Far Cry 3 - stealth Outpost Liberations 4k/60Fps

Jason playfully ninjas his way through some of the pirate and privateer occupied outposts by using slick moves such as wingsuit takedowns, parachute takedowns, atv c4 launch kills, pumpgun drop kill combos and some other cheeky maneuvers. As always, have fun watching peeps.

Far Cry 3 Mods & Gameplay Settings used :
- Swartz Mod
- modded DX11.dll ( for disabling the hud and most of the prompt & HUD related sounds )
- Master Difficulty

Far Cry 3 Graphic Settings used :
- 3840x2160 ( 4k / UHD ), HBAO, no AA, no Vsync, Fov@90, everything else maxed out

Gameplay Capture Program used : Nvidia Shadowplay
Rendering Program used : Sony Vegas

Hardware Setup / System Specs when this video was recorded :

CPU : i7 6700k @ 4,8 Ghz ( 24/7 Setting )
GPU : 2x GTX 1080 Ti FE @ ~ 2000/12000 ( for fc3 only 1 gpu used )
MOBO : ASRock Z170 OC Formula
RAM : G.Skill Ripjaws V 16 Gigabyte DDR4 Kit ( 4x4GB Dimms ) @ 3200Mhz/cl16-16-16-36
SSD#1 : Samsung 960 PRO 1TB ( OS & Games )
SSD#2 : Samsung 960 PRO 512GB ( Recording & Video Edit )
HDD : Wd 3Tb external Hdd
PSU : Corsair RM1000i
CASE : Benchtable

Peripherals :

- Screen : Asus PG279Q
- Mouse : Zowie FK1+ ( Omron Switch Mod , Paracord Cable Mod & Hyperglides )
- Mousepad : Zowie G-SR
- Keyboard #1 ( Gaming ) : Ducky Mini ( MX-Red´s )
- Keyboard #2 ( Desktop ) : Ducky Shine 5 RGB ( MX-Red´s )
- Headset : Steelseries Siberia V2 ( black )
  • Maks Clash Royale

    Кто тоже начал питатса освободить тоже так аванпости

  • ketan singh

    How the f u got that knife

  • TPMegaVids

    You are a fucking god level ninja

  • FRET !

    Скил 9999999999999999999

  • Jake Shamley

    Этот гандон с модами играет. У него бессмертие стоит и такого оружия в игре нету.

  • Boneless Sauce

    You cant do this on fc5You aint fast enuff

  • #1Clasher Frost-

    i liked This But U kinda Using a Mod Which Ables u to Run without Noise!!


    @clockner you profi ! And skill = 9999999999999999999999 :DDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Striraid

    Hate this fucking place.

  • alekalfa2

    Game is not as good looking to me like it was when i first played it 4 years ago...kinda feel bad for thinking that way.Far cry 5 is beautiful tho


    Expert woooooww like

  • Kağıttan Dünya

    how can i get silenced shotgun???????

  • Pasha Tepin

    нереально крутой игрок

  • Heiliger Soosenbinder

    This is the definition of Insanity

  • Vysniukazzz

    Guys he isnt using cheats or skills he just tattoed tatau on his arm...

  • Chris steve

    StealthGamer BR will be proud :')

  • Adine Perrrtt

    Clockner sud be a Movie director 😬

  • dark shark

    At 3:18 no one saw the guys at the top right or left

  • Lunatico GR

    me Arrodillo mi señor soy muy bueno jugando al far cry 3 pero tu te sacaste el rabo

  • G

    Me realizing I am good at something after all..Should have started a YouTube channel...

  • kostya lazarev

    хахаха он чит нет вы нубасы


    The last one was so freaking good

  • Uki Djordjic

    I still dobt get how the fuck you have ancient knife....

  • AlfdillaXD 88

    This Is the real definition of Insanity

  • Better Jordan


  • Skylander

    This reminds me of dishonored...

