Top 15 Best Xbox One X Enhanced Games So Far

A ranking of the best enhanced titles for the Xbox One and Xbox One X. These are the highest rated enhanced Xbox One X games currently available on the Microsoft Store. The links for the following titles will be added soon.

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  • Ele Gadu

    Far Cry 5 is the first and The witcher 3 the number 2

  • Bd Raidian

    Im probally the most backwards gamer as i have my PC for exclusives and xbox X for multiplats cause i prefer to play on a couch with a 60inch 4K HDR10 TV. Awsome video btw.

  • Nick Does whale things

    This guy sounds like he has a blocked nose

  • Joe Thornton

    Rise of the tomb raider has great graphics even on the original Xbox 1

  • ABDULGANI Technical Abdul Gani

    Zombie and bicycle Game for android please please please please

  • MadHatzOfficial

    Witcher 3 should have been number 1

  • Car 2004

    Funny part i can play all these games on my PC. Now give us a Reason to buy a XBOX!

  • Taelan Baylor

    I only play 1x enhanced games.

  • William Phelps

    Is there is one for ps4 pro games?

  • Squall Ranger

    Guys it will be cool very appreciate if you check my channel please by watching some of my videos. It's all about video games stuff. Top 10, Top 15 list too. Thank you in advance

  • Game Crunch

    No Titanfall 2 or Fortnite??

  • Moon Door

    Xbox don't have a long list of exclusives. And the few they have are between average and below average. "No Man's Sea" was pretty much an example of that.

  • YoungMowgli

    You forgot The Witcher

  • Selvaraaju M

    Missing witcher 3.. witcher 3 should be no 1

  • wiseman_4u

    Not exclusives, they are available for pc or even ps4.

  • Emmet Farrell

    The frames on gears 4 did not suffer

  • Anthony

    WTF...?! Shadow of War should be in ! Diablo III ? Hahahaha !

  • Shibby

    Tomb Raider has buttery smooth frames? So it's 60fps?

  • Anita Saini

    Xbox one x love that 12gb of ddr5 graphics bigger worlds or max frames per seconds all games runs smoothly true 4k gaming console enjoyyyy the golden era of gaming

  • xGrubxKillerxXD

    Dude tomb raider looks amazing in 4k mode. Sucks my TV doesn't support HDR but god dam it I wish I did my research cuz I'm still blown away from it but with HDR i bet those graphics would look better. Dam you one day sale on Sam's club.

  • Anthony Harris

    Well it didn't say exclusives, just games that had been enhanced for 4K

  • Shibby

    Hello no if Dishonored 2 still has 30fps and clunky mobility and screen tearing, it's NOT improved and not worth it.

  • Games Legend

    Rise Of The Tomb Raider is The Best

  • Ives45

    how many Exclusives >_>

  • Rich Jennings

    On a decent 4k HDR TV, farcry 5 is the best looking game on the One X right now.

  • Radu Blanc

    Actually the best enchanced game is hunter call of the wild

  • Pete

    Looking forward to this since I feel like there’s none

  • Final FantaSeer

    literally nothing interests me, except for a game which isnt on this list, red dead redemption 1


    I wonder when this channel going to hit 1 million sub because I love this channel.

  • NNADVVOLF Yurobozu

    Man i just got to half of this video. Nothing good, so boring.

  • Raymond Johnson

    Fow Fowsy Fifteen lol

  • Owen Zhang

    im getting an xbox one this Christmas should I get the s or the x? I already have a ps4 pro with a lot of games, most of my friends have ps4 as well so I'll probably play multiplayer games on ps4. will the x still be worth by early 2019/december 2018? there will probably be a new xbox coming out in 2019/2020 so idk if I should save some money right now and get the s or just go for the x. I have a 4k tv

  • JR216

    Battlefield V better be 4K

  • Gading Kurniawan

    I prefer chose play pc 4k graphic

  • sunsbookishgamesx

    The thumbnail think I had a crack in my phone 😅

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