Far Cry Primal - BECOMING THE BEAST MASTER!!! // Part 1 (Far Cry Primal Gameplay)

Far Cry Primal gameplay! Let's Play Far Cry Primal gameplay walkthrough part 1 with Typical Gamer! This video is sponsored.
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ESRB Rating: Far Cry Primal is rated “M” for mature players over the age of 17.
  • Jack Dagless

    Hi th can u get this game on xbox360

  • Matthew Bartley

    watching this 2018 too

  • Wolf 2K

    I will be out this week to make you feel like you need anything else for us to

  • Aadarsha gaming

    Some one watching on 2018

  • Luyando Mwanaabo

    Oh I forgot to mention that iam 12😀

  • aidan dyer

    You know you can tameThem you know

  • Isamar Morales

    Whose wathing this on 2018

  • Hazel Ignalig

    Show Samara that you have a wolf

  • William Garrett

    I'm from the I'm from the future this going to be Far Cry 5 20/20

  • Abby Yebra


  • Abby Yebra

    I have this and i play on xbox one and everyone should get it you can play on any kind of console j think even on pc u can play on

  • Kaden Bolmon

    This game is so laggy but so good

  • super Saiyan god Goku

    This video is on my birthday

  • Cheesy Nacho

    its funny bc I'm watching this in 2018

  • Javon Campbell

    Tg you need some milk 🥛 for that deer 🦌 lols 😂 : p : p

  • Luyando Mwanaabo

    Nice you have an XBOX 360 or one and hook me up on this one to 360 please

  • Jake Steinbrunn

    Can you add me on fortnite my name is SavGebeast22

  • Typical Alex

    Who is watching in 2018


    Wow cool game how do i play

  • NotreDame 8

    I was playing this game then randomly a bear comes and eats me

  • Alivia Crowe

    Btw it's 10000 bce not 10000 bc

  • stardom nights

    andre i just got the skill to get the bear and saber tooth how do u get the it for badger and cave bear

  • cool 99 redwooolfttw

    Started watching on 3ds in 2014 then went to thqblet in 2016

  • ur_-_ self_-_

    The frame rate though

  • Freddy or Jason?

    Am I the only one who is watching this i 2018 if not can you let me know because I feel lonely

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