Ryzen 7 2700X vs i7-8700K - Which Should You Buy?

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  • Bruce Alrighty

    This guy picks AMD no matter what.. hmm.Definitely gonna go with intel. It showed better gaming performance.

  • Pedro Flores

    Love your channel. Always like watching your videos

  • Tech Deals

    UPDATE - Short Comparison between 2700X and 8700K - More benchmarks and full coverage of Ryzen 5 coming in a few days. The X CPUs are the ones to buy in my opinion and I wouldn't bother overclocking them. More details on that soon.Ryzen 7 2700X --- @Amazon https://amzn.to/2qwM8R9 --- @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2JMIBXSAll X470 Motherboards --- @Amazon https://amzn.to/2Hx3HIN --- @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2JIbvbDAll B350 Motherboards --- @Amazon https://amzn.to/2GZh6wg --- @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2qxiAUhi7-8700K --- @Amazon http://amzn.to/2xkSrIX --- @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2y1ABhTAll Z370 Motherboards @NewEgg - http://bit.ly/2uPM2cJTech Deals Amazon Deals Page--- https://www.amazon.com/shop/techdeals--- All Ryzen 2 CPUs ---Ryzen 3 2200G --- @Amazon http://amzn.to/2EoBg1B --- @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2BrD8EbRyzen 5 2400G --- @Amazon http://amzn.to/2nTPA7Y --- @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2stX7iARyzen 5 2600 --- @Amazon https://amzn.to/2JLT3yK --- @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2viZ56WRyzen 5 2600X --- @Amazon https://amzn.to/2GYztSd --- @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2IUFOdJRyzen 7 2700 --- @Amazon https://amzn.to/2HyEGgy --- @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2GYUKuK

  • TheKrisu091

    Who cares about Forza 7 and FC5? Compare BF1, BF4, CS:GO, The Witcher 3, GTA V and of course Gothic 3 xD BTW thx fot that comparison. Waiting for comparison 2700X vs 8700K with GTX 1060.

  • That One Channel

    I’d go with the 2700x. Basically the same gaming performance as the 8700k (there is a small difference) but the 2700x is better for most other things

  • Danial khan

    You videos are better, simple, and easy to understand. Keep up the good work.

  • bee boo

    1 of thee most accurate reviews. Some JACK-ASS kept saying in "multi-threading the 2 CPUs are equal". LMFAO We'll see...I will try out both.

  • GC

    I love your videos dude, continue doing this..you are direct to the point, no bullshit clickbaits like linus

  • Sean Broodryk

    Good day if i have a gtx 1050ti what cpi do you recommend 8700k or 2700x

  • Nitin Yamdagni

    I'm trying to build a security/virtualization test lab PC. 2700x + msi x470 gaming plus, a good choice ? Also do I need a separate cooler or other cooling options, cuz it may operate for long hours.

  • Jeco Zhang

    why are you so struggle to say anything?

  • richard mack

    i love this channel for the in depth analysis. bravo to tech deals and may it live long.

  • andreqf

    Why your streaming machine is an i7 if Amd performs better with multitask?

  • daniel PC/ Xbox

    The i7 can be brought up to 5ghz with a $200 rad... That destroys AMD, if your gunna spend 1500-3000 on a computer why not build one that can be the most powerful thing you can get for your money.

  • Ricardo Monteiro

    Best tech channel in YouTube... Maybe second to GamersNexus or Linus but still pretty fcking good.

  • Rakesh Belliappa

    AMD run smoothly you run almost every game.

  • Willy Campos

    Excelent review!!!!!

  • Weeb

    I just don't see why people would choose the i7-8700k over the Ryzen 7 2700x considering most people buying these processors aren't going to be playing in 1080p anyway so the only advantage the i7 has is not even present. In 1440p and higher, the difference is barely noticeable. What's more, the Ryzen has more cores/threads, so its better for content creation and is the safer option for future proofing. The final nail in the coffin is the price; it's cheaper too. I just don't see why anyone would choose intel over AMD this time.

  • freak777power

    8700k cause it can run 5Ghz easy and it is untouchable for Ryzen 2700x

  • Vyrisus

    Getting a little tired of the constant platform refreshes from Intel. So many dead-end Intel chipsets out there. AMD simply looks like a better value for the money all the way around. I'm about off the Intel train completely.

  • glitch107

    AMD is kicking Intel's ass at the moment. I'm running an 1800x and i absolutely love it.

  • Nemesis

    Does the ryzen 7 have blast processing?

  • TheSpiikki

    Already have i7 8700k

  • Al Castill

    AMD please send more CPU to this channel.

  • BIGC44

    Great channel - Thanks for your hard work (UK)

  • jakobus Maximus

    I PLAY on whatever grapics it takes to hit 144hz in multiplayer games

  • ian roz

    Very well organized. Nice commentary and stats. Easy to retain. Overall great video. New sub

  • Laughing gamers

    You always talk so much. Like get to the point! Talk about the CPUs like your title says!!!

