FarCry 5 2018 FPS test on AMD R5 M330 2GB

Farcry 5 is a first person shooter game released on 27th march 2018. The game requirements is very higher, But it can be played with some low budget graphic cards with average Fps. So here is a video about the FPS test on Laptops having AMD R5 M330 2GB.

Note: Graphic card is overdrived

Overclocked Settings:GPU and Memory clock- 1090MHz
Power control: +10%

Laptop Specs:-
HP 15 AC026 TX
Driver: 18.3.4 ( Adrenaline Edition)
CPU: I5-5200U
RAM: 2*8gb DDR3L-1600
OS: Windows 7 Pro 64bit

The R5 m330 GB manage to produce around 20-22 FPS easily
and smoothly playable. The game looks quite good even in Low settings.

Video settings:
Resolution: 1280*720
Game Preset: Low
Motion Blur: Off
Resolution scale: 0.9( If you want more FPS then Lower Res scale)
Recorded With: MSI Afterburner

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