Trick Shots - Far Cry 5

I love Far Cry 5.

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CanCan - Offenbach
  • Fabritz Torres

    4:49....”oh sorry” smack to the face 😂

  • SpartanicRage 1847

    Hey how do you throw the melee weapons that's fucking hilarious

  • Jonathan Colquitt

    U have earned my like😂 the bat trick was too funny 😂😂👍

  • Maris Staff70

    And then 5 souls cried out in relief...Sorry I haven’t watched Star Wars in a while...

  • jonas Waller

    Hop on fortnite and rek everyone m8


    THUNDER GUN? BO1 Best wonder weapon ever!

  • Mr. Marshal

    4:53 “Oh sorry!” then proceeds to smash his skull....

  • Felix Cloos

    Did someone notice how he destroyed the alarm on accident with a shovel ?! xD

  • poopkiller gaming

    Ive got like a 100 meter shovel trow and got a kill wit it and it Didn't record well maybe it was like 70 but yea it was sck

  • Robert Aaron Heglar

    Screams, "CAN YOU DIG IT!?!?" every time a shovel hits an enemy...

  • Christopher Welander youooouououououououououououououo

  • Forrest Lorrain

    You you can sneak In these game right

  • Radiotic

    Um, requesting a shovel only play through mat. Dont let me down.

  • Killer Dude

    Stop fucking talking, stupid Fucking idiot

  • Mystical

    Wait till dude perfect hears about this

  • RonGotSole

    This guy tosses shovels like Brett Favre in his prime. And the bat flip is classic

  • Jack Ivy

    what sniper are u using?

  • Lovethatcheeba 420

    How are you doing thos RAT 4 shots, where you look away i cant seem to figure it out?

  • Spexxii

    1:04 I guess he never played Black Ops Zombies :(

  • Flamin 4Ever

    Someone needs "Shovel Wars" therapy lol FarCry Arcade

  • Hacker 1760

    I nonscope sharky (gun for hire) with recruve bow

  • Mike

    Are those shovels unlimited?

  • Nabil El Maniaa

    0:05 your laugh is contagious

  • Danny Johnson

    How did you get 7 of every explosive the max is 6 I thought?

  • Mr Big Head

    One time I jumped off the father statue because I wanted to die... But i accidentally jumped on a cultist so it did the animation where I jump on them and kill them, so I survived.

  • SashOK Turbo

    that's impossible on ps 4, PC the best

  • KluelessTV

    How in the shit do you get that weapon

  • Mikhail Mohamad Qabil

    Reminds me of Thunder gun from BO1 zombies.

  • Sean Andre

    so why sould i watch his whole video if u can just skip to the point where it happens? XD

  • Sheep

    I wonder if Matimi0 pins comments?

  • Hattless Mario

    applying for the role of jack baker"How good are you with a shovel?""Ive successfully killed a man at 25 yards via throwing a shovel through his skull"

  • Liam santo

    i don't know why i wasnt subscribed before

  • Scott CristianoGaming

    3:40 now that is a trick shot

  • Jolan XBL

    so 2 trick shots then a bunch of running around with the gravity gun

  • xleviathan 26

    3:05 what gun is that

  • trollvin

    #shviper (the shovel=Sniper)

  • AngryMonkey27

    "What is going on here..." And... Queue the adds

  • Nehemthecryingseal

    Why does the scientist who made that repulsion cannon remind me of simon petrikov

  • Jdog bark

    anyone have any idea if farcry 5 is worth it?

  • i-hatestreamers

    Shovel fight 10/10. Meow!

  • Sithium

    1:19 that gun is a wanna be thunder gun from Bo1 Zombies

  • TheMan

    this dude

  • Oscar Davies

    4:50 hagrid?!?!? Btw I don’t know how to spell lol

  • Piyush Borse

    No one can beat UBISOFT

  • Willisavage

    You gotta love a good shovel.

  • Nacho Peludo

    man i hate that damn plane im tryig to stealth and that retard shows u´p

  • DerHammer

    Where did You get The Bat Cameo?

  • Stuart harkness

    That baseball bat shot at the beginning was godlike

  • enrique bernal

    No trickshots, this looks like gameplay with commentary ✌


    I always knew bats could fly but i never knew metal bats can

  • pokepack 52

    The last part was absolutly hilarious

  • Praney Kumar

    Your video was more entertaining than the fucking game itself!

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