Far Cry 2 details vs Far Cry 5

How FC2 holds up 10 years later. FC5 has its own attention to details that FC2 doesn't have, this comparison doesn't mean FC5 has nothing to show.
Both games run under a different version of the Dunia engine (Ubisoft-modified CryEngine).
If you don't know which game is which, Far Cry 5 always cuts before Far Cry 2, clips fade in when it's just another example from the same game.
Recorded on PC, ultra settings.
Song samples from Delta Force Black Hawk Down OST: https://youtu.be/II2iQf4dC-g ; https://youtu.be/xhC90LVoM-0 ; https://youtu.be/jbAAkV5Qa9s
  • TheDobermanGang

    fc 2 - status? Loading! hehe

  • Stefan Stefan

    I didnt expect that detail FOR 2008

  • BlueBeamProductions

    So farcry 2 is better in every way except for graphics and there are mods to fix the graphics? Well i guess i know what game to buy!

  • nadir doudou


  • Parthiv Bomma

    Farcry 2 and farcry 3 were better games than the shit we are getting these days

  • creajakt

    19:45*Vietnam Flashbacks*

  • Genesis Gaming

    @16:12 , that blow inside the pipe was so cool , never noticed that xD And the weapon jamming is SO beautifull <3

  • RoughShadow

    I'm usually not that squeamish, but those FC2 healing-animations really made me cringe. I mean: you can hear the flesh widening with the knife and that long metal thing scrape along the leg-bone when he pulls it out, ew. Disgusting, in a good, convincing way.Also: That weapon-corrosion thing is awesome, especially the malfunctioning in form of breaking or exploding! Why isn't that standard in every game with weapon degredation? Would've been a perfect fit for Fallout 3 and New Vegas! Weapons are more prone to malfunctioning with decreasing condition and when that reaches zero: boom, with possible self-damage.Also also: For the "spend resources on allies to revive or mercykill them" to take effect, you'd need allies that would be worth more than the resources in the first place. I don't how good the AI was in FC2, but in 5 most of the time you don't even need to bother picking them up as it is now, without a resource to use for that. But definetly good in concept.Also also also: Must've been a real pain to get footage for everything, especially firing weapons for minutes straight in FC2 for one malfunction each. Just wanted to let you know: the work is appreciated. :)Also x4: 16:12 I don't now why, but that staring into a rocket-launcher, blowing into it and that low "whoosh"-sound without any fucks given just crack me up.

  • Jax Jacobson

    Why did ubisoft think it was better with less details?

  • My Zeal

    This happened to complete game industry... If you only care about better graphics all the time.. The gameplay will be worse...Far Cry 2 has many bugs and glitches.. But it was by "far" the best game...The scene when you pick up the flame thrower and the dubstep music kicks in was fucking awesome

  • bert g

    who can see people in red behind the walls?? huh??

  • M0N0 P0LY

    Seems like their only in it for the money now days. I have noticed this with most games that's why I'm switching to pc

  • b


  • _Tim_ __

    New games suck so bad, and getting worse by being turned into micro-transaction slot machines.

  • Crowbcat

    What's missing:- FC2: Rain, there is no dynamic weather in FC5 https://youtu.be/j08tlgG4l8Y- FC5: You can fire through walls with armor piercing ammo https://youtu.be/4cVk73Iy_yg- FC5: Large ammo boxes explode https://youtu.be/pZfL5Y8qjq0- FC2: There is a golden AK-47 variant, it is less prone to corrosion https://youtu.be/xBhrgb4A0jE

  • Michaelangelo Costello

    Far cry 3 is superior

  • Sandwich247

    Easy to see which game had more time and effort put into it.

  • Scott Reese

    Th enemy voice acting in FC2 seems disturbingly realistic. They sound like actual people, unlike the lunatics in FC5. I could never play FC2

  • Relasped Kinda

    this actually makes me sad.... :(

  • semyon54

    from the last comparison it was possible to start and finish them

  • Silver Sirel

    WOW. I will wait for a far cry humble bundle. Ubisoft really has become a crappy game maker, so shallow and casually dumbed down games are being made.

  • GamErrorChannel

    Да они нам дичь впороли

  • Qwerds777

    Единственное что повышается с годами - системные требования.

  • VulcanS

    Far Cry 2 is a tech demo sold as a full game.Beautiful tech and graphics, but a very shitty game.Far Cry 5 isn't that wonderful either. 3 and 4 (even Blood Dragon) are much better than 5.

  • Relasped Kinda

    i fucking hate modern "gaming" feels like a chore and a job.

  • Parz1val

    6:00 Nothing like spending an hour gardening with bullets in Far Cry 2!

  • Ya Lyublyu Devushek S Bol'shim Chlenom

    Fuck, it's bullshit. Approximately the same thing happened with the Mass effect, and the difference is 10 years. Perhaps, I will wait another 10 years and I will say that it can not be worse.

  • ismail yalçın

    Far cry 2 was the best

  • LoW9E CoPTeR

    I m prepared to buy Far Cry 5I watch this videoI buy Far Cry 2

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