i7-4790K vs i5-4690K in 19 games (GTX 980) 1080@60

GTX 980@1450
  • İlker Ozturk

    Well i use my 4690K @4.3GHz. So dont need 4790k Thanks.

  • Bobbo Rosso

    Your best bet is to get the i7 6700k which is close to the same price as the i7 4790k but performs way better. However if your looking to just upgrade from a i5 4690k, I think it could be more beneficial to pay an extra $100 for a better motherboard to accompany the i7 6700k because of the skylakes socket.

  • Aylmao

    This music sounds like some spastic had a seizure while using FL studio.

  • aknoob100

    the CPU speed may have certain influence in the smoothness of the game. the FPS might not be affected provide the GPU is same.

  • MegaChickenPunch

    this shitty GTX is a bottlenect in your shitty benches wtf

  • Josephtc

    Jajaja la música es una risa total xdd

  • Sean Johansson

    Was going to replace my 4690k with the 4790k since their on sale, but not after seeing this benchmark, literally no difference between the two in gaming.

  • MrLonomia

    This video doesn't actually show the difference between CPUs. GPU is @99% the whole time, being a bottleneck in the benchmark. You sure can play at excellent FPS with both CPUs but for how long? The i7 is going to last way longer. As soon as you change GPU for later games the i5 will reach 100% usage, being a bottleneck, meanwhile the i7 will keep doing it's job seemlessly.Another thing to consider is how much both CPUs are overclocked. If you overclock them both at the same % the i7 will blow away the i5. The i5 in this video is almost at it's max power but i7 is able to manage all that stuff with only 20% of it's capacity.

  • Sergey_Stashinskiy

    Я играю в Умирающий свет на i3 4130 GTX 950 И у меня ни разу фпс не падал до 30.А настройки на ультра


    Lol this song is trash

  • Ropkazip123

    If i get this i7 for 200€ should i buy it or something else???

  • boofzaiah

    The music is total cancer

  • Kaanh3

    100% this dude has no taste in music and is like 8

  • Dmitryy Nevagno

    вердикт таков что просто для игр хватает i5 4690 , разница только в загрузке процессора , если для стримов например то надо брать i 7

  • Styles Show

    What extra CPU cooler, if any where you suing for this test? Thx!

  • collin

    I actually thought the music was awesome

  • Death Rager

    so the difference is minimal, the prices between these 2 are not. im glad i took the i5 4670K. its one hell of a cpu. upgrades are not needed for a long time.

  • S S

    i would like to see the i7 without HT for the not as good multicore optimized games.i got nearly 10% more fps in games like GTA 5 (just to try), but i also play with HT on, dont want an i5 in i7 package^^i tried it cause a 3GHz Haswell Quad 4430 was muuuuch to slow for GTA5 as i get a new Graphics card, the gtx 1060,

  • Davi

    Miss 2015 when CPUs wasnt that relevant =p


    Also, unpark the cores on the i7 and i5 and redo it.

  • daz turnbull

    kinda dumbass to use games that don't stress the CPU, so yea it's not gonna be any different if the i7 aint been maxed out in the first place. play a game that puts the i7 to 100% usuage then you will see the difference.....

  • Dastan Akmataliev

    А что лучше раскроет карту? i7 6700k или i5 6600k?

  • NocturnalLeo16

    AM I the only who likes the song

  • 오선훈

    Is this full option?

  • Millidan

    get aids noob wtf is this music

  • sasa ryaboy

    а вообще можно по онлайн играм кроме танков показывать в армате или блекдезерте

  • moogl3s

    I actually like the opening music, but the other shit throughout ruins it :(

  • Green Bow

    I have a i5 4690 (not K) in my PC, and a new boxed 4790K. I can't OC the 4690 but might be able to OC the 4790K. Still don't know if I should keep the 4790K or return it.

  • Aleksandr Kuc

    Я не прогадал в своё время купить i5-4690K, он великолепен! Обязательно за обзор лайк.

  • Lissam

    i5 4790k bottlenecks that 1080 tho

  • Felix R

    A GPU bottlenecked CPU benchmark ...

  • skyelark155


  • Pepe

    Should i get the i5 or i7? [ i don't stream ]

  • Konstantin Luck

    Dj Samuray iRobot SUPER

  • German Lehmann

    This test is so flawed, you're getting GPU bottlenecked on a CPU benchmark, you're supossed to turn everything as low as possible to see how many frames the CPU can render.

  • Arnav Lalwani

    they are so similler

  • Alex Silva


  • Viktor Delakrua

    и???загруженность проца сама за себя говорит i7 55% максимум загружен i5 87-90% пердит сопит)

  • iTolstyak

    Первые две игры производительность очевидно упёрлась в GPU. Дальше не смотрел.

  • Battlefront390X

    When the special ed kid try's to make music

  • Add some lotion Add some motion

    I got ear cancer now. :-(

  • Leo Meneses

    antes no se quemo la gráfica!!! 83 grados !!!!!

  • Gam3W0rlD

    5:06I noticed the i7 4790k is better for the new pascal gpu because it keeps your GPU Usage at 99% and CPU lower % which is good. I5 4690k is still fast.

  • Gabe Rodgers

    by far the worse music ive ever heard

  • sam him

    holy crap this music

  • Moon Marooned

    1.4 vcorethis musicim dying

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