Mafia 3 quality control

There's a new early access game called Mafia III that just came out.
Recorded on PC at very smooth locked 30 fps and beautiful upscaled 720p.
  • cominroitover80

    The bugs in Mafia III actually made it fun. Beating up protestors, making body piles to block doorways, shooting up bars in full Vietnam garb, and silencing witnesses and driving around in boats listening to CCR. I can't be the only that had a lot of fun fucking around in the game. Way better than "prison shower simulator" II.


    I miss mafia 2. How could they fuck up this trilogy so badly!

  • Matt Barker

    5:00 Guy Teleport's hits wall and falls down "What the Hell!"

  • Tomáš Holub

    what a garbage game :D

  • - Silver Crow -

    este mafia lo hiso ubisof xD?

  • Hayden Ballard

    6:55 "Omae wa mou shindeiru

  • Bugget Noxes

    I downloaded the game from Steam (early May 2018) and nearly all of the bugs and glitches seem to be gone; I only the mirrors glitching out but that's it. It is a very fun game in my opinion, I like it more than GTA V in a lot of ways.

  • swaggedd out elmo

    Man fuck you bruh you making the game look bad it's really fun shit

  • Neppo

    This fucking game lol

  • Trippy Boi

    What's wrong wit your game tho?

  • Yuriy Shepard

    what a piece of shit...

  • BrainSeepsOut

    Anyone else hate how modern games all have brown shadows for some reason?

  • Ma Bruddah

    gta III >>>>> Mafia 3

  • Weiss Kartoffel

    Mirror.exe has stopped working

  • Zhōu yǔ Qiáo

    What the hell is with the weird shadows constantly changing in the city?

  • Rezolutionist

    1:00 >.>.>.>

  • András Fogarasi

    0:55 Our new police cars are equipeed with quantum phase drives so that you can run over criminals even if they scale a wall.

  • Fireman sam

    I played mafia 3 on PS4 and there’s no bugs

  • Antti The Internet Guy

    Reminds me of good old driv3r. Ah the childhood memories

  • Meerkat Initiate

    I pirated the game and felt cheated

  • ikorabis

    @1:04 Checkmate atheists.

  • Richard B

    First Mafia game without white priviledge in the game engine

  • Diego Puzio

    I think there is a bit of game in your bug

  • Jonathan Collinson

    The mirror at 3:28 is the right way up 😂

  • sheep cyan


  • BG Cool Crayon

    screw Hunger 13, but the story is good anyway.........hope 2k Czech come back at mafia 4 and 2K fired Hunger 13 guys who was work for Ubisoft...that will make things better i think..

  • RiPSHiT-TearYourAss

    Man, 1960 times were SCARY.

  • Zenith

    Who's world is this?2:40

  • TheProjectUnknow

    1:43 I laughed so hard at this part

  • M4ster Ch1cken

    night time DAY TIME night time DAY TIME!

  • Retired Gun

    When you're black, cops will even walk on water to shoot you.

  • Dekor vlogs

    the fucking game is trash ,even if it was free to play i wouldve played gta sa even i had to pay for it at least it made sense,old games are gold,this same shit was with dead rising 4,the same basic bitch format that this game has and mass effect andromeda and whatnot games of the modern fucking times,id rather pay for dr1 and play that shit for hours and still get fucking satisfied

  • Cray McDaniel

    Why are games and movies getting so bad?

  • Dale Cynic

    i got stung by a bee

  • Random Dude

    These rushed games are so shitty

  • Poemix the Enchanter

    5:54 Remembers me of that wall in Harry Potter xd

  • Earth

    Step 1: Fix the sun.

  • Abbas Gamer

    is it me or does those glitches make it better ?

  • Raxes !

    Even watch dogs was better than this peace of crap

  • M.A.D.PandaGaming

    I bought this and didn't play it past zone captured till the Christmas sale where I could get the season pass for like....9 bucks or something.I got really into Playing it for a week with all the DLC then just dropped it again. I can clearly say that this game is just disappointing. I don't have a single glitch's the streamlining and lack of content and customization from the first two. I don't even really like Lincoln. And for fuck sake, there is no actual mafia. This is basically the Dixie Mafia (same name, I think) which were drug running rednecks. To call this Mafia is actuslly disrespectful to the Mafia

  • Serow

    it's yours motherfucker i don't-

  • faisal shah

    Your playing on low setting that's why.Mine is working as good charms

  • Fructuoso Torres-Leite

    One annoying "bug" I noticed is that when you're in contact with the enemy you can see them on the small map as red dots. Suddenly someone is killing you from behind but you didn't see his red dot on that map. That was so annoying and I died multiple times because of that. I nearly stopped playing the whole game.My personal opinion about the game. The main story plot was alright, characters were cool and surroundings were awesome with very much different details. Nice open world game. BUT the game was buggy and very repetitive. All missions were almost the same, especially the smaller ones. Meet someone, interrogate enemies, kill or rob them and in the end kill their boss. One thing I also hated is that unlike in GTA 5, this game had no taxi service available. You pretty much had to drive everywhere all the time and honestly you'll spend at least 60% of the time on wheels.I would say as a gaming experience Mafia 1 and 2 were more enjoyable.

  • SkyNinja759

    5:25 When you complete a math problem but you know the answer isn't right so you do it again, just to get the same answer.


    Mafia world is sooooo empty compared to GTA :/

  • gunpowder1002

    ИГРА ЖАЛКОЕ УЁБИЩЕ, собственно, как и разработчики)

  • superpenguin77664

    Unpopular opinion This is the ACTUAL sequal to Driv3r

  • Currently Life

    After this you think : Really Nigga ?

  • -Noize-


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