Far Cry 5 SLI Benchmark 4K ULTRA SETTINGS 1080 Ti

1080 Ti's in SLI vs single card in Far Cry 5 to test scaling and frame rate performance. (NO COMMENTARY)

System Specs
CPU: Threadripper 1950x @3.9GHz
RAM: 32GB @2933MHz
GPUs: 1080 ti SLI x2 (MSI Duke) - Power limit @117 no OC
Driver: 391.35 WHQL
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  • Bobby L

    hence your screenname Joker. You must be joking... prior video that you disabled comments, Ryzen processor and vengeance RAM talking about XMP profiles? you fucking kidding, JOKER??? Intel XMP profiles and corsair memory thats for INTEL? Now fucking SLI with two 1080 TIs? goto Planet Shitness and set off the Lug alarm idiot lol



  • hank willy

    I have an I9-7900 and 1080ti sli with a 32in 4k monitor and i can't get 60fps it stay in the high 40's..Can someone help me?

  • file1man

    using my ripper 1950x w asus stricks 1080ti, ultra settings, 144mhz 1080p monitor, ek water kit, streaming & recording with obs, ripper struggles to get 62 fps avg. so you can not gaming, stream, and record far cry 5 with a 1950x. A all in one gaming, streaming, record solution is not threadripper 1950x at min 65 fps , ulta settings. Story is we must use 2 machines if you wish to game, record, streams using obs and get an avg 65 fps at 1080p. anyone saying you can use 1950x threadripper to stream, record, game on 1 machine at 65 fps, ultra settings is mistaken.

  • Radmaruto

    lol the developers has not put a true full screen option the performances are decreasesshadowplay puts my video in a folder called desktop and not far cry 5 and i'm at 70 %- 85 % on my both gpusDeus Ex - Mankind Divided used a full screen exclusive mode as rise tomb raider lolthe performances are not exceptional with dual gpu because the 3d is not really restricted in full screen with far cry 5we lose fps and stability with both gpu , thanks you ubisoft,normally you can have as 90 % more faster with sli your busy box is underwear

  • Bobby L

    LUNK Alarm... correction

  • file1man

    Joker, Im disappointed you did not explain sli & dx12. with some developer ingenuity, dx12 would combine diff brands of gpu in sli. too bad, but sli is, for now, dead. Tech deals oonce explained sli and dx12 and its potential usefulness in a few well chosen sentence. Too bad so many of us have so many old gpu's setting on the shelve, useless in perhaps 2.5 to 4 years.

  • Joker Productions

    Just a note for early viewers, I did upload in 4k60. Its just still processing.

  • Bartosz Bruhn

    Whole problem is not SLI, but TR.

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