G-Eazy & Halsey - Him & I (Official Video)

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  • Official Patros

    Still thinking she cheated tho

  • legend _97

    Bet she lied to her lover 👀

  • amanda

    no offense but he makes a cute couple with Bebe Rexha .

  • Kiara 448

    time for her to cut your d*ck off

  • S VC

    It was too good to be true. Plus G eazy is a cheater

  • Lorena

    Well this is awkward.....

  • Seiji Teixeira Torii

    Garota Tumblr essa do clip

  • MAYA

    “ ever catch me cheating she would try to cut my d*ck off “ OOF ☕️

  • Trash

    Damn this nigga named Gerald

  • Omg U found me

    this blessed my aesthetic soul

  • Trinity price

    guess this man don’t have a dick

  • Daweed

    I'm High of the POWER!

  • Alec Artis

    Who else feels this is awkward to watch now?🙈

  • Zakaria Hysoka


  • Javorius Owens

    Can’t believe they broke up 😢😥

  • Cesar Vazquez

    The point of time when comments get a fuck ton of likes after the breakup😂😂

  • FanGirlAlmighty

    my baby deserves way better than that ass

  • Phoenix Reed

    I hope G-Eazy realizes that he messed up because Halsey is such a great girl and she doesn’t deserve what he did

  • Wollyhop

    Watch out boys this guys a self proclaimed "crazy fucking Gemini" . S U P E R H A R D you quiver in your shoes

  • Scorpion Gaming

    Yall not see 4:41 he fucking blink i like G-Easy but dude legit a player

  • Cheyanne Bowman

    Well, did Halsey try to cut his dick off yet?

  • NickyBellaine

    How two crazy human beings could possibly be together till the end? In the end it's just a song.

  • Autumn WasNeverOurs

    I hope too god my relationship with my girlfriend never change. I love her so much(i lover her eyes). i hope that i never change nor she huhu(week 3)

  • Kayla Garza

    Brb imma go cry in a ditch

  • Faeries_Xylia 923

    They may not have lasted but it doesn’t mean love is dead for the rest of us. They broke up, that’s between them not any of us. Let it rest.

  • Amy

    This might be worse than getting a tattoo of your SO’s name. No erasing this shit.

  • Nur Nadia Zafira Zamsuri

    Heard this song with my ex and now he's the one who cheat on me hahaha stupid shit

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