Dave Isay: Everyone around you has a story the world needs to hear

Dave Isay opened the first StoryCorps booth in New York’s Grand Central Terminal in 2003 with the intention of creating a quiet place where a person could honor someone who mattered to them by listening to their story. Since then, StoryCorps has evolved into the single largest collection of human voices ever recorded. His TED Prize wish: to grow this digital archive of the collective wisdom of humanity. Hear his vision to take StoryCorps global — and how you can be a part of it by interviewing someone with the StoryCorps app.

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  • photon

    It is so inspiring! Thank you!

  • martin47g

    I love this I love this I love this

  • Victor Lustig

    so nice to hear a guy read a pieces of paper

  • Moeed Malik

    This is my favourite ted talk. Ever.

  • mhtinla

    Do the stories have to be true? or just stories?


    Hallo, bin ich hier, meine Liebe fur die schonste Frau aller Existenz zu erklaren. Existenz heibt alles im Universum und meine ich nicht, was man als das Universum wahrnehmen wurde, aber ich meine alle unbekannten und unvorstellbare Orte und Dinge. Sie transzendiert alles erstellt der Materie... Sie ist mein ein und alles und ich liebe sie für den Rest meines Lebens. Diese Frau, die ich Liebe ist mir allein mit einem Namen bekannt... Ich liebe dich Lana

  • Georgy Dolganov

    Hello, I'm game developer (designer), this thing is give me a lot of inspiration. With interview you can create life changing scenarios.I want to thank autor, for that...That thing change my life in some meaning.

  • Jksda Alecs

    StoryCorps , thank me later

  • Gerard Connolly

    David's final words in the talk: "Every single life matters equally and infinitely". If every mother with a son or daughter engaged in combat, could speak to a mother of a combatant on "the enemy side", and develop a relationship, perhaps the shape of conflict could change.

  • acajudi100

    I use your StoryCorp app, and it allows me to share withthe world, before I die. We die folks, so be kind, generous and loving, for it is over too soon, and at any second.

  • James Martin

    When people ask what's the difference between being rich and leading a wealthy life, Dave is a great example of leading a wealthy life.

  • acajudi100

    Stop the genocide Chicago! You should be so ashamed, after all we have been through, so why bring us more death and pain, and rape babies, seniors, and shoot up our dtreets, porches, stores, and say our live matter. All lives matter equally, and i wish I could move all decent people to secluded farms far from the genocides all over the world. A billionaire isbuying an island to place as many refugees as he can! Thank you, so can other people put your coins together and save humans being killed by evil demons worldwide! Help us God please. ALL LIVES MATTER!

  • Lars E.rnst

    Thats a beautiful idea, i wish we'd had that before...

  • Peacock Media

    Dave Isay started Storytelling in his early 20's - here's his TED Talk on how he got started. "I saw how the microphone gave me the license to go places I otherwise never would have gone, and talk to people I never would have spoken to." I feel this.    

  • Shoaib Marwadi

    Can anyone help me get in touch with Josh Littman?

  • Brad Liu

    Definitely awesome and prefect speech !

  • acajudi100

    are and not ate...lol

  • ytubeanon

    But, other than the participants, who listens to all of this audio?

  • Alison Sattler

    Thank you so much for this fascinating lecture by Story Corps's creator. I look forward to listening to the stories every week and love hearing about significant people and events in people's lives. I hope it never ends!

  • Cory Y.

    How do I become a Story Corps facilitator? I would absolutely love to do that

  • Nina Paulsen

    Great video and an inspirational and important idea.

  • han1999

    i have a write a summary on this and now i hate Dave so much.

  • Monique Amado - Artist & Life Coach

    So so so so beautiful.

  • Thomas Beyeler

    That's exactly what I thought for a long, long time...

  • Rachel Gordon

    This is beautiful! I hope that the conversions contributed through the app are genuine and that any incentives to fabricate stories is somehow reduced

  • April Chartrand

    I just did a single Story Corp interview at the SF Public Library (main branch). Wonderful Expereince. Excellent staff. Thanks for showing this Ted Talk. Inspirational.

