Far Cry 5 gameplay - ALL WEAPONS IN THE GAME (Far Cry 5 All Weapons - Far Cry 5 Weapons - Farcry5)

Far Cry 5 All Weapons in this Far Cry 5 Weapons video with Far Cry 5 Guns & Far Cry 5 gameplay of Far Cry 5 Best Weapons (Farcry5)
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  • MingusDingus

    I really hope they will add much more weapons, I've already unlocked many of them, not all yet though. The game just gets boring if there is no new weapons at all.

  • Mitchell Rose

    When does the vector show up in the store? I've been playing far cry 5 and it isn't in the submachine gun section.

  • Monkey1557

    how to up my resistence level?

  • Jamie Harper

    Definitely not enough weapons. I'll have completed it by the time they add more so I'm wondering why I bought this game so early now. Won't do it again.

  • Moose Man

    It's like you idiots completely forgot more weapons show up in the menu as you progress through the game, such as far cry 4. Relax and enjoy the fucking game.

  • Skylah

    ak47gun has slanted muzzle brakethat makes it not a real ak47, but an akmthat always fucking triggers me

  • Death Death

    Wish there was a sword

  • Thomas McWilliams

    Still kinda bummed about the absence of the machete, using that was super satisfying

  • SpiderBoi

    Howndo you get vector

  • Josiah Krafft

    Kinda disappointed on the weapons

  • Moon .Gazer

    Everytime I hear some uneducated fuck stick call a scoped rifle a "Sniper" I want to headbutt a Rhino repeatedly to cause as much brain damage as possible to erase the fact I just heard some dumbass call an inanimate object a person.Dictionaries exist for a fucking reason and Military Field Manuals exist for a fucking reason.Education is best when taught properly.With a strict teacher armed with a nailed baseball bat who calls himself Negan and will brain your ass dead if you so much as fuck up.

  • Liam93

    Currently im 28 hours into this game and still haven't been able to get the Vector .45 "Classic" to unlock (I've completed the storyline and all prepper stash's/ Unlocked all companions done a ton of side missions) anyone know if its a "press only" weapon or how to unlock it? Google has been no help at all.

  • M4GiK T1G3R

    How to get the vector? Its not even in me shop !

  • EDUBAxton Redemption

    I can't believe Ubisoft took out the desert eagle 50 TRIGGERED.

  • Alexander Justin

    what is the best pistol in the game

  • The Lone Echo

    Wait a minute, so there isn't even a knife as a melee weapon but there is a shovel is one? What the heck!

  • Deep Das

    Magnopulsur is the best hands down . It straight up vaporizes enemies

  • FrostyGauntlet

    its bad that you cant have 3 primary weapons like in other farcry games


    Does Far Cry need Ps plus to play?

  • Steve

    What is an ar z? Lol

  • Pepe J. Trump

    The way you pronuce weapons make me want to internally bleed and die

  • EDUBAxton Redemption

    The desert eagle 50 has been in all far cry games until fc5 why did they take it out.

  • Keegan Townsend

    Just so you know guys these are all the weapons until more come out as dlc or an update. No new guns when you beat the game or get too a new area. That I have seen and I've beaten the game. Tho I could be wrong and I missed something if so my bad

  • Poopy

    What does Handling mean

  • Oopsie Poopsie

    I would rather have more weapons than 8 different optics

  • Paradox Panda

    How do you get the vector???

  • joshua ellery

    What's resistance level mean?

  • Claymore8365

    It'll be pretty bullshit if this is actually all the weapons. I sure love having four SMGs and in reality it's only two from the same exact family, three of which being the same gun just differently customized.

  • MarreX_TUBE pgoc

    There isn’t the crossbow

  • moses valentin

    No knives no machetes no blades weapon of any sort?

  • Sebastiaan Pletinck

    I only have 4 types of submachine guns and i have payed the gold edition wtf

  • Pepe J. Trump

    Your voice sounds like a french with autism eating a herpes cheesecake

  • soljaboi911

    Far cry 5? More like by far no guns and crying awful paint jobs

  • Randy Jeans

    We're do you get the vector at I can't buy it

  • daniel ordehi

    To everyone who is saying you can unlock more guns by progression: I just finished the campaign along with most of the side quests and no new guns... like at all. Im also pissed about the fact that some enemies attack me with combat knives and I cant use one like what?! Where’s the vector? the deagle? the m4? the combat knife? seriously can we plz get a little more variety here???

  • Keenan Bartlome

    not enough weapon model variety. Id like to see more guns. ubi could just add all the guns from siege and theyd have plenty.

  • Joey Lewis

    You pronounced so much shit wrong

  • Christopher Vela

    Mg42??????? M16???? M4???? G36???? Mp7????? Farmas???? Scar h????? Hk416??????? Wo sind die ganzen coolen Waffen? Zu wenig Waffen zu wenig Fische zum angeln.. Schlecht programmierte oder nicht programierte Unterwasserwelt... Schwache Story... Die könnten das zum Besten Spiel machen aber verkacken es leider...

  • faze oze yang

    You forgot the alien gun

  • Trigo /\

    How to unlock the vector

  • DarkJew

    How do you get the Vector?? I can't find any info online on how it unlocks in the store.

  • Liam Kerr

    Can someone tell me the rpg travel time

  • Ryan Wise

    Wait how does he have the vector

  • Jacques Sol

    Pretty much the same as the last two games just more melee weapons, if we don't complain about these game company's making same games with different paint jobs where gonna keep getting f**ked in the ass by them.

  • tuckee duckee

    4:09 bro you fucking sound like gru

  • 614Amsterdam

    I hate how the skin weapons do nothing... what’s the point.. I thought they were supposed to be like the signatures from fc4

  • ZoomerX24

    Every time you say C its sounds like your saying Z

  • luke page

    How to get 8 levels of resistance

  • JayxNICE 609

    RAT4 in awesome usehttps://youtu.be/tzMtQ0RJqRo

  • hihihughy1

    So you made a video about the weapons that anyone can look at if they had the game. Desperate for views champ.

  • Joshua Clarke

    How does the resistence bar work?

  • gowri perumal

    Far cry 5 is wast game far cry 4 is better than that

  • Luke Whitley

    Huge dissapointment in the few weapons in this game. America. We have vun after gun. The one game set in america is lacking severly

  • allsadnshit

    Assault Rifles:The ACRThe Scar-LThe G36The M4The M16The FamasSub-machine GunsThe MP7The AUG A3The UMP-45The Tommy GunLight Machine Guns:L86 LSWRPKMG5The Lewis GunSniper Rifles:SRSM700SCAR-HM44SVDShotguns:AA-12M870SASGSUPER90Sidearms:Glock9PF45Px4 StormX-45WHY WERE THESE WEAPONS NOT IN FARCRYYYYYY!??

  • Phenix The Fox

    Ah my favorite weapon is the Walmart shovel, and also I threw it up and it came down and the handle killed someone XD

  • miltos penopoulos


  • yea02

    Yeaaaa comper to Wildlands, there's like only 5 weapons in Far Cry5. Shaaaaaaaaame

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