[GTX 970,I5 4460) - [ Far Cry 4, BF4, BF3, Minecraft, Portal 2 ]

Hello, Old Sports, i just want to highlight that all the games were played on Max settings in 1600x900. Also, i want to add on:

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Garry's mod - 150 +
Warface - 130 +
Saints Row: The Third - 130 +
Saints Row IV - 90 +

*(Best Minecraft server: kkwow.com)
My twitter: https://twitter.com/AugustoSeiffer

My Gaming Rig:
i5 4460
GTX 970 4GB (EVGA)
Asus B85M/E-BR
8GB 1600MHz Ram
  • N A N I ?

    Can it run minesweeper at atleast 4 fps ??

  • Zodiac011

    Wow arma 2 is like the ugliest game ive seen and yet it doesnt run as good as a lot of newer games, im sure the gameplay is probably really fun but it looks horrible

  • Matheus Th

    Bf4 estava rodando em qual qualidade?? Desculpa a pergunta,me enviaram o seu vídeo pra eu dar uma olhada

  • Spinny _

    Problemas com a Resolução 1024x768 ???

  • Ovidiu

    You don't know how to make the settings at minecraft, you should have around 600+ fps ....

  • Zak Poulton

    Will mine run ok on the recent games and at good qualityIntel Core I5 4460 1tbRam: 8gb 1600Mhz Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 4gbOn the recent games on good settings LINK TO THE PC : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Intel-Core-I5-4460-1tb-8gb-1600Mhz-GTX-970-4gb-Core-Computer-Gaming-PC-/141793262541?hash=item2103897bcd:g:egAAAOSwYHxWJVkn

  • Exorce

    Turn up your fucking Portal 2 settings your PC can run that game on ultra.. jesus.

  • Jacob Isaacs

    so it runs, battlefield...far cry....OMG MINECRAFT HOW

  • gape

    I don't see the point of benchmarking a computer on games with such high requirments (except Portal 2, I play that shit 4k on a 1gb video card) and then running them on such a low resolution. Goes against the whole idea.

  • Ursu Eduard

    arma 2 its so laggy for a bad game

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