Far Cry 4 vs Far Cry 5 | Direct Comparison

This is a graphical analysis comparing Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 5. We'll also briefly go over sound comparisons.
  • Big Gay

    I prefer far cry 5. Loved 4 tho.

  • Robloxguyis12

    There both good games

  • Ghost KilleRiii

    Far cry 4 is a PURE SHIT !!

  • zargug

    Can't compare 2014 and 2018

  • Rayan

    I enjoyed fc4 so muchI could feel the game and the emotions in itfc5 feels lifeless and lame

  • Marco V

    Rusty & dirty guns aren’t authentic. Responsible gun owners keep them in mint condition.

  • andreas ilyas cavus

    Far cry 2 is better than both

  • Liam English

    Far cry 5 is a great game. FC4 looks great as well but i couldnt get into it as much as i have with FC5.

  • ThrustFrom Behind

    Holy shit, I never noticed the 1911 red dot reflection

  • Mosiah Fitzpatrick

    This nigga clearly like farcry4 better

  • Boone N' Rodger

    Maybe if the volume was turned up they would have sounded the same

  • Armand Asuncion

    If you start playing on far cry 4 ud pick far cry 4


    The same happened for GTA 4 and 5...

  • Tristan Rayburn

    The sound for the guns in farcry 5 are a lot more realistic

  • GoodFella1294

    I liked FC3 and FC4 more than FC5

  • Ben Drenth

    What so many videogames get wrong is the sound of guns firing. A gunshot should have a sharp sound that feels like It pounds your ears the second you pull the trigger.

  • Ides of March

    Lol your review stinks of being partial.

  • Sankar Gs

    You are mistaked coz you are shooting in far cry 4..at mountain range...areas probably mountain area have more echos than plane Loneliness ground area...far cry 5 you are shooting at low ground level area sounds were different those both are area .. actually far cry 5 much more realistic than 4 in some ways other ways both are good...

  • Il'ya Yakimenko

    FC5 guns actually sound like guns, and not f*ckin cannons.

  • ThrustFrom Behind

    Ugh, the reload sounds sound so bad in far cry 4 lol

  • GIRTHquake

    Lol, what the fuck Ubisoft?

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