  • Nick Clark

    As soon as I saw that first kill I knew this was gonna be good

  • Chris Gari

    lmao that komodo dragon trick was lit

  • Bilal Khan

    How can you having the bull with supresser

  • clockner

    Hi there peeps. First of all sorry for the lack of new content recently. This was basically due to me not being entirely happy with the new build i have made for myself when it comes to the temperatures so i had to plan out a entire new build. More of that in the second section of this post for the ones of you that care about all that. Anyway, happy to be back with a new video for you guys. This time around with a game that i haven't featured on my channel for 1 1/2 years and i get constantly asked for, obviously far cry 3. In the last month or so i was having a chat with my buddy StealthGamerBR about the far cry franchise ( which obviously also includes far cry 3 ) and i was getting a little bit nostalgic so i decided to do another fc3 walkthrough just to enjoy the game again. Hadn't played through it on 4k yet anyway due to the mediocre SLI support and with now having the 1080 Ti, which as single card is easily capable of keeping the game at 100+ fps for the most time in 4k, unless you are running into cpu limited scenes, i had a pretty good reason to go through it again anyway. After i had finished the game i quickly found myself toying around in some outposts again and i think i have managed to come up with some decent ideas for a few new outpost liberations. Surely some outpost liberations that was worth pressing the record button for, i hope at least. I also included two of my old fc3 outpost liberations, of course redone to match the other outpost liberations in 4k/60Fps/No HUD. I also decided to modify my game to give me more possibilities ingame and to give you guys more viewing pleasure watching it. Unfortunately there is no possibility to disable the HUD but still having kill rewards drawn since disabling the HUD can be only done by modifying a certain .dll of the game which will literally disable all the hud. I think it's still better to have the HUD completely disabled compared to having kill rewards but then having all the other stupid shit shown as well like ammo count and especially that minimap. If you have any questions like how i managed to disabled the HUD, how i have this weapon and that, please read the description first. I think i have listed everything necessary to answer all these questions in the description. Anyway, if you still have questions though, you are welcome to ask of course. Now about the build : as some of you guys might have noticed in some comments from me here and there i wasn't entirely happy with the new build i have made in the Lian Li PC-O8 when it comes to temperatures, so i was recently planning out a new build. Yeah, again.... Even though i love doing custom watercooled builds, i wasn't too excited to plan out a new one for myself already shortly after i just finished the build in the Lian Li PC-O8. Some of you guys might also know what kind of work is involved when it comes to these custom watercooled builds. The most time consuming part for me always is the planning process, not because i don't know what parts are working together but because i struggle to find parts that suit my needs. Particularly to find a case that is ticking all the boxes for me. I won't make any compromises anymore just to end up in planning out a new build again 1 month afterwards so i went all in this time around and ordered a Caselabs SMA8. Even though it's definitely not ticking all the boxes, it's ticking a lot of them and it has a lot of modding potential just in case i am not entirely happy with the temperatures again, which shouldn't be the case i think. I will surely go for a dual loop configuration ( i mean you have to in this large case to make it look nicely filled ) which seperates the CPU & GPU Loop. This means the CPU won't get heated from the GPU's ( which are always the most heat dissipating components ) and with a 480 for the CPU and a 560 for both GPU's, i should be fine. The GPU Temperatures won't be anything amazing but surely way below your best aviable custom 1080 Ti Air Coolers so the overclocks of the cards surely won't get limited by the temperatures at all. If the temperatures still don't satisfy me there is a lot of room for modding the case to fit an insane amount of additional radiators so i got an ace on my sleeve, just in case. Chances are actually pretty good that the Caselabs SMA8 will be my final case from what it looks like. I would surely be happy about it because i really like the look of it but most importantly, i don't want to make a entire new build for me again anytime soon after this. Changing Mainparts like GPU's, CPU's, Mainboard's and shit will surely be unavoidable in the future and i'm totally down with that but i hope i don't have to change the case again which always means : all new planning, all new headaches & most importantly no time to work on new content for my youtube channel but i hope and i think this is all over now with the arrival of the Caselabs SMA8. If everything goes right i should have my build properly up and running within the next month or two and i can finally fully focus on larger & more video projects again. I hope you guys still have a little bit patience left for me.Cheers clockner.entertaining stuff from my buddies :StealthGamerBR's ninja badassery in the latest Hitman : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UdG1U7EIzoVolound's stealth gameplay in the lastest Styx : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7Zk_SSHthcRabbit going full matrix mode in max payne 3 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQbfcm4yq_s

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