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XBOX ONE X vs PS4 PRO - which next-gen games console should you buy (or maybe you shouldn't buy any of them)? We talk 4K HDR games, UHD Blu-ray, Price & more to find out which is BEST and which we would BUY. PS4 Pro - US: | UK:
Xbox One X - US: | UK:

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  • NeoMahi

    What people fail to often see is that the PlayStation 4 is the embodiment of every lesson Sony learned with the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4 is this generations top selling console, which I think sustains that claim. Last generation the PlayStation 3 eventually outsold the Xbox 360 worldwide totals, even though PlayStation suffered on Microsofts home turf (now SIE is based in the US rather than Japan so it's now taking on Microsoft in PlayStations new found home) but it wasn't really profitable for Sony, the 360 was for Microsoft and the PS4 now is profitable for Sony.Don't get me wrong though, I loved the PS3. I had a 360 and trash talked the PS3 until I saw it, and then shelled out $500 easily for a 60GB model and haven't regretted it since. See, everyone was so jazzed about the Xbox 369 because of the hype, it was pop culture and because everyone else had one, the rest of the universe had to have one too and there were polarized views about the PS3. The world was so engulfed by the 360 that they were totally oblivious to what the PS3 was and what it could do. I'd walk into stores and have conversations with the clerk selling games and they were shocked at what I told em about the PS3. Like you bud on your right, I keep my 360 for Gears of War, Alan Wake, Left 4 Dead, and Splinter Cell Conviction, but if Gears would have remained with Epic, it WOULD have seen PlayStation shores because they got what they wanted out of the series run on the Xbox, they were out of ideas, Ferguson and Bleszinski left Epic, Bleszinski to eventually form Boss Key and Ferguson to Irrational Games for Bioshock Infinite but Microsoft knew it was on its way to PlayStation 4, couldn't have that, offered a huge chunk of change for the IP and Ferguson helped Microsoft sweet talk Epic, so I keep my Xbox hardware. But, I'm content enough with my Xbox One, don't need the extra horsepower because most of my games are on PS4. Plus, Xbox One is already a pain to install and download games as you have to have the latest update and, the HDD is tiny, my One S has 500GB only with Gears 4 (digital), Crimson Dragon, Sunset Overdrive, Cuphead, Killer Instinct, Ori, and Forza Horizon 2 on it and the HDD is nearly consumed plus, I'm with her, I hate Microsofts complicated desktop, it's a MESS! Sony did a better job keeping it ultra simple, the 360 dashboard is a wreck too compared to the original blade system which was excellent for me, Kinect jacked it all up.Sorry, to my original point. Sony learned from the PS3. the Pro doesn't have a UHD drive because Sony knows, it's kind of their format. They invested heavily in Bluray and they've kept an eye on its stats. Sony also knows it drives the price up. Lessons learned? Bluray was an uphill battle that cost them buying off Warner Bros to seal the deal, they weren't going to face trying to convince people of a video format costing Sony more money. Bluray was tough enough and the sell for UHD isn't in their best interest and they know that. Streaming through Netflix, for example, is what people want. Not to have to pay for the player and the nearly $30 for a really limited selection when they can pay a monthly subscription for limitless entertainment Sony knows UHD is a gimmick and not worth their investment, they're out to sell games. Lesson 2, price. Sony knows a UHD drive is going to drive up the price. Former Group CEO Andrew House stated he lost sleep over the HDD in the PS4 because he wanted a console at an appealing $399, he knew what he was doing and found a way to pull it off. Give em a 500GB HDD but give them the ability to upgrade it without voiding the warranty. Sony knows, they learned from a hard fought battle with the PS3 they eventually won, but wasn't profitable.You're also seeing a war on Sony for not agreeing to cross play games like Microsoft and Nintendo agreed too. If you're ignorant, Sonys the enemy, how dare the man, he's oppressive, this is a damn conspiracy! Well, no, they're not. Again, Sony are riding a wave. They're out to please gamers, not piss them off. I don't think it's arrogance like those who are angered by it do, I think, again, it's Sony learning. Remember the PS Network outage? It was a huge ordeal that cost Sony heavily both financially, but also a relationship with developers they took years to cultivate, devs lost faith in them and you're seeing more multiplatform games today than ever before where Sony once held the monopoly on games with the PS2 that was just as complicated as its successor. All of your personal information on that account is Sonys responsibility. If that gets hacked, they run the risk of lawsuits they got during the last hack. Sony have dedicated a lot of their resources to building a stronger network which costs consumers, enter PlayStation Plus to compete with Xbox Live, and compete it does. Sonys network surpasses Xbox Live, and gamers, like me, who own both consoles know this.The PS4 Pro actually works for me and I have one because I play a vast number of games on and prefer my PlayStation for better games and more exclusives. I can play my Xbox games on my Xbox One and am content with what the One S offers. I get to see what they 4K experience is like to satisfy that curiosity enough, it's not that big a deal to me, I just want a fun game, which I have to admit I was disappointed with Gears 4, a good game, don't get me wrong, but I think IGN was wrong and biased with a 9.5 buying into the hype and personally I think they reviewer felt threatened by the PS4 attacking his Halo experience and a falling Microsoft with Sonys GoW on the rise and wanted to see some Microsoft success but I'd give it an 8.1. God of War disappointed me too though. A 10? Nah, maybe an 8.5 to 8.7.Good to see you didn't try to pull a crowd pleaser though with a cheap cop out, you gave us what we wanted, a final decision that wasn't passive and one HAS to respect that. Cheers!

  • divyanshu mehta

    Why do all of you look alike

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