Far Cry 5's Lowest Settings Brings Us To Tears | Potato Mode

The beauty of Far Cry 5's wilderness is put to the test, as Joey and Jake make their way through Hope County while playing at the lowest graphics settings possible.

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  • themostepicgamer

    the potato graphics look cool

  • Cedric Van Den Abbeele

    Maybe ghost recon wildlands? Its an old game but the graphics and gameplay are lit

  • Caleb Turner

    Totally accurate battle grounds

  • Agent Veneno

    The cult leader from FC5 look like Dusan Nemec from watch Dogs 2

  • Deathdragon1316

    Looks kinda like unturned

  • Mark Fox

    It looks like unterned

  • Masinary

    Potato fy PUBG mobile... oh wait, the graphics are already potatoey

  • Dane Morrison

    Ghost recon wildlands

  • TCGWorld :3

    When you have an old graphics card

  • Tariq Omar

    Fortnite potato mode!!

  • Lucian Drago

    Potato settings for a potato game

  • clonetrooper 583

    Just Cause 3 or Just Cause 4 when it comes out

  • GO Gaming

    next- detroit become human

  • IkNaTooZ FRZ

    You should put killing floor 2 in potato mode

  • ItzKitten IV

    Ghost recon wildlands

  • ImDragonized

    You broke it Soo bad it looks like early early test alpha footage 😂😂

  • funny guy55

    It looked pretty cool at the end though

  • Toasty McSauce

    Please please please please do Naughty Dog stuff like TLOU or Uncharted. So much potential.

  • Joey Yee

    What game should we potato-fy next? Leave your suggestions here!


    Roblox edition of farcry 5 bloxcry 5

  • ExoticLuck

    John seed is a potato seed

  • Ethan Williams

    It kinda actually looks cool


    Looks like fortunite.

  • Negronin

    It just looks like life is strange

  • Dubsteper88

    Actually looks pretty good

  • FiremaxBG

    Totally Accurate Farcry Simulator

  • Epicrandomperson5555


  • Lets hit 3k subs with no videos!

    Forza Motorsport 7 potato mode

  • Ziggy Hixson

    How would I do this with an AMD Graphics card?

  • Team Shoryuken

    Is this Minecraft 2 gameplay?

  • Onat Kıraç

    It looks like the game hurtworld. it looks nice.

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