Far Cry 5 - Best Easter Eggs, Secrets, References and Unlocks

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Far Cry 5 - Best Easter Eggs and Secrets
Far Cry 5 - Best Easter Eggs and Secrets
  • Flying Gunz TM

    It’s not “IT the clown”.

  • Diego Moreno

    I started to play this game yesterday and its just awesome!!! Ive played for maybe 4 or 5 hours and i think just maybe like 2 have been in the campaing!! Its super fun

  • contreniun gamer

    We need to save the world of the "hurklipsis" they are in the past, in the present and in the future they are speaking and debating how destroy all of we and dominate the world

  • Lenny Kroppy

    Lmao love the parody of Johnny Cash

  • Dan Allen

    Appreciate all the support on this video! Maybe consider subscribing if you enjoyed! BTW PART 2 IS OUT ON MY CHANNEL GUYS!

  • Sibin Ristic

    The first one is wrong because there is a difference between a Mastodon which is the one in FC5 and A Wooly Mammoth FCP

  • Sibin Ristic

    But obviously in the end you die or something like that because the spanish sadly raped the fuck out of the Aztec and other Indegenous tribes of Mexico and South America

  • Dennis Gabriel

    My favorite Easter egg is the Alex Jones conspiracy guy.

  • R4zor's SlaughterHous3

    7:50 if you didn't know he's referencing the republican space ranger's "bald brainless space cadets" from GTA V

  • Sibin Ristic

    A Far Cry during the spanish invasion of Mexico would be amazing and you’d play as a Aztec Warrior or something like that

  • Batoot Gamer

    There is also a reference to PUBG! you could see a dead body holding a pan on the mountain.

  • Orange Sock

    Also Hurk jr said “oh man have you seen that crazy guy Pagein Min he’s crazy but knows how to throw party’s but he makes the best crab rangoon!”

  • atomi games

    I love YouTube videos

  • Chbk 10

    I think i found a reference. If you talk to Adelaide Drubman, there is a chance where she talks about the prison and says ''It's like this one zombie show'' could be a reference to the walking dead when they were in the prison?. Correct me if i'm wrong when you try it yourself.

  • Lord Dolpho

    4:10 Hoyt was the main villain of Far Cry 3, Vaas was the secondary antagonist but was so likable that he stole the show, hence why no one remembers Hoyt as the main villain or as a character in the game.

  • Jappie Coolen

    you obviously don't know what easter eggs are

  • Diego Moreno

    Did you know that the fat man, in the bar at falls end talks about the jackal!! I was surprised when he mentioned it jajjaja

  • Yvonne Flores

    Urki is hurk's ansiter

  • Mr. NoName

    The cool thing about far cry seiries, is that all the games have religious destruction

  • J Antonio Valdez

    So every clown in haunt house are actually real people?

  • Antimations


  • elcidbob

    It clown? Vaas was the main villain? Not realizing that that every town in Montana has a fossil museum or generally how important the state is to archeology? Do a few seconds research next time moonbaby.

  • Queen JKInc.

    I just saw the Pennywise Easter egg when I was riding pass the sewer that Darn red balloon

  • pino il pino

    Vaas isn't main villian the main is hoyt

  • Lore 25

    So there arent easter egg about the great Takkar😩

  • Nao Visko

    The Hurk that appears in Primal is possibly the same as in 3, 4, and 5. This is suggested by the cardboard boxes piled beside Hurk when you first meet him. He also says a few lines which insists he is aware he can transcend time but he does not know how.


    Oh my god an elephant it must be a far cry primal refference oh my god he jumps of a "building" it is a assassins' creed reference

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