CS:GO 950+ fps? i7 7700k + GTX 1080

Title says it all ;P Soon to be gtx 1080Ti!

PcPartPicker list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/YdTDXH
  • J4S0N

    i have 1080 ti best settings 650 - 700 FPS

  • Kemal Şatırケマル -

    old dust 2 and no bots but nice

  • Nick tan

    Is this in ultra settings ? Also, custom built ?

  • Furkan KURU

    i have 2 1080 ti and i i7-7700k

  • Mehmet Günal

    ben 100fps alsam halay çekerim orospu çocu

  • 陸彥均

    Why not to use the Titan XP?

  • SatchSaysPlay

    I have them exact same specs and 16GB of DDR4 ram and lucky to hit 350 FPS on the same map with bots , what is going on ? i even used your video settings . any ideas ? ?

  • Alastor 666

    -200 ФПС в обычном или бой насмерть

  • 1000 subscribers with no videos challenge

    but can it run minesweeper?

  • Marko Lajić

    On an empty server of course it will be so much fps

  • Lucky Faggót

    Finally! The ultimate mouse smoothness

  • Keep Calm

    play it on a 720p monitor with 720p in-game res

  • Barbar1aN_

    If you played long max u can see is between 120-240fps, so what is the point. Normal eye see 60fps

  • Duy Tran

    1 player and settings i9 7980x gtx 1180 verylow all you have a 1500 fps

  • Clock Gaming

    OMG 1k plz plz 1K pleasseeeWTF why 987 I wanna see 1K :(

  • GanjieAelekara

    human eye can only see 240 frames

  • Kirill

    Ебать как дохуя фпс мне даже во сне столько не снилось,бля до слез

  • Volian0

    did you overclock your CPU? btw I have the same cpu and graphics card :D

  • Zuplex

    was bringen dir die FPS wenn du maximal nen 240 hz monitor hast? :|

  • catalin Rizel

    Wow,1200 fps here...gtx 1080 gigabyte + i5 8400+ 16 gb ram g-skill (3200mhz)+windows10...

  • Mr. Bad Frosty

    I9 and titan X is more

  • Santa Fe Mixer

    Yo no tengo mas de 40 fps y ustedes con 900 quieren ponerle mas.. Me estas jodiendo? Que injusta es la vida

  • Gamers Bone

    Awesome video i never knew about the bio fuel one!

  • Ter Mit

    why do you cut the air?

  • Luis Fernando Ely

    I have i7-7700 / GTX 1080TI and my CSGO runs at 100fps ~ 200fps at maximum.I have 8GB of RAM, can that be the problem?

  • Trap Family

    I have 15-20 max fps on dust II :(

  • Static Rain

    900fps on a 60hz monitor sound disgusting

  • WarFox Craft

    Mais pra que um monitor 240hrz e 240 fps ta bom demais não necessita forçar a placa de vídeo

  • Anime99

    it is tooooo logaggy

  • Bjørn

    But can it run Crysis? 🤔

  • RagingDoughnut123 *i like stuff*

    Now try it with a titan x and a intel i9!

  • BQNG

    Youre without players........ it literally increases the fps by 70-100% compared to a comp game.Atleast with my pc, offline: 200fps 5v5 game: 100fps

  • Andrey Semko

    its still too low fps for me

  • SlurpMyButt

    Why you dont played 800.600? :D

  • TheNatuxas

    - Daddy, I buyed GTX 1080!- For what ?- For that I can play MineCraft !- WHATAAAA ?!?!?!

  • bablu mods

    Only if you get 60 fps in gta 4 max settings

  • Sinceramente

    M I N E C R A F T ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Redegator TV

    Let`s go 640x480 or 800x600 with fps boost cfg


    same things with i5 8400 + gtx 1080

  • Tos1k

    Этого не достаточно для комфортной игры

  • ViviK_

    Ηis mouse is broken....FOR SURE

  • Jack Lenosi

    лол блять у меня на gtx 650 тоже самое

  • Fortnite Mobil Türkiye

    lel its nothing im getting 30 fps

  • BQNG

    I can get 300fps easily on old dust with no bots on a shitty 140euro pc lmao.

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