4K HDR Video Sample (Kwun Tong) | Xperia XZ2 | HDR10 | Rec.2020 | 1000

This is a 4K HDR video sample by Xperia XZ2
uploaded as Rec. 2020 standard
For HDR Device only
  • sey 30 Spyderco


  • The RaRa85

    I'm struggling on my 720p screen LG Aristo.lol(waiting for the LG V40) But everything looks so good and I can only imagine that a 4k HDR display would really make me fall in love with this phone.

  • Natural Darkness Rationality

    Maybe it's because of my non-HDR viewing device, but I can see all sorts of color-banding, and the image looks rather flat. Exactly what you would not expect from HDR. Are there suitable transcoders to convert such HDR material into decent 8bit?

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