Mafia 3 quality control

There's a new early access game called Mafia III that just came out.
Recorded on PC at very smooth locked 30 fps and beautiful upscaled 720p.
  • ThisGamer Guy

    This game is broken just like nba 2k XD

  • Sharky

    Mafia 2 was the best one yet don’t even bother playing this piece of shit

  • noah


  • Jeremy Smith

    You must be playing on a pc

  • Peter Iselizo

    It's mid 2018 and the game is still a technical emberassement at least on console.just installed on my ps4 and storyline has gamebreaking bugs and things like grass pops up 5 ft from my car while driving. high res textures that fail to load, black screen flickering and crashing into vegetation is just laughable.what a shame, because the characters and city itself really are quite good and the shooting, stealth and driving are at least decently enjoyable imo

  • Vladimir Makarov

    If mafia 3 was made by Bethesda

  • John Skinner

    I have a few videos of the Arms Dealer doing some wicked burnouts in that little van of his.

  • The Videogamer0MG

    have any of these bugs been fixed though

  • Jeremy Smith

    Besides the games glitches it is a good game, the graphics are better than GTA V

  • yung john son

    got this free on ps+ and with many bugs fixed its fun but the lacklustre open world, physics, and samey mission design let it down. Good story though and fun driving (on simulation) along with competant stealth and good gunplay

  • Kanin

    I don't even know if they bothered to finish making the game.

  • Zombie Rofl

    1:44 I need that mirror!

  • Guilherme Machado

    Um dos jogos mais preguiçosos e mal feitos que eu já vi em toda minha vida !!!!

  • Meelow Avila

    Yeah this game couldve been so much better, i fucking regret buying this new. This is why you wait a little just to see how a game turns out

  • Nivec

    In my opinion, the game isn't that bad at all today. Except its repetitivity

  • Albany 500

    It's fun to kill people just by pushing them tho

  • Aleczarde

    This just in: Godlike Black Man Goes to Space

  • EmulatorNoob

    Mafia III is basically an aborted child that somehow survived

  • alexis monomaxos

    If you liked Mafia 3, We happy few will be the best game you have ever played. Best quality games

  • Dim

    Nothing like shooting the enemies in the side of the head only for them to walk it off and soak up 10 more bullets.

  • max_asdfghjkl

    mafia 2 is still a better game hahaha

  • Emma Daria Watson

    That's not a bug, that's a feature.

  • Fortnite pro101

    3:19 now that's 99999 fall damage

  • César Dublín

    This manth on pleisteishon plos. For da players. LOL.

  • Ghostly Grimace

    Damn shame really. This game has such a great setting and story, but when it comes to gameplay, it falls flat on its face.

  • ElemeNationPlays subs love utube

    it was just like the oblivion logic

  • Anne Frank ツ

    5:14 when you’re trying to shoot a black man but you got target practice

  • Subi_fan

    This game does some things right, but many things oh so wrong. Lots of wasted potential.

  • William Stephens

    Mafia 3 is a horrible joke

  • Jhonatan Kalebe

    Mafia 2 is a much better !!!

  • razbivator toni

    самая неудачная, дерьмовая, багнутая часть

  • saturn580

    The absolute state of modern AAA games.

  • Larkin1410

    I bought this the day it came out. Was shocked and annoyed.

  • ShortStreamGamer

    This game is now for free on ps4. I was excited at first to play the full game... cause I've played the demo, but there's too many bugs and glitches in the game. Its boring , not nicely designed , ruined the whole mafia game franchise... to be fair is a pile of rubbish. Do not spend money on this f**king shit.

  • Nobody

    3:50 What's with the objective? Why do I need to find a baka, if you're already here?

  • Rob B

    After getting it through PS Plus and playing it for two hours I can’t believe people really defend this clunky, buggy pile of wank.

  • Quinto Central

    This never happens in ps4 mafia

  • Sabilillah Haidar

    watch dogs without hack ver 😂

  • Ryan Davis

    This is honestly why I stopped playing Mafia too many glitches pissed me off too much

  • Indra Jaya

    damn this game is really trash

  • AlexLvivUA

    Ps+ game this month. Installed it. Played 30 minutes. Uninstall.

  • Art Of Clouds

    Was trying out Mafia 3. Playing through the bank heist prologue. I killed that first racist cop so decided to pick up the dead cop corpse when all of sudden my game froze... Uninstalling.

  • Gus The Loaf

    5:06 "Wut da hayel" he was just as confused as you were.

  • Chief Bill

    The one at about 3:50 can occur SOMETIMES in some other games as well. I mean, they're not always THAT BLIND, but sometimes when stealth is needed it can happen

  • Hamza Blacko

    The sweetest disappointment

  • SA/LF Control

    1:44When your rig can't handle V-Sync

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