Far Cry 5 - How To Unlock The Alien Gun In Far Cry 5 (Easter Egg Weapon)

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Far Cry 5 - How To Unlock The Alien Gun In Far Cry 5

More cool things to do and find in Far Cry 5. This Alien gun, also called the magnopulser, is a pretty high tech piece of kit and definitely shouldn't be used to attack cult members and wolves.

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Far Cry 5 - How To Unlock The Alien Gun In Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5 - How To Unlock The Alien Gun In Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5 - How To Unlock The Alien Gun In Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5 - How To Unlock The Alien Gun In Far Cry 5
  • Jonah

    THUNDER GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mofo bitch

  • Gary Kennedy

    Easter egg? Just play the story. I just came across it and didn't think much of it after doing a mission, but "neat, a unique gun"...

  • the dead guy

    the best wonder weapon

  • SiR Sputnik

    It's not an Easter egg weapon you retard

  • SpookyHax

    Its a thunder gun not a black ops gun

  • lockedinwolf 123

    Peice of shit fucker

  • Raw Justice2

    It is not an Easter egg

  • BrechTV

    Its called the thunder gun

  • Michael Leon

    i lost mine, how do i get it back?

  • Captain Eggcellent

    For all the Easter eggs and secrets in Far Cry 5, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_ENo_3BBAY


    Why add an arrow like we can’t already tell what your talking about in the thumbnail

  • Walter Sullivan

    If you stand next to him when he teleports you get teleported as well. You catch a glimpse of something possibly the spider aliens on mars from the season pass.

  • Kelly Fisher

    Jack Frags?! Is that you??

  • AnotherGamer23

    Kinda reminds me of the Zat gun from Stargate SG1, only way bigger. It was either 1 shot to stun, 2 shots to kill and 3 shots to make them dematerialize. Guess I'll be grabbing this thing later tonight...

  • Shaun Page

    Makes me think of a gun from district nine

  • Forehead Frenzy

    Tbh I got This gun by just playing. I didnt know it was an Easter egg wespon

  • mikeboy 242

    I think is the jet gun from cod black ops 2 tranzit map

  • zoom 10

    Shoudl have brought levathian axe

  • Daniel Ramirez

    Can someone help? I got the gun and died 2 mins later. Now it's gone and do is larry. How do I get it back? It's not in the store

  • Life Of Logukkk

    black ops gun XDDD its the zuse cannon or the thunder gun

  • Bandit

    If you go into the machine while it is going off you get a quick flash of an alien on your screen, well done ubisoft.

  • kp Ka

    Its more like the "Sonic-Boom" gun from Saints Row.

  • Emma Lee

    You stupid the thunder gun is not a easter egg gun it a gun from zombies retard

  • dlnkrg

    Why do people call this an easter egg?? The weapon is literally in any shop & says how to get it.

  • Tui G

    ive done that mission but didn't see that gun there.....

  • 4 Crown

    Black ops gun = ThunderGun

  • paulspydar

    does the alien gun have infinite ammo?

  • Brian Blueblack

    Thundergun From Call Of Duty Black ops Then Alien Design Far Cry 5

  • Spino2Earth

    New law: Wolves are not allowed to die!


    thunder gun in black ops 1 and black ops 3 LMAO by the way thunder gun is a lot stronger than this XD

  • Simon Pruszynski

    Follow him in to the machine and you see an ALIEN cool ha.

  • Sher Lock

    Love the game. But the alien gun is crap. Hopefully that who gets beamed up is seen in the dlc

  • Just somebody

    nice to see ubisoft stealing the thundergun nearly 1:1 from COD...

  • Firestorm 308

    easteregg gun from blackops aka the thundergun that is a story easter egg and a regular wonderweapon from black ops zombies

  • Johan Eriksson

    This isn't an Easter egg though.

  • skillz rap game ain't tha same

    No thunder with it it's a force push gun

  • ZappyMadDog Gaming Yt

    It’s a Thunder Gun and I would say it’s a gravity gun!

  • BallZzD33p

    such a shit game...ending blows...ill wait for red dead redemption....

  • Some Player

    a Thundergunreal shit

  • Ballistic Gaming

    It’s from black ops, the gravity gun grabs items and you are able to launch those items grabbed with the gun. Not push them across the map

  • Melvin Benamirouche

    Hello ,I'm working for Gamology (4.7 million fans on Facebook). I found your videos and I really like them! Especially this one:LINKI'd like to post it on our pages. But first, I need your approval. I'll also credit your original video in the comments.Have a nice day!_______Our pages:Gamology US - FR - ES - Asia - TBOGM - GCN - Amazing Gaming - Crazy Gaming - Pixel Heroes - Gaming Facts - @GamologyOff (Twitter) - Gamology (insta) - Gamology (YT)

  • mariah Megan

    I thought it would be an actual gravity gun but I didn’t really like it after getting it when I found out that’s all it does

  • Sean Rambo

    Btw its not an easter egg its a side mission


    a dislike how is this to show you how to get the gun smh leArn something stupid everyday

  • Anidi10

    It’s the Thunder gun come bro ?

  • Trollarch Inc.

    It definitely reminds me of the Thundergun from Black Ops it has the same effect

  • Dazzy Tree

    Thunder gun originated from cod zombies

  • Kyle Timm

    Is there anyone on pc, that wants to play co op on far cry 5?

  • Danny graham

    Thanks for the shoutout bro it means a lot after I helped you so much with this vid sub to my channel

  • Michael Leon

    i lost mine how do i get it back

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