Far Cry 5 — 15 Minutes of SINGLE-PLAYER Gameplay!

We had a chance to go hands on with a couple hours of Far Cry 5 recently. Here's a snippet of the Gearing Up side quest from the game's single-player campaign.

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  • TruthismoreSimple

    the commentary is truly outstanding! this is the kind of thing all political commentators should adopt. forget the game itself. listen to what the narrator of this video actually says. THAT is the most important thing everyone in politics should get. LISTEN and learn! hehehe...

  • PJ Cady

    really???????? You can see AI through walls??????? Why not go completely into ignorance and have a bullet cam for those head shots?? This is lame.

  • Brothers In Arms

    I think it would be cool if you had a phone in far cry 5 but oh well lol

  • Nezvanyhost

    i cant wait for the downgradee

  • BetterOnichThanSorry

    That skunk was fucking RUDE

  • Sh4rkill3r

    the IA is really really bad, always looking to other side of the action, bad cover, bad pathfinding. i was going to preorder but this turn me down a lot...

  • michael mayer

    Yes and GTA..from one to five is the same thing too.

  • Antififa abc

    son como los agentes de Matrix, son todos iguales los enemigos xd

  • Wizardry McWizard

    They had to RUIN it with MICROTRANSACTION´S like everyone else....

  • Julian Rollinson

    Awwwww, the poor puppers got shot : (

  • Epifanio Segura

    That IA is like me on Competitive games online...Bronze Ranking all the time xD

  • Natan Korkut

    Can i play the full campaign without internet wifi ? I mean can i play it offline or i have to play with internet

  • Epifanio Segura

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA That 8:07 Scene Bro! Love that Performance into Face to face with animals xD really love that, was amazing!

  • Marcelo Tezza

    Huuum, there is some Crysis feelings about this game, in terms of graphics it looks solid, AI seems as dumb as the first Crysis as well, maybe more.Looks better than i imagined, even more when this is a console footage.

  • Nightowl358

    Yeeeeep. .. for better or worse, that's a Far Cry game. At least they did away with those damn radio towers.

  • Hei BK201

    copy and paste of far cry 3 and 4, sound, animations, weapons, map, scarse artificial intelligence, very similar graphics, i think

  • Excitableosprey

    Lies. The video says it's 15 minutes of gameplay but it's actually 14:21. False advertising

  • busywl69

    FPS games need to advance. nothing new here with a fresh coat of textures.


    you don't know play men

  • William S

    I love the underground bunkers

  • The Gun Collector NRA

    Man I hope they put in a 300 Blackout rifle And 458 Socom

  • jh k

    ghost recon wildrand ...

  • florida

    Wish you can see more of the weapon while holding it

  • T JP

    Should have played the game with a boxed-window showing off the new Corsair RGB syncing. No one has this; you'd have made it big. Instead, you're just like every other yt FC5 channel.

  • Moon_Breaker

    Thats it?Not so different from the previous games, Primal was cool tho. :)

  • Splendid Cookie

    what's with the wallhack? can that be turned off?

  • jacob seed

    The game looks awsome

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