TOP 5 New Games for PS3

These are the top 5 most played and the most enjoyable games for ps3 2015, even today
Bonus - Battlefield Hardline
#5 - Battlefield 3
- Multiplayer Gameplay:
- A lot of people are still playing the game online, Big maps, vehicles, epic singleplayer, Funny Glitches

#4 - Call of Duty Black Ops 2
- Multiplayer Gameplay:
-Fun, Zombies, Multiplayer, Singleplayer, A lot of Camos, Only one problem...hackers

#3 - Skate 3
- Gameplay:
- Bring some friends over and you will have the best time of your life, search for some glitches on youtube and do them, its a lot of fun!

#2 The Last Of Us
- Credit - (Trailer by Marvies)
- Fun to do walktrought with friends and multiplayer even more, Its one of the best games I ever played, I know its overrated but I enjoyed the story a lot and so did you if you played the game, if not then you're missing out a lot!

#1 - Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain
- PS3 Gameplay -
- Stunning Graphics for an old console, if you don't agree check out how black ops 3 looks on ps3, Fun and Enjoyable Multiplayer which will keep you entertaining for months, Also for Singleplayer if you like the story, I'm more of a online player myself.

Thanks for wathing, Hope you enjoyed, Peace
- Dupylo
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  • Anurag Sahu

    Who came here for thumbnail

  • Hassan Hassan

    Gos of war 3 and ascension

  • Sasha Podolkin

    Who still plays 12year old console in 2018?Me.

  • Z Bal

    Puppeeteer for PS3 is one of the best!! Graet expiriance!

  • BEATmyguest31

    Where my fellow broke as fuck gamers at still playing their ps3?

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