Far Cry 4 vs Far Cry 5 | Direct Comparison

This is a graphical analysis comparing Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 5. We'll also briefly go over sound comparisons.
  • Middlestep [official]

    In FC5 the sound of the gun cocking is louder than the actual shot xD

  • Xavier Barry

    It kinda sucks that Ubisoft has learned that they can just coast with very similar games and make some of the best sales yet

  • MAYEM studios

    The night looks shitty in fc 4

  • Sahil khan

    Whatever u said I totally agree with that!! I would like u to compare fc5 with primal

  • Cracked GAMER

    The only thing that i don't like about Far Cry 5 is that the trees don't interact with the wind...

  • Martin Ramm

    Good review thank you...

  • MAYEM studios

    Farcry 5, farcry primal, farcry 1 are the best

  • Martin Aslaksen

    My only beef with fc5 is the bad weapons arsenal

  • James Lowland

    What's happening here is a trope called "Reality is Unrealistic". Meaning we're so used to seeing Hollywood-style and video game guns, explosions, gunshots etc. that we come to think that's how they * should* look, and we think actual real-life examples look fake. But as someone who's done some digital art and rendering himself, I can assure you that the graphical achievements of Far Cry 5 are mindblowing. That doesn't mean they're also better-looking than Far Cry 4, because larger-than-life stuff is usually more awesome. But in terms of photo-realism Far Cry 5 is miles beyond Far Cry 4.

  • DeenanTheKemon I

    Games from certain developers will continue to degrade whereas the up and coming and largely unknown Developers, willing to take CHANCES, are going to dominate the industry. Gamers are Finally tired of the Same Old Same Old.

  • Irshad Hasnain

    Both is good because both are farcry series

  • Peterson Rodrigues

    I think FC5 gunshots sound more realistic.

  • Jesus christ

    Weapons sound better because there is an echo far cry 4 is in mountains

  • Tristen Butler

    Maybe it had to do with location, when your in the Mountains its louder than open flat feilds?

  • Hüseyinekrem

    Sounds like CS:GO, newer but shittier.

  • Alex Johnson

    Far cry 5 is way better

  • amRiT s

    Fc5 Graphics with Fc4 Physics will bePerfect Game

  • Der Henker

    So F*** Off Far Cry 5....

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