What's New in Far Cry 5?

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  • Cj

    Wildlands was 3rd person far cry, now far cry is a first person wildlands

  • Alpine Sniper

    another polished turd of a game

  • ShadowXgames 360

    Far cry 3 had 2 bosses didn't it? I forgot

  • Stephen Williamson

    I played the last three from beginning to end, which is rare for me. I’ll likely pick this one up too.

  • HNM

    First of all, I don't know if the AI and all that are DUMBER on console, But on PC.. Man.. Look. This far cry has kept my attention from the beginning! And none have did that since Far cry Instincts predator. Keep in mind I've been an avid FC fan since 1 on pc. I've had them all. 2 introduced amazing realism but a dull sense of gameplay really, 3 came along and improved and kept you entertained but it was bland after a while, 4 did nothing new, and 5... This one is a gem! Why? They tweaked everything to seem real, The way AI acts now is more along the lines of MMO A.I. And it acts I guess you could say like Fallout 4 ai? Thats the best i could compare it to. I love the new mechanics, And how things are improved to keep you in battle rather than rush through and done. And the fact they brought back the injured system for AI is what i love most. When you see them dying and yelling for help, Awww i love it. That was gone after far cry 2, and they brought it back! The gun play doesn't feel cheap and arcade no more, And customization is just right. Vehicle handling is more along the lines of early far cry with a bit more heaviness added. Reminds you of how crysis was with its vehicle control. Auto aim is BS but its only on console because you know... controllers. lol So i dont deal with that mess. The STORY IS AMAZING. I have yet to skip a single cut scene or even casual chatter, Its kept me drawn in. The creepy tones in the game, The amazingly odd music when you take over an out post that they play on the loud speaker, it SETS THE MOOD. Each special character you meet is something else! Gotta love them. The graphics are superb on pc and the quality is great. FPS Wise, I'm on a measly ryzen 1500x and gtx 1060 6gb, 1080p @60+ fps no problem on ultra. I keep vsync on though so i dont know how high it actually goes, I just know it did. Keeep in mind i use nvidias control panel vsync not the in game as the in game lags it out some. Over all i'd def say this game is an easy 9 of 10. There is SOOOOO much to do its crazy. So if you're saying there isnt shit to do in this game between missions, YOU NEED HELP. You're just not an RPG sorta gamer where you gotta speak to every one and all that. Yes, I know this is no RPG but the way it plays out, It is borrowing from the RPG roots. I've got so many things to do, So many side quests, So many Side-Side quests lol and more. And Lets not forget, The wilderness, Those woods are brutal! I play on normal mode btw, Not easy. So if you play easy.. lmao theres your problem.

  • Crazyfayze

    Ubisoft knocked it out of the park with this one. I'm enjoying my playthrough of far cry, but there are a few things I think they could have added to give that extra kick. I would love to be able to customize the weapons of my guns for hire. (to be able to give Gracie a .50 cal, or tell Jess to use a fire arrow or explosive, random guns for hire only have stock ar-c. Etc.) additional I love boomer but every time I want to get in a vehicle and drive. I feel obligated to call him away, because he ends up getting ran over when he suddenly dashes in front or behind your vehicle. And that just hits me right in the feels 😢 same with cheeseburger and peaches. They should add the option to allow the animals to hop in the back of trucks and ride along. I know it would be difficult to assign with a controller but a rules of engagement for guns for hire would be amazing. Seeing as unless you have Jess and peaches you can't do stealth, and not to mention hurk is insanely dangerous and likely to kill you and him. This doesn't affect my enjoyment of the game, but it would be a small things to add.Like so Ubisoft can see this.

  • Muffin Mcstud

    Rookie deputy parachuting from a helicopter raining c4 commanding your grizzly bear to shred through enemies. God i miss farcry 2

  • James Thompson

    far cry 3 had more than one antagonist

  • Stona Raptor

    why you play as a black guy?

  • Mampfie

    Man whats that FoV? 50? It's even worse than Destiny 2's shitty FoV

  • JP Fragoso

    "First game in the series that features more than one antagonist"... Hum, i know Vaas completely shadowed the "main" villain of Far Cry 3, but Level, you did play that game, right?

  • bladervn

    So I can play the whole campaign mode in co-op ?

  • CWFitness

    It legit looks like Ghost Recon with just more fun shit, and a different area.

