Does watercooling help AMD Vega cards?

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RX VEGA 64 has definitely made a splash in the community especially with the out of control pricing on the GPU... but what happens when you put an RX VEGA 64 on Water? Watch and find out.

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Does watercooling help AMD Vega cards? | JayzTwoCents

  • brian r

    I don't care what the instructions said...Angry thermal paste comment!!!

  • Sebastian Dietlmeier

    this is the best looking videocard like ever

  • Oztin Cloud

    It could use some RGB lol

  • Herp Derp

    Who is with me in that I can finally consider a new GPU since the mining craze has come and gone?

  • Ilijas Ramic

    Thinking to watercool my r9 380. There is a pump block combo from ID cooling

  • Henrique Oliveira

    Do you has the link of the WC plate you used on your Vega?

  • Mark

    @JayzTwoCents I'd like to see you revisit this with latest drivers and see how it performs. Maybe some more extreme watercooling/chiller too?!?

  • CamperSeven

    It would be more fair if the card and the radiator is mounted inside a normal computer cabinet. This test is in open air, no wonder he reach below 50°C.

  • Steven Bright

    loved it at 6:35-40 for filling that GPU!

  • Alejandro López Presa

    Why did I bought a non-reference PCB card, even if I don't think about how hard it's to get anything shipped here to Argentina I have literally zero options to water cool this flaming bastard =/

  • ThatGamer Will

    Vega!!!! AMD fanboy for life!!!!!!!!

  • Simon Pyrros

    I just finished a build watercooling my 2700x and strix Vega 64 with an EK block. I ran the heaven benchmark at 1080p highest settings for a while and my Vega 64 sat at around 30 degrees under load and 20 at idle. My loop consists of a 280mm rad and a 360mm rad. Previously the GPU would idle at 35 degrees and under load 67 degrees. It seems like a worthwhile endeavor if you have to have a red team GPU and want to keep it cool.

  • TheIronCalves

    Which card was this? Can't seem to find it anywhere and I really liked the backplate.

  • JC Dyer

    Jay, I'm getting 1442 MHz on air, of course the fans are at 100% but still pretty good must have won the lottery! RX 480 triple fan card!

  • Nick Sparrow Studios

    Does the waterblock removes stock cooling

  • David Fabian

    What's the name of the song witch is starting at 2:55?

  • Ty Brown

    You should try undervolting as well. Apparently those Vega cards are amazing undervolters. Just keep the core clocks the same and see how low you can go with heaven running in a loop and get that power draw and temp down even lower. I have a 390X at -100mV and core clock lowered from 1070 to 1000. Barely any performance loss at 1080p and temps are about 10C cooler on the STRIX cooler.

  • friedkangaroo

    Never understood the hate Vega 56 got its easily faster than my 1080 gtx and has better minimum fps and frame times with no stuttering and only used 165watt on stock clocks only turbo+ did it get over 250watt

  • User30918

    I wish you had overclocked it and not leave it to turbo OC. :(

  • Kapono Kuheana

    Got a Vega 56 Air Boost and I'm looking into water cooling it with new PETG hard tubing (Pray for me when I start... Nerves are already through the roof and i havent even bought the dang things yet). Has any one Crossfired the Vega 56's and if so, what are the new FPS are you experiencing? Just out of curiosity. Also, I wanted to thankyou JayzTwoCents for your video's. It is helping me out with my current build.

  • Luccas Ribeiro

    this wterblock is compatible with RX Vega Frontier ?

  • Mem Oso

    Great video. Do u also use and flash the liquid cooled BIOS?

  • Just Gaming Johnny

    Hey funny thing is I just looked at Vega 64 prices on Newegg. They're still...STILL upwards of $580! The most expensive is $650! Seriously....damn! Threadripper 1950X with TWO Vega 64 would be nice...guess I'll go the 1080/1080ti route XD Damn graphics card prices forcing me to go with better performance XD

  • CamperSeven

    This guy reminds me about Dr Gregory House. :-)

  • b. v.skijump

    Short question. Does somebody knows the song name of the violin part at 5.08? Can't get it out of my head somehow.

  • Da Fuq

    I have a watercooled Vega 56, any idea if it's worth it putting liquid metal on the die and HBM?

  • JayzTwoCents

    4k Still processing... but if you enjoyed the video, how about tossing a like?

  • AG/Gamer

    HELP!! I'm trying to find a gpu block for my RX 570 but I can't find ANYTHING! Can I use RX 400 series blocks or Vega series blocks or am I stuck with nothing??

  • psylo717

    Jay - where are the zip up sweats in your shop!?

  • Markus Alanen

    How many wats does Vega use when no fan?

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    I have a Vega 64 . No need more refrigeration .

  • Rocco

    Excellent vid man, thank you!

  • Phantex

    i'm curious to see how this will hold up today with the improvements they made with the driver updates they released

  • Alexandre Silva

    Awesome slow-mo takes! Great content, tks!

  • Mr. Potato

    I just picked up a vega 56 for 150 bucks and boy does it get HOT. Since I got it for so cheap I think I might water cool it after watching how much it helps with temps.

  • James Hernandez

    Its about 44 degrees Celsius

  • juggernautxtr

    Always appreciated the fact Jay never really bags on a product, still want a vega 56 whether it is the best or not, for me AMD is more visually appealing, like in racing games the red and white strips blurring into pink drives me nuts.

  • burnsnu

    One year later and still waiting for the price to normalize... The vega 64 cost $730 USD in Sweden, one year after the promised $500 price point.

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