Old Far Cry Games vs Far Cry 5 Weapons Comparison - EVOLUTION (All Far Cry Games Guns Comparison)

Old Far Cry Games vs Far Cry 5 Weapons Comparison - Weapons and Guns Evolution (All Far Cry Classic/2/3/4/Primal/5 Gun Comparison)


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  • Sniper Ak47

    how dare you create M240 without Far Cry 3? this game has that!

  • all in one channel with arnav sonwani

    I am a far cry 3 gamer and far cry 3 gamers hit like

  • Agent Bandicoot

    You put Far Cry 4 photo in thumbnail (second image) with Far Cry 3 title.

  • The Gogo

    Это знать нужно это классика блять

  • izhar ahmed

    Farcry 2 animation..😍

  • Anakin Ayotte

    Tubiste un error donde dice far cry 3 pusiste el 4 en la portada

  • Machupichu XD22

    Ahh im play farcry 2 like

  • Night Racer

    Вот бы фар край 5, но видос хорошо сделан

  • Wild Duck

    In the tumbnail you are lying it should be like this. First picture: far cry 3,second picture : far cry 4, third picture : far cry 5

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