  • rawstarmusic

    Personally I don't accept the story with the mother of an murdered son bonding with his killer. It's good for the mother and good for the killer but it is an ultimate defeat for her son who lost so much and have no voice. Enjoying to see the killer graduate instead of her son is just wrong from the sons point of view.

  • acajudi100

    I love StoryCorps! Thank yoy. Judi Grace StoryCorps.

  • Sparky!

    Every single life matters equally and infinitely. Unless your pro-abortion then screw those innocent human lives TED is after all a very liberal media.

  • Nial O'Reilly

    This powerful concept will drive the growth of empathic listening, something society needs right now!

  • Guacamole

    After watching this, it reminded me of the idea I had of recording my 92-years-old grandfather that fought in the second world war and was captured by the soviets for 10 years (yes, I'm german).He learned russian while being a prisoner (one of the main reasons he survived) and after being one of the few germans who could return home alive, he became a professor and a writer.One of the many things he tells me everytime I visit him (besides saying proudly that he's the only 92-year-old german with his own teeth, perfect eyes and black, thick hair) is that, while fighting for the nazis, not one soldier under his command believed in that, noone talked about the ideology or the reason they were fighting in the war. That didn't matter. Survival, that's all what mattered. You kill them so they didn't kill you. You couldn't argue with someone on the battlefield if it was right or wrong. You just did it. You try to survive.All those stories of each jew, soviet, but also german, that vanished in that short period of time. All those families torn appart, all those memories turned into dust, memories we won't hear, ever.This sonder thingy going on in my head trying to reach the deep hole in my soul, that sorrow in my bloodstream becoming stronger with every beat, and nearer to my heart...But you know, than I feel happy that I, as a human being and an animal, get to experience such feelings. Live is precious and should be celebrated and protected.

  • Ayman Ilyas

    Absolutely beautiful... I'm entranced with the idea of other people's stories and what made them who they are. Absolutely great work Dave.

  • Lisa Scott

    This is such an amazing way to show value as well as honor to who people are and how their stories matter!

  • mihxiii

    I HAVE WATER IN MY EYES..But seriously, after the first story (I wanna hear the whole thing) I didn't think it would be that interesting, but oh well.. Great talk!

  • Skyfox94

    Am i the only one who nearly teared up?

  • Lhagvajav Gansuh

    At the first time, I have watched so new TED talk (just one day after its publishing) (: Great

  • acajudi100

    I am sharing my stories and my app. I LOVE IT! I record in my home, and thinking out the box, i just talk off the top of my head respectively!

  • Simon Weyers

    Man that goes deep! #moved

  • Jesse James Allen

    Faith in humanity restored, this was an amazing message.

  • OliverCallumFerenth

    This has got to be, by far, the most touching, inspiring and perfect TEDx talks ever.

  • Bishnu Bhatta

    That's exactly what I tell everyone. I'm awesome, U are awesome and Everybody around U is awesome!! :)

  • Evan Carmichael

    Well done - great presentation :)

  • acajudi100

    I share my stories on StoryCorps for the world! please share your stories, for our lives ate over too soon.

  • Don Barker

    I wish I had this a year ago before my Dad passed on.

  • EddyWojBlog

    "Everyone around you has a story the world needs to hear", so true. As a videomaker, I encourage everyone to record their story. It's a fantastic gift for the next generations, it's the best way to keep our history & memories.

  • Dan's Channel

    Dave, I say you have a brilliant name.

  • zefphf

    that floating mirror sphere is really distracting

  • KT

    Monica Lewinsky video on Ted has comments disabled, proof liberals that run this channel are free speech hypocrites

  • littlelimbs

    Amazing! Definetly recommend this video, my favorite quote was, "I now walk in love" as said by Alexis to her daughter Lesly. So beautiful.

  • Pioneer HM

    Very powerful, wish I had done the same for my beloved late sister whom I grew very closely with

  • DeoMachina

    It must take a lot to forgive the person who killed your son, and then keep them as a friend later on.  I can't even imagine how it's possible, somebody send her to TED.

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