Does watercooling help AMD Vega cards?

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RX VEGA 64 has definitely made a splash in the community especially with the out of control pricing on the GPU... but what happens when you put an RX VEGA 64 on Water? Watch and find out.

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  • Simon Møbjerg Nielsen

    Jay, your build and disassemble / reassemble videos are pure Tech Porn. I'm a fan :-)

  • tamas tamas

    Amazing video Jay! The slowmo footage is impressive!

  • 34Kuro

    the music was so clean that my speakers squirted a bit

  • Rndm Fella

    Vega doesnt need it, but you could probably cut that acrylic in order to place a fan in it for nvidia cards. The ekwb capsules components on nvidia cards and actually makes them hotter which is never a good thing.

  • juggernautxtr

    Always appreciated the fact Jay never really bags on a product, still want a vega 56 whether it is the best or not, for me AMD is more visually appealing, like in racing games the red and white strips blurring into pink drives me nuts.

  • James Hernandez

    Its about 44 degrees Celsius

  • jutubaeh

    7:40 büy a decent german 2 letter wän -.^ my straight 480 fröm last decade is still runnync n° ^ ^

  • Tea BagginSagginz

    You have a great Channel JayzTwoCents! Like the visuals, the presentation , the music, and the informative content. Great Stuff!!

  • friedkangaroo

    Never understood the hate Vega 56 got its easily faster than my 1080 gtx and has better minimum fps and frame times with no stuttering and only used 165watt on stock clocks only turbo+ did it get over 250watt

  • SCINJOKE79ers

    Sir.. What type of thermal pads did you use? thickness ?

  • qqqqqq724

    my vega 64 runs at 1770 core and 1000 mem. its beast and post the fastest superposition core for vega. ek block is a champ and so is this card. long live vega!!

  • jutubaeh

    cereüsslie -.- why not spare the ´´Rötör´´z and put that thing to a ´´Rad€atör´´ ^ unö . . . radiajüN ^

  • Maled1cted

    Guy`s i have question. I tried to search youtube, but no luck, might be wrong keywords. So the question: is there any difference between clear and nickel/metal in cooling. Metal supposed to provide a little bit more cooling than clear one, cause it can receive heat and pass to air much better than plexiglass.

  • Yoshimatsu414

    I finally bought me a Vega 56! Lol (coming from a 3GB GRX 1060) was able to get one for a decent price, still over regular price. Got the MSI Air Boost model. Its not bad, I was able to do an OC and get around 1560 core and 910 mem. Love this GPU.

  • Sull

    Am i the only one who loves the shot of the reservoir being filled and the coolant flowing through the waterblock?.

  • Arjen van Krimpen

    And then you where thinking the price was Hight :P what is the cost now? ;)not bad investment :D

  • Yad .A

    Looks like the people designing the cooler accidentally pressed confirm at 1st stage of design

  • Just Fun

    Hi J .How your HotSpot temperature?Thats important.

  • Sebastian Dietlmeier

    this is the best looking videocard like ever

  • Magnus Eklund

    Watching this it saddens me that air in the loop is a bad thing when it looks that beautiful in the shots where you fill the card

  • Just Gaming Johnny

    Hey funny thing is I just looked at Vega 64 prices on Newegg. They're still...STILL upwards of $580! The most expensive is $650! Seriously....damn! Threadripper 1950X with TWO Vega 64 would be nice...guess I'll go the 1080/1080ti route XD Damn graphics card prices forcing me to go with better performance XD

  • BingYee Chau

    sapphire nitro+ vega 56 can use?

  • Michael Gusevsky

    Go ahead and "dew it!"

  • Stephen Kelley

    I love the music!!! epic!

  • Desmond Cox

    Would it be possible for future CPU's to utilize HBM RAM? Would it show similar performance increases by the change in architecture?

  • JayzTwoCents

    4k Still processing... but if you enjoyed the video, how about tossing a like?

  • James Hughes

    Nice video Jay... Power Draw, sure it's important (not saying it's not as a whole), however, when talking top gaming video cards for enthusiasts, I'd love to see both AMD and Nvidia worry a lot less about Power and offer a model that pushes the envelope even at the cost of power draw - Let's face it, those that buy Titan Xp (I'm one of those - Nvidia could do better too, including better componants when comes to Titan Xp), on the AMD side of things, would buy Vega 64X factory jacked up. With Nvidia GPP I'm thinking about giving AMD a little love, suck it up and game on Vega 64 for now. Again great job Jay on the video, found it helpful indeed.

  • sbcontt YT

    Coil whine? On a semiconductor die? Did I hear correct? Can anyone explain this to me?

  • EorAmbient

    @jayztwocents If they are getting rid of anything other than what looks like HDMI ports, how tf are we going to use any monitors over 120hz?

  • pg86131314

    Thanks just what I was looking for

  • MjolnirMarkV

    Prices continued to rise. Time to put my Vega FE on water.

  • homen123456

    so putting this cooling to water low power consumption type 365 w to 180 w of video card and a question could answer friend

  • Ranch

    wouldnt use AMD card even if i got it for free

  • Jonny

    Amazing video Jay! I'm still a happy camper with my 1080ti but this was awesome to watch :)

  • Titan Mechanism

    What would be left to try is putting a Vega LCE BIOS on it which sets the TDP limits higher and gives more oc headroom.

  • Andrew Wells

    Really beautiful video

  • OriginalName

    "Wait for prices to normalize." Might be awhile there lads.

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