Far Cry 5: 10 Things To Know When Starting A New Game

Far Cry 5 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is an intense open-world sandbox shooter with plenty of concepts to learn. Here are our best tips for beginners.
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  • Birdman The destroyer

    Does anyone know if restating the game lets you keep your Live event rewards?

  • John Michael Halbig

    This is my first Far Cry and I have not been this addicted to a game since Star Wars Battlefront II (PS2). Funny thing is I thought the commercials for this game made no sense and I wasn't going to buy it, but then my brother got it.

  • Kevlar 92

    Fantastic game , really disappointing once completed and there is no one around to kill

  • Peter Nagy

    If you like fishing at least a little as I do. (I don't really like it) but If you perk it and fish. You can sell the fish for good money. Takes some time plus use the fishing spots. If you get a bow and hunt that's a ton of money too. I started on normal but got bored so half game I restarted on Hard :) that's why I knew this trick. ( learned)

  • Curtis Q

    Don’t sleep on the town of Prosperity. Those potions you get from Jesse make the boss battles much more fair for higher difficulty leveled enthusiast.

  • Atown DaGreat

    imma buy this tomorrow

  • Dan Banks

    I got far cry 4 to play to catch up i had 1... then 3... so 4 was really boring i hated it...3 got to long...you keep doing the same crap over n over.... fives pretty cool.... I'm getting into it... it's got some good graphics and stuff... hope it stays interesting

  • Fake Bobby Hill

    Ignore arcade mode it’s trash

  • the10 Random Stuff And More

    Click on everything you canME:clicks on virus download

  • TheSovietSnake

    2:12 How is Grace sneaky? One of her skills is that her gunshots cause cultists to run away, scared. That doesn't seem too stealthy to me lol

  • jordanalt

    Don’t buy knuckle-duster if you want to get the trophy where the beef :( I had to restart after completing everything else can’t take them off to kill the bull with fist :(

  • The Leon Gaming

    guys... GO FOR THE ANIMALS! pls kthxbye

  • gameranx

    Expect a 'Before You Buy' video from Jake within 24 hrs.

  • Daniel Hicks

    Does anyone know if I create a new game on my profile will I lose my other save data?

  • anthony george

    If you get the double loot from animals perk and you use the bow its so easy to make a few thousand in like 15 min

  • Yu-Jen Tong

    I just realized for outposts you don’t have to do anything except for telling your mercs what to do, because if the enemies saw them they won’t use the alarm, they would only use the alarm when you’re seen.

  • Samuel Cossais

    I don't think I will need arcade mode. I wanted to try to fully complete John's region and I did, but it took me 50 hours (I did cover every single place in the region, even the smallest house). I was able to get a lot of perks and money doing that, I hunted a lot, broke every fishing records etc.So now I have a lot of money, weapons and vehicles already without even starting the second and third regions. I won't do as much for the other regions but I think I won't need anyway.

  • stephen tadic

    its not just a fish mini game, you can sell your fish for a lot of money

  • Mohammad Zahran

    Tomorrow i will get far cry 5 since tomorrow is the last day for my official exams at last wish me luck

  • Marius KC

    I'm looking for someone to play coop with on PC - anybody want to play?

  • Vodka Times

    2:41 My Favorite Pepper stash on FC5. I did it while drunk in game lol.

  • Red Pilled Libertarian

    Grace and Jess are bad ass if you want sneaky. Peaches has the most kills for me though.

  • The Daddy

    Does anyone know how to get the death wish? It always drives away from me

  • OverPowered

    How to finish far cry 5 in less than 5 mins : don’t arrest the father

  • King Man

    I think farcry 4 is better then farcry 5

  • CantuView

    i think hunting throughout the map is the best way to make money and fast

  • Kris Fisher

    Vass and the nutty lady in Bad Town are the greatest Far Cry characters. Far Cry 2 has been my favourite in the series for years up until Far Cry 5's release,I'm already on my fourth play through,can't wait for DLC.

