PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X

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With the launch of Microsoft's new console Xbox One X, the 8th Generation is now charging on full-speed ahead, and now it's time to compare the Xbox One X against its main competitor: Sony Interactive Entertainment's PlayStation 4 Pro. We will compare the Specs, Features, Online Networks ( PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE ), and most importantly: Exclusive Games that are available for each system / platform. Stay tuned to see which console reigns victorious to you; the players.

PlayStation Network vs. Xbox Live


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  • Black White

    Technically the 'Pro' should be compared with the 'S' not the 'X'. Since the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S launched just three months apart.

  • Crazy Gamer

    -Makes an in depth video comparing PS4 Pro & Xbox One X.-Neglects to mention Xbox's Backwards Compatibility, Xbox Play Anywhere or Xbox to PC Streaming.-Lists PS4's exclusives while not showing any for Xbox-Says Most Xbox exclusives are also on PC so they're not really "exclusive" while ignoring that a lot of Sony's exclusives are also on PC.Biased much?

  • Robert Prather

    this is stupid because microsoft’s exclusives, although on PC, ARE still exclusive. Who owns Windows? Microsoft. Sony doesn’t and never has had, an operating system. If they did, I’m sure they would sell their games on another platform as well. They don’t because: why give their money to Microsoft? They’re not doing cross-platform as it is. It’s a no brained why they don’t allow pc ports of first party exclusives. Also, Microsoft offers their first party games as a part of “Play Anywhere.” they designed this. they advertised it, and they support it. They WANT people buying their games.. through the Microsoft Store... on PC. Honestly? It’s a great feature because progress carries over from PC to Xbox and vice-versa. I’d love to see more games Play anywhere for this reason. You determine where you want to play and when. This video doesn’t talk about this feature. It’s something Sony doesn’t and simply cannot offer. Also, while you can’t stream any game on your xbox from anywhere, you CAN install the play anywhere games locally and play them that way, which is kinda the same but different. It’s providing the same solution, and in my opinion better. It’s better because you don’t have to worry about network lag or bad graphics while playing. It’s why videos like this are stupid. If you’re going to do a like for like comparison... please offer all the information, and not just information skewed toward Playstation. By the way, I have a PS4 Pro, and love God of War, Grand Turismo, and Horizon Zero Dawn. I have and play them all. Both consoles are great and offer features unique to that platform. Play the games you love on the console you love and leave it at that and when you publish a video, be unbiased. That’s journalism.

  • Filip laskovski

    The pro realised much earlier than Xbox one x Microsoft’s rebound to it was to beef up the Xbox yet still ps4 only titles are what keep me a PlayStation owner mind you I’ve owned Xbox before!! All I gotta say is ... NAUGHTY DOG <

  • AZRubs

    I still don't see why either are better than another there basicly the same thing it's just if you like the style of console and controller I personally like the xbox one x but I would be fine with a ps4 pro so stop arguing it doesn't matter there EQUAL

  • Fenom 007

    I personally own an Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch, New Nintendo 3DS and a gaming PC because I love gaming that much.

  • Muhammad Sheraz

    Ps4 pro is better than Xbox one x

  • Michael skoufatos

    I want a XBOX 1X at the same time PS4 PRO has all the games. With that being said the XBOX 1X could come with 1.21 gigawatts of power and a million teraflops and 100 terabyte hard drive. without games it's the world's most powerful paper weight.

  • Kaushal Nag

    ps4 and ps4pro world's best selling console

  • Anthony Bettini

    I have an Xbox One X and A Ps4 Pro I just have to say that overall the Xbox One X is better because it’s better graphics, has a better hardware, and it downloads games in a couple hours in which for some reason the ps4 pro takes a couple days. I’ve downloaded a demo for a game and it’s taken over 2 days just to get the DEMO done. Xbox would have that done in 15 minutes.

  • Sidagam Rohit

    Horizon zero Dawn, blood borne, Uncharted series, InFamous series, God of war, Detroit become human, Spiderman, Final fantasy series, The last of us, Ratchet & Clank, shadow of Colossus, Days gone, Death stranding, Ghost of Tushima, Yakuza series, the last guardian....That's all i can think ofThe best exclusives = PS4Xbox = empty wallet

  • zSynr

    Wow this dude is biased af towards PS4

  • AlainHubert

    Interesting video. Very annoying background music.

  • Tony Rivera

    l love it . The xbox one x.

  • gunna beesee

    hdr really means alot in many need black not crey


    PC is the best thing that is available in PS games and Xbox games

  • Venom GT72

    Unfortunately when I look at the games on the Xbox one X even though more powerful, the games look darkish.PS4 pro games look much betterI will take Sony all day

  • Ricky Bravo

    This guy is definitely biased 😂

  • jacob tembo

    this has already been established PS4 is king over xbox 1 . so find another argument sir

  • TnVGaming

    So which machine do you own, or will be buying? Leave a LIKE on this video so we can get it to 500 LIKES!

  • Robert Johnson

    Just get them both. Problem solved. But seriously it comes down to the games you want to play. In my case I want MLBTheShow and halo / Gears of war. Both systems work fine

  • jzjr47j 32A

    Most of my friends & family members have the Xbox One s & the Xbox one X & I tell them like this catch me on the 3 aka the PlayStation

  • ItzF0rtn1t3 Play3r :D

    Was lernen wir daraus? #XboxForLife❤️ cooles Video! Mach weiter so

  • Wade Grimm

    Alright i get the specsWhat i was looking around for was"What variety of games do these systems have?" not the whole this console have looking for a more broad scale view on the subject.

  • Dominicanpro, monster tech/unboxing Big Boss

    I own both console and the original Xbox one. I love both consoles but I prefer ps4pro witch I have and also the Xbox one x and the original, I went and bought the x because of the 4k Blue RAY reader.

  • American Panda16

    Okay I know I'm late to watching this but now there is literally only one difference between Xbox one X and PS4 pro and that is the share game think ps4 has. Xbox is a lot better now lol. ps4 has not upgraded since.

  • gunna beesee

    xbox x is better.thats just facts

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