  • Imperial Watch

    Boring shitgame. Just look at 2:01 that guy shoots the fuck out of him and it barely does anything. LC can literally just fucking reload right in front of him.. People who think that's challenging are the worst at games.

  • dearis

    Did they also send you the script?


    You play in a county like environment and yet theres no horses

  • Jack

    Meh, literally looks and plays the same, nothing innovative or “new” wow character creator, something most games do now anyways, doesn’t bring the far cry series back from the grave, it’s just another ubisoft title that quite honestly looks and feels like the last 2-3 entries. Oh btw how is it a far cry if its set in USA? That quite literally goes against the title and it’s evident ubisoft are milking the series.

  • TotallyToonsTV

    I've always found Far Cry fun. Charismatic villains, great and meaty gunplay, cool environments to explore, weird and wacky missions, super soundtracks. I really enjoy that kind of stuff, thats what I find fun :)

  • maccrawinthejaw

    Pity on me for thinking this would actually be a unique video talking about features that either weren't covered in other videos of this type or weren't just staples of the modern FC games.Enjoy the 18 cents from my click. Go buy a comic book or some bubblegum with it.

  • Daniel Edmonds

    2:55 not true. Far cry 3 had 2 main antagonists

  • Mostly Outdoors

    *FOR ALL OF THOSE CONCERNED ABOUT FOV*You can adjust the position of the reticle. Offset, or centered. All of the gameplay and trailers have offset, where the reticle is lower on the screen than normal. This cuts off a big part of the gun. When you put it in centered, the reticle is centered, like most FPS games, and you can see a larger portion of the gun. This setting is found in the gameplay options. The offset reticle feels so fucking bad at first, I assume you can get used to it, but I highly recommend changing the reticle to centered. For those on PC, as far as I know, there is an FOV slider.

  • Robert Schäffer

    "1st Farc Cry game with more than one main antagonist" Really? Have you heared of FarCry 3? :D

  • Sunnn.

    Far Cry 5 is such a failure in terms of the story that it might be confused for the plot to Universal Soldiers 3.

  • Daniel Hachi

    We are in 2018 and no fucking hitmarker

  • zoltan the Disparate

    What they didn't tell you about Waco.https://www.bitchute.com/video/Z2FQmiocIhyO/

  • Swolelord Nito

    Easily one of the biggest releases. Everyone who has played it says it's fantastic. Bought the 100$ version cause the season pass is insane.

  • ouroesa

    Please tell me that they will allow you to turn off that x-ray vision and triangles above enemies this time. Pleeease!

  • AcoraZ3RO

    Hey man, just as a heads up: I know you said this was the first Far Cry game with more than one main villain, but it isn't. Far Cry 3 had Vaas and also that lame dude that no one cared about in the second half.


    Wow Ubisoft........Evie Frye 1:32 XD

  • Jesse H

    My god, get this man a mouse

  • Nicholas Barreto

    I got burnt out playing Far Cry 3 but this new Far Cry looks really good and I might check it out.

  • Cody Fawcett

    AI reaction time looks like straight up garbage holy shit dude

  • LoppanH

    It's gonna be fun as always.

  • Neo2266

    More antaginist?Hello? Vaas and Hoyt?... and Citra?Pagan amd Yuma and Paul?Batati and Ull?When the fuck did you play a Farcry game

  • VDiabloV1

    Now that people are playing this, can someone tell me how the government isn't intervening in this story?

  • Ron Keefer

    So many people demanding perfection. If you don't like it don't buy it. It's that simple. And since some of you want to complain so much here's an idea. How about you make a game? Not a simple indie game either you want to complain so much how about you make a game of this calibre and let's see how well you do. Oh and you have a time limit too.

  • Kaleb Hardy

    It's just another farcry, re-skinned garbage. Not to mention it adds to the list of anti-Christian rhetoric going through out all of western civilization.

  • Games WOW NOW

    this is the FILTH of PROPAGANDA! now in VIDEOGAMES !

  • MahNameHitla

    This genuinely feels reskinned from the last one and it hurts feeling so much disappointment in one place at one time

  • B U N G I E

    Can you please cover Destiny 2 instead of this unknown game?

  • OG stickyflapjack

    I want 4 player co op

  • Vertigo101

    90% now into the game and 28 hrs played :Dhas a decent amount of content

  • Drew Binder

    alll the enemies kinda just stand there n let you shoot them, this game looks fucking boring. that why multiplayer is fun, youre actually playing against challenging, skilled opponents, instead of AI thats literally designed to be easily killed

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