  • Joy P.

    how to throw knife in farcry5 pc

  • bekosim batman

    How stupid it would be if the ending was like a bunch of nukes actually falling haha lmao haha

  • Vcvcvcvcvccvcvv Vcv

    Oh wow i started with jacob then ended with john seed 😂

  • wolfassassin gaming

    Fishing is actually a great way to make money for example if you go to falls end there is a creek/river 200 so meters from there where you can fish for rainbow trout and 5 of them will sell for $500 so basically $100 per fish

  • TrialChain

    I only once upgraded health and until the final boss the father i upgraded sooo i guess i am dumb

  • The Golden TNT

    Erm “south-east” is faiths region...

  • John Michael Halbig

    Animals are extremely OP and always randomly attack you or NPCs. You'll literally be talking to an NPC and a wolverine will just eat their face off before they tell you a location of something. Semi auto shotguns and the .357 revolvers are best for animal defense.

  • Aditya Palit

    Why do the enemies act like zombies ? I haven't played the game.

  • Geralt Of Rivia

    Best combo is jess and Nick

  • Aidan Palkin

    Friends for hire are trash

  • Samuel Cossais

    And again a version for consoles. PC gamer dont upload videos of Far Cry 5 apparently. I wonder what is the share of PC in the Far Cry 5 sales.

  • biggBOSS1991

    I’m just glad they finally added a fire select function for far cry. Savin so much ammo running everything semi-auto

  • Shwifty Heroez

    Brilliant game, And very helpful video for first time users to watch id say. Completed it 😂

  • Gabriel Nanan

    I would recommend hunting predators and prepper stashes than clearing an outpost if u really need the money.. clear the outposts in the region when you've finished off the herald holding the region, that way, more money can be earned..

  • Please Don't Demonetize me

    Haven’t even gotten to the 3rd main mission but I have 10k I mean I’ve done like a billion side mission but uhhh

  • Dunjo Dia

    The storyline sucks in this game. Such a shame

  • Cytron1515

    Far Cry 6 should be Far Cry: Politics with Washington DC as the open world area and President Donald Trump as the main antagonist. Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan can be his minions. Former president Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill and Hilary Clinton along with Stormy Daniels will be part of the uprising resistance.

  • biggBOSS1991

    Go to falls end and fish at the nearby creek. Fast money $500 every few minutes. Great early easy money

  • Shane Clark

    For me hunting and selling skins and stuff around the pumpkin orchard in the beginning has been very helpful

  • Mushroom Head

    Is it me or is the wing suit rubbish in this version?

  • cow man68

    Can’t stop playing this gamePeaches the cougar is da best

  • Ant Kincer

    I can't believe you brushed off fishing...it by far can gain you lots of money at the beginning of the game. Doing those fishing sidequests also rank you up in the world, so fish on...

  • heythereFuckyou

    I’ve played farcry 2 3 and 4 and my favourite farcry game is farcry 2, but this one may be my new favourite once I get it, it looks that fun

  • Kraftfahrzeug fünfundfünfzigstes

    Why i cant play arcade without Xbox live i mean only for single player

  • dragonviper

    if you need money just kill animals i got most of all my weapons on day 1

  • Fancy_Feast

    Fishing and hunting animals is the easiest way to get money

  • Zac Lee

    Fishing is an extremely easy way to make money, so don't set it aside.

  • Jaime Mendoza

    The Best thing is the more rifle/50 cal ammo bag OR the ARROW ammo bag, then the double skins perk, get these and money is no longer a problem, hunt with a bow and you get 4 skins per animal. (for elk at about $150) that 600 per elk.hunt for 2 hrs and youll easily have 20k

  • Jahanzeb Arshed

    This game is not hard even in hardest difficulty and taking extra health makes it boring.

  • Deuce Kane

    I'm trying to get the beef the hard way but I can't stay behind the bull long enough got any tips

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