Far Cry 3 -on- Intel HD Graphics 2000 + Mission 1 Gameplay

My PC specifications:
Processor: Intel core i7
Graphic card: Intel HD graphics 2000
Motherboard: Dell Optilex 790
HDD: 500GB (Doesnt matter)

This is a small gameplay of the new game 'Far Cry 3' on 'Intel HD Graphics 2000'. There were many spots in the video where there were framerate drops. The max fps during the game were 35 fps and min were 5 fps(During loading screen and framerate frops) and average were 29 fps(During gameplay) and 11 fps at some points in the video. And there was also an issue with the climbing in the game as u might notice, and that was due to the lag, that was due to the poor graphic card :( Like the vid nd subscibe if u want to :D. THX!!!
  • Jason

    i have intel core i58gb ramINTEL HD GRAPHICS 2000windows 8 64 bitthats all i know about mine will i ba able to play games like this at this level of gameplay

  • Geovany Fauzy

    playable ??when i running in i3 21206gb ram intel hd 2000??pls reply

  • lolhehehettollololol

    dat problem is cuz we both need a better graphics card :)

  • Shahriar Mueed

    I have 6GB Ram and Intel HD Graphics aswell. I also have the same stuttering problem as you. Mine is like yours: When you look around, it isn't as smooth as other players playing.

  • sokyoto2

    I just love the intro !! :3

  • sokyoto2

    I have a question, will it work great without lags on : Toshiba core i5 with 4GB of ram and 2.4 GHZ of Processor and 1.7GB of intel HD (idk if it is 2000 or not) but will work great? like in the video !

  • Prasad Hews

    at the end i was like "swim bitch swim"

  • lolhehehettollololol

    lol me too buddy, nd if u know the soundtrack in the intro, then plz tell me...by the way, like the vid plz ;)

  • GVPWuzHere

    The first two and a half minutes made me want the game, bad!

  • lolhehehettollololol

    thx budy :) thnk u very much :)

  • Adoknight Mobile

    so on an i5 3450s and hd 2500 should run about the same then?

  • GVPWuzHere

    4:15 he's acting like he's on a tv show and he has to look at the camera all the time.

  • MrPhúGaming

    can my pc run itintel core i5 2500 3.30Ghz8gb ramintel hd graphics 2000SSD 120gb

  • Audrius Nezinau

    can i run it i9-7900X 4.30Ghz 32GB of DDR4 2666mhzGTX 1080 Ti

  • sokyoto2

    Here ;) watch?v=Prlqcom1Ad8

  • DaveMcIroy

    HDD DOES matter. If it would be a SSD...And Intel i7 is a bit too less information.

  • sokyoto2

    Okay, i'll search for it for you :D

  • lolhehehettollololol

    no, they are minimum :)

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