Far Cry 5 Characters Voice Actors

Far Cry 5 All Characters and Voice Actors

Far cry 5 Cast voice actors :
Greg Bryk : The Father / Joseph Seed
Steve Byers : Nick Rye
John Tench : Richard 'Dutch' Roosevelt
Carolina Bartczak : Cult Follower
Murry Peeters : Grace Armstrong
Howard Siegel : Hurk Drubman Sr.
Simon Lee Phillips
Doug Hutchison : Burke
Dylan Taylor : Hurk
Giles Panton : Guy Marvel
Bruce Blain : Casey Fixman
Seamus Dever : John Seed
Tasya Teles : Mary May Fairgrave
Martin Roach : Pastor Jerome Jeffries
Julie Nathanson : Jess Black
Mara Junot : Sherri Woodhouse
Julian Bailey : Stacy Pratt
Farid Yazdani : Dr. Charles Lindsay
Lauren Jackson : Skylar
Christopher Heyerdahl : Earl whitehorse
And more .....
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Characters And Voice Actors Of Far Cry 5
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  • Marko Stevanovic

    Jess Black looks like Quiet on crack from MGS V LOL

  • Mardock

    1:41 LUCIFER??????????

  • nobin hage

    Nick ryes voice actor looks like pagan min

  • Harmen Ree

    “If you ask for Nick Rye, you get fokin Nick Rye”

  • 이혜린

    Kim is first name most ues in korea, but kim's voice actor is japanese.... omg

  • Miraç Eski

    The voice actors look similar to their characters .

  • argus the nightstalker

    I wanna play far cry so badly but no ps4😭😭

  • Helljumper425

    WOW Tammy's voice actor is smokin' compared to the character.

  • TheLongDark

    Who did the voice of Chad Wolanski?Best. Voice. Ever.

  • Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin

    John Tench (Dutch's voice actor) kinda looks like Clutch Nixon, the greatest stunt man in the known universe.

  • Lil Fiji Official

    now make a real movie with same people

  • Tabby Doulin

    Once I heard Jacob for the first time, I spazzed. Lucifer is perfect for Jacob. 💗

  • David Dinsmore

    Jesus Christ the Sheriff is voiced by the SWEDE

  • Tevin Kombat

    Daniel Bryan should of played John Seed.

  • Isaac Roberts

    2:22 DUTCH IS T-BONE?!

  • Fogão Forever

    Muito foda,pois e de la,a original,a nossa dublagem desse jogo e muito ruim

  • Killerpss

    John Seed is handsome af

  • freeeeelibyan

    Nick rye is awesome.

  • Zackahry John

    Nick rye's voice actor looks like pagan min

  • Abdullah Jawed

    The look of Joseph seed and voice over actor looks so similar

  • khaitou00

    is that hurk from far cry 4?

  • Royale dejdmlvr

    Anyone thinks Jacob is the most badass looking mf in the loading screens

  • Kerem

    I'm wondering Cheese Burger's voice actor

  • Anonymous

    Who is the voice actors of the Far Cry 5 protagonist ?

  • Gamer

    Personal favorites: Jerome(that voice tho) Nick, Faith, Jacob (loved his character), Hurk Jr (cuz who doesn't like him), Grace, Jess and of course BOOMER!!!

  • Mshark

    Wish hurk was voiced by Larry the cable guy

  • Ron Lai

    omg christopher heyerdahl acted in zombieland but was bald

  • khalid tantawi

    Jacob seed = saw if i'm right or tobin bell i wanna play a game

  • A. Jay

    is that Mark Pellegrino from Supernatural?! 01:41

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