  • Jubeininja1221

    Hey I didn't know about the links in the description. I bought a ryzen 7 2700x and a 470 board after watching your video! next time I will use the links!

  • HOBAB content

    hi.i want to buy a PC for 3dMax and rendering and i dont want to spent a lot of money.what configuration you suggest?

  • Kevin spacey

    Are either cpu worth upgrading over my 4790k at 4.8ghz ? If i just do hardcore gaming and browse the internet

  • 8 Ball

    This dude stares at the camera so wierd lol it creeps me out

  • Ragana Bahargawa

    Unc youre the best tech reviewer i ve ever seen.keep up the goodworks!

  • Jack R.

    I'd be curious to know just how well the new Ryzen 7 2700x performs in VR (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive), I think depending on what you are doing in VR, a lot of it is CPU intensive so even with a 1080Ti, things can bog down. Including VR performances in your reviews would be very helpful to many VR enthusiasts. Otherwise, excellent review! :)

  • Brian Jones

    This review is outstanding, I game at 1440p g-sync, 1080ti and i7-4790k. Mostly Battlefield, which is a wash. And I drive in VR. With VR(except iRacing, and neither CPU is needed for that) in PCars2, the 2700x really shines, as minimum(90)FPS becomes more important than avg, much like the 2160p examples. Plus, while driving, I may also have wheel software, matchmaking software, telemetry app, and the oculus app, etc. open. The new Assetto Corsa may be even more demanding when released. Ill be buying a 2700X very soon.

  • Kata

    Massive multi threaded performance boost, and a very small single thread performance deficit, for $100 less. Think about it...


    AFter having my 2700X for a while I can tell you GO INTEL! AMD is so damn sluggish.. slow to boot.. and just just slow response all around compared to my last intel build..

  • HenrySomeone

    Ah yes, AMD firmly back to sucking I see; not being able to match multithreaded performance with 2 more cores and 4 more threads, while single threaded is just laughable.

  • Scary Mary Cherry

    I've watched PLENTY of videos on several different hardware channels but I have to say, I like this one the best. Great presentation, very informative and easy to understand. Thank you!

  • Constantino

    Well, im on a i5 8400, it be nice to switch to AMD cause of the great value, but that wouldnt make sense considering having to change the MoBo, unless I can find a nice MoBo for 50 bucks lol. guess its not worth it.

  • Rahmat Rad

    Hi Thanks for great reviwe👍Are you sure that the cooler with Ryzen 7 2700x is good enough? No need for another cooler?

  • Christian Stroud

    This is by far the best review of this CPU I've seen so far. I ordered one this morning and I almost instantly regretted not getting the 8700k. But seeing as I'm using a 60Hz monitor and I'm going to be doing mainly video editing, I now know I made the right choice. Thanks for the fantastic video.

  • DarkPa1adin

    For hackintosh, which should I go? I do audio and video. More audio tho

  • BOTaniker

    I really like your content and your videos, but please, find another way to present data, at least have a look for more scientific ways of presentng charts. you jump around showing percentages and some will really get confused. just a little issue, still really good!

  • B Mcginnis

    Good on you for using common sense when selecting benchmarks. Nobody that is willing to spend $500+ for an Intel CPU and mobo combo is going to be gaming on 1080p and building a rig for low settings in modern games.. if they are, they're doing it wrong.

  • For Gozar

    Wait what? No one buys a 1080ti and plays in low detail? Guy every person who plays at 144hz-240hz buys a fucking 1080ti and a i78700k who are you to speak generalities.

  • The Man

    Real world reviews! Not FAKE NEWS! Keep em coming Tech Deals

  • rcsibiu

    Amazing presentation Sir! I am really thinking about upgrading my PC because my parents gifted me an ASUS ROG PG278QR and my old GTX750Ti together with the AMD A5500 are not good enough for the 2K 165Hz which this monitor offers. So I really have to upgrade hard my PC and I was struggling between choosing Intel or AMD. And Now I feel more determined to choose AMD Ryzen 7 EVEN if the i7 8700k has better fps in most games. I will use my PC for gaming at most but I don't want to spend a fortune on the i7 because the Ryzen will do the same work with at most 10 fps drop.

  • Thug Lucario

    how not to have a reason to subscribe you?

  • McRom3

    yeah make sense for some one that can afford to swap GPU's like changing underware.

  • Gus Apatu

    Love your channel dude keep up the good work

  • Ravi Teja

    Superb thank you, I bought ryzen 7 2700x already for new pc instead Intel i7 8700k.

  • tommoh0087

    Did you use locked cpu speed or was it free to use turbo as it wants?

  • alexander allan

    i still see intel processor is more better than amd in 2018

  • Tpecep

    Was your Ryzen overclocked and memory? please

  • Viewer19

    Of course in the real world a 1070 would be the max card installed that plus actual on-line gameplay would dissolve the FPS difference. There are used 970s 1080s showing up but most gamers are in the $350 or less market. Those extra cores on the Ryzen come into play with AR/VR as gaming develops there.


    Why am I even watching this 😑😑😑? ..don't even have money to buy i3

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