternal fall into the slope of embracement love her till I die

  • ricardo violanti

    1of the great song ever written thank you.

  • Master Brad

    When I started college, not long into my first semester, I met a girl who set herself apart from the rest. There was about a few year age difference but we didn’t care. She always checked on me to make sure I’m ok, even when she knew I was. 4 months of having gym dates, double dates and just us at my place, we fell hard for each other. Towards the end of our sophomore year in college, we split up after feeling we weren’t compatible anymore and met someone else in our respective lives. After a year of dating the new girl, I realized that my heart belonged to my ex. I realized that she was the one for me. I broke up with the new girl and even though it destroyed her, it was for the better. Our relationship was harder than my previous one and I broke it off because I knew who I really wanted and needed to be with. She packed her stuff and left. That same night drunk and high, I texted her saying that I needed her. She came over immediately and we talked things out. We both shed tears and realized we both were made for each other as we complimented our lives and that we made an amazing team and not just a couple. She broke up with her second boyfriend not long after and came back to me. In our senior year on graduation day, she was 7 months pregnant and I proposed to her in front of the whole crowd of thousands of people. We’ve been married for 6 months now and we have a beautiful son. This song reminds me of the time I was split up with my beautiful Rachael and how hard it was on us both. We both have never been happier and she came into my life when I was healing from a broken heart. Her light overcame the darkness that was clouding my mind and she made me feel safe and secure. We both couldn’t stand to be apart from each other even though we needed it. She loved me for me and all my flaws as I did her. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions and pain but we both are grateful for where it brought us: back into each other’s arms and now married with a son.

  • Danette Mccalister

    Takes me back to my high school days

  • Patricia Boyle

    Never realized how sad this song is until I was an adult. It's like he missed his chance with his soulmate.

  • KimKim kikkim Shooter

    If you cheat on someone that is willing to do anything for you actually cheated your self out off true Loyalty just think someday you'll be cheated too...

  • Rick Arden

    Anyone else here in 2025?

  • Adam El

    Funny how she is more famous than they are now

  • Donglas Marbun

    and i'm still in love with this amazing song 🙂😅

  • Grobar Jug

    Sorry bro E. got girl in the end.

  • Gerald Gray

    I have honestly felt this way, its like this song was written anout me

  • Kao Vang

    Anybody else from the year 3018? Still listening to this song. :)


    This guy thinks he's Steven Tyler

  • Harley Quinn

    He’s making me miss an ex I don’t have😂😭💔

  • talin nalo


  • waki kim

    cheaters anthem......but I love it

  • Ali Shueib

    sexiest most beautiful model even been in a music video !!

  • Michael Gurr

    That right arm though...

  • Cailyn G

    DID NOBODY ELSE THINK HE SAID "my cousin, in the next room" ?!? I used to think that's what he said for the longest time!!!

  • devoncpb

    still listening 2019????!!!!

  • Laurie Grantham

    This song makes me sick. My ex comes to mind.... worthless ass.

  • Snr. Froggy Mooopew

    No👏one👏cares👏what👏year👏you’re👏watching👏this👏in👏👏👏next meme

  • VitoriaNery Nery

    Alguém em 2018..! Ahah

  • Pynwan KLyngdoh

    It's my favourites song.. Lips of angel

  • vegascourier

    Listend to this all the time around 2006-09 with my dad and just started again

  • proserfina21096

    I dedicate this song to the married man whom I love.

  • Beuken Phom

    November 11 2018Still I'm loving it.

  • Dawn Eliason

    he says I don't want to say goodbye, BUT you make it hard to be faithful. Technically he's trying to be faithful....

  • Pynwan KLyngdoh

    It's my favourites song.. Lips of angel

  • Chris Lemere

    Sad when relationships fail and true love ends they say true love can make it through anything well it happens people shouldn't just give up hold on to the moments that brought you together and work through no matter what

  • tskyleb1

    sloane from entourage

  • bonifacio_kid

    A kareoke top song to sing!

  • Zackary Barnes

    I love and miss you Maggie Nowell.

  • Mark Martinez

    November 2018, still here

  • its NTST

    November 2018 anyone??

  • My General

    Sounds like he has a dildo stuck in his throat

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