Far Cry 5 - Badass/Creative Stealth Outpost Liberation (1080p)

Far Cry 5 Outpost Liberations in Stealth !

Subsribe : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6a0MvklJyWwvo3zsoiH4lg

Thnks for the support !

PS4 Gameplay
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Peace Out ;)
  • Jackknife

    Was tempted to dislike the video just to make the dislike count 420 but nah lol good video

  • Cameron Conner

    Skill is all knife pistol when have to long range when needed boring footage sorry

  • Fred Haitjema

    BrutarX are you dutch?

  • GetFuckedUTube1

    Killing...what a great game. Try something real, like going outside.

  • Jahnitto Delacruz

    Beautiful better than art

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