Our Ryzen APU Tests didn't go so well...

It was a long weekend of testing... unfortunately our testing is inconclusive and will need to be redone once AMD can figure out why our sample is not working properly.

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  • Nilay Kumar

    I still have my 2011 PC- core i3 2100, no GPU. Still does the job.Intel is the best.

  • Marcosmos747

    anyone else annoyed when jay types hard and slams keys?

  • Nicholas Mills

    I’ll just get one pre built

  • Sai Mukesh

    how about cad cam performance in this apu

  • Kalinator Gaming

    I didn't even realise there was a system in the case 👌😂😂

  • James Tate

    Your experience here is unfortunate. Idk about the 2400g, but I've watched tests of the 2200g and for what it is, I've been very impressed with what I've seen. No high settings or anything like that, just playing recent games without a graphics card. Hope your test with the 2200g goes better, as it's the one I've got my eye on.

  • quaintly

    This should have been tested on older, lighter titles, like esports.

  • RiU_XD

    Isn't 1.4 Volts a little high for Ryzen?

  • Crash Gaming

    Its a mistake when you say "no GPU whatsoever"Because there is a GPU. There is no videocard. But there is an GPU.

  • Isaac Johnbarleycorn

    MSI is sheet try another motherboard.

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