Far Cry 5 Is Dumb

Far Cry 5 is pretty dumb, but there's lots of funny moments when you co-op

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thanks itscestial for his expert piloting skills: https://www.twitch.tv/itscestial

additional music courtesy of epidemicsound.com
  • Baron von Hindenei

    Ppl who dont get the story are dumb

  • maeve raeve

    10 minutes on point, good jobunironically

  • soyon manlai

    Far Cry 5 is basically Far cry 4 and 3.

  • Ha Quang

    9:38 draw me like one of your french girls, hooman

  • b_whiteman

    I get how some bugs are annoying but Far Cry is supposed to be fun. I think a lot of these glitches are hard to patch but they end up adding fun to the game anyway

  • Austo

    I was doing the mission to catch the admiral and I swam under the girls flipped boat, pushed it upward, and it jumped 5 feet out of the water and landed on me. I died.

  • Colorfire

    Why am I getting serviced an ad for Alliance Defending Freedom?

  • John Adams

    even far cry 2 has less glitches than this

  • TorchJackie

    What an unpolished piece of crap.

  • Book Worm76

    Haven’t had any problems w/ co-op or solo.... idk why.

  • That weird Gaming channel T

    Far cry 5 is awsome and I’m 14

  • ChuckNorris Ok

    i found your brother at batman ninja :)

  • Salt 2.1

    3:04 Australian binoculars

  • TheDoomlord7

    Now they know they can half ass all there games and will sell more :(

  • hidenshinzou

    is from ubisoft, what did everybody expect?

  • Mark

    2:39 Cheeseburger XD

  • K A

    indie game level of shittiness.

  • Steven Seagal Weeaboo King

    This game has deer that do gymnastics? Okay, I gotta buy this.

  • Royal Roach

    Co op is fun cuz all the dumb shit u can do

  • Cheese Burger

    Whiey wud u say far cry is dumb not dumbest?

  • Peter Guyer

    what the fuck .. you are funny .. you'll be alright dude

  • TG Leviathan

    It's a Ubisoft game, what did you expect?

  • go ѕĸate

    worse physics than gta sa

  • Jack Gillis

    Digging the Simpsons Hit and Run music. That's an underappreciated soundtrack right there.

  • Diewott1

    The deer at the end xD

  • Bryce Winton

    The deer was showing of its theatrical renditions

  • Jeeses99

    The last good ubisoft game was a silly Mario game that had ugly ass rabbits in it. Ubisoft is sad. And yes origins is trash too. It's not just the bugs that make the game bad. It's the bad story and average at best gameplay. It's safe to say it's one of the worst games of the year contenders.

  • LEG1T ParadoX

    I didn't know the feckin thundergun was in here is it just a shop buy?

  • Papa Gino Papa

    The first clip you don’t have friendly fire on

  • Strider

    im done with these dipshits who say something controversial to get their trash videos popular

  • Snazzy Jovial Wyrm

    7:27 Well, that's one way to cook turkey.

  • Perry Colon JR

    Why is all of this music from the Simpson's Hit and Run lmao

  • DaSparkRunner

    What's a physics?

  • gamerEdan

    Ubisoft, the company that made more bug than games.

  • sternal

    The hit and run music makes it infinitely better

  • Ugh caveman

    Try coop, my god this game doesn't work.

  • Diamond Channel

    why is there simpsons hit & run music ?

  • Jay Fleet

    Pretty sure some of these songs were from the Simpsons hit n run

  • Don Esquel

    3:54 "skurwysynie bobrze, o ty chuju bobrze"

  • 00ironskull

    I love riding the plane

  • Headphonesop k

    Far Cry 1 remastered

  • Jordan S

    lol fucken libtards. this game is funny

  • Chris Plummer

    No one gonna talk about the Simpsons hit and run music

  • Azeur

    How do you not have a game tester job : ^)

  • HadesObsidian

    9:29 - 9:39 9.90 He had good extension but he didn't maintain a straight posture, at the finish his head was turned slightly during the triple back flip.

  • Blaze

    Gotta love Tropico 5 ;)

  • Shining Darkness

    yeah...working as intended...Have you had the "always on fire" glitch where in co-op you put the fire out, but then you just keep being on fire not taking damage and not being able to do anything else...and it persists when you go into water. WAI

  • Thelonewanderer

    9:26 That is too funny, that killed me!

  • Benjamin Craine

    Music bringing back memories of the Simpsons hit & run! :)

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