Far Cry 5 on AMD RX580 & R5 1600 (1080P)

Well optimized. 3-5 fps more without recording.

Latest Driver- 18.3.4
  • Technosarry

    Low FPS, CPU Bottleneck... Thanks for video.

  • Joeri Dijkstra

    If you lower some settings you can get over 60fps always right?

  • Mark Aelham

    Sorry, guys. My 840M is not available right now. I will try to do that later once I got it from my father. So far I guess the game is well optimized and should work on 840M

  • GamersAnonymous4me

    I get a 5% lower frame rate using re-live (AMD) to record gameplay which is quite a bit more than shadowplay (nvidia) recorders drop in FPS.Nice video BTW.

  • Kay Dits

    I have the same specs and honestly i'm a little dissapointed with the performance. Im getting a lot of dips to 40 fps on on and it pisses me off. i was expecting 60-70 fps on ultra based on the benchmarks but im getting 50 to 60 at high settings with some low 40's in there. Maybe something wrong on my end ?

  • Nuno Albuquerque

    RX580 with i7 7700k - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHYX0FUnbYs&t=388s

  • Kryptonill Gaming

    Bro u have the same setup like me XDIm going to buy this gameThank so much bro keep it up

  • Sukhman Sandhu

    Thanks for d upload have rx580 with Ryzen 7 So I am good to go now was worried about the optimization :)

  • Lose Yourself

    4:15 i have a same shit shadow on my gtx 1060

  • warcrab cyber

    you should overclock your ryzen 1600 to atleast 3.7ghz. you will gain more fps.

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