Mafia 3 quality control

There's a new early access game called Mafia III that just came out.
Recorded on PC at very smooth locked 30 fps and beautiful upscaled 720p.
  • Just Derp

    dude at 5:25 is grinding agi, give him a break!

  • skykiller22250

    you should watch my bug in mafia thats hilarious :D

  • why ่

    Watch dogs is better.............

  • The Troll

    This game was so bad I almost quit gaming.

  • Jay57 18

    This can be buggy but it doesn't beat Ac unity.

  • Muhammad Asri

    mafia 2 have better interface , mafia 3 full of bug , they serve like ubisoft , ubi lembut x masak noob

  • Daniel Clark

    1:01 Jesus cop temporarily forgets to conceal his identity

  • toothache my universe

    Now I’m finally understand why in ps plus you can download this game for free

  • Le Corny

    Well for once, mafia 3 looks nice, except for the occassional glitches, beautiful game with great story, except I dropped it after 3 hours of getting stuck inside a wall, after reading a playboy mag.

  • Podcactus

    Man, 1960 times were scary.

  • gurudas nvijayan

    Worse than andromeda

  • Ben Blevis

    reminds me of red dead on 360

  • David

    just give us Mafia II 2

  • EJ H

    Even being free on ps4 wasn’t worth it.

  • Doggo Is Smart

    7and the cost is 100$ for this stupid game...

  • Iroquois Pliskin

    Mafia 3 Bug Control.

  • amer ma

    nothing wrong with mafia3 your pc is shit

  • Adidas Nike

    When americans take over........

  • Kevin Lin

    Mafia 3 is one of most underrated game. It's not a bad game, instead it makes you feel gaming is a waste of time and gets you down to business

  • TotallyArrJay

    4:10 when your flashbacks kick in from having to torture an old woman back in 'nam

  • Darth Magnusei

    0:30 - God's on the toilet again....nevermind it was just gas.

  • Creeeamy

    0:56Name: Police carQuirk: Permeation

  • Kent Olav Jakobsen

    Glad i never wasted my money on this game

  • Insomnia Burger

    Pacman 2's control looks good

  • Big Wang

    haven't experienced any of these overrall it's a decent entertaining game..

  • Henry L

    The Elder Scrolls: Mafiawind

  • Lucifer Morningstar

    6:08 "Come on, he just said you're dumb, go beat him, we'll help!"

  • Paneque Panaca

    Belive it or not, the game didn't worked on my PS4! I reinstalled it 3 times but when I click play on the menu, it crashes! Thank God I downloaded it when it was for free on the PS Plus!

  • Who's got the time?

    Ahahahahahahaahahaha, I saw this and I just had to buy it! Ahahahaha it made me laugh, I got to experience it!

  • PlainWhiteSoul

    5:52 The perfect crime.

  • LawLucciEnel Crew

    Game of the year ...

  • Théo Lefrançois

    6:04 "I go first, or you go first ?"

  • Glopin boopin

    At 1:06 its like you know you did something wrong when you got jesus stoping you

  • timmy turner

    nice bugs and glitches

  • mlg

    There is no way there are so many bugs.. You must have modified the game or something. ..



  • Raphael Phua

    Skyrim 2 lookin' good.

  • A guy named Ghost

    4:10New Bordeaux is blue da be de da be di....

  • venzan

    I recently got gifted this game, and had to stop playing after a few hours. It's so terribly made its laughable. I feel bad for anyone who paid money for it. RIP MAFIA

  • Friendly Homie

    Even without these bugs it sucks. Such a pity.

  • Derangedxzombie

    It's sad Mafia 2 was a bit of a gem, good storyline. While this ones horseshit.

  • KCSH

    The game was ambitious, but it was NOT ready. Hangar 13 should have worked on it for 6-7 more months.

  • Immagonko

    Which GTA mode is this

  • Cold Guy

    1:02Jesus, its you !

  • Marcin Lendzion

    1:06 Jesus policeman

  • Lee Walter

    Was that a mafia game or Crips?

  • CK_32

    You act like GTAV doesnt have similar issues lol

  • ahmad alyateem

    shtiis game optimaze0:20 ping 999

  • BauLunaPanchito

    1:05 Jesus Mode Activated

  • Hadi Hatoum


  • Montesama314

    6:11--Are the goons rooting you on to kill him?

  • Deon Van Der Merwe

    Even Mafia 2 was less buggy...

  • MrFoxPlay

    1:06 WTF, HE WALK ON WATER?!

  • halospartan 129500

    Wish i could've recorded this glitch. But today when I finished buying stuff out of the weapon van The dam doors closed and sucked me into the trunk and drove off with me in it and almost died till it spat me out.

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