10 E3 2018 Announcements That Would Make Us Freak Out If They Happen

E3 2018 is right around the corner and the internet is filled with leaks and rumors about the newest games. Here are the things we would love to see announced this June.
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  • Ryan Swiney

    Hey you predicted ES6

  • Cypher XY

    Well guess what? CnC is now a mobile games!! And its a fcking garbage!!

  • Play !!

    Aww Man What About Def Jam: (

  • Rares Macovei

    Most disappointing: No new Splinter Cell. No Rocksteady announcementDisappointing: No new gameplay for Darksiders 3. No Prince of Persia.Most amazing: Devil May Cry 5 announced! Cyberpunk 2077 trailer!Still amazing: Yakuza 0 and Kiwami on PC! Halo 6 on PC. Metro Exodus gameplay! Shadow of the Tomb Raider gameplay! Resident Evil 2 Remake gameplay! Shadows Die Twice trailer! New Remedy game!

  • Matthew Morcos

    10: No9: Yes8: Yes7: No6: No5: Yes4: No3: No2: Yes1: Yes/No Bonus 1: NoBonus 2: Yes50% isn’t bad

  • Matthew Morcos

    10: No9: Yes8: Yes7: No6: No

  • gameranx

    Let's play a game here. Leave one unrealistic announcement you'd love to see AND leave one more realistic announcement you'd love as well.

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