Far Cry 5's Lowest Settings Brings Us To Tears | Potato Mode

The beauty of Far Cry 5's wilderness is put to the test, as Joey and Jake make their way through Hope County while playing at the lowest graphics settings possible.

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  • Shadow Guy streams

    God of war would be hilarious

  • Fulham hamster

    Look like a pretty cool style tbh.


    looks like low poly indie game

  • shadab khan

    Those r dedicated graphics settings for potato pc.

  • Raghav Dwivedi

    I wish I could have that graphics so can run my game smoothly on my pc 💻 God I'm playing it on gt610 😢

  • EfeLoLOynuyor

    This is not far cry this is unturned

  • The Gaming Panda

    ok i need dis coz i got a 1 bit graphics card

  • drea s

    Legit looks like minecraft

  • GenLiu

    The funny part being, turning down parts of the settings actually looks worst than bringing them all the way down to the minimum.

  • Honey badger055

    unturned far cry edition

  • Unacepted ME

    waht the fuck waht is happening

  • Noggin41

    Looked like Pubg xbox one launch

  • Proud to be a Walker

    Unturned looks better than this

  • Jaime Mendoza

    Low-Key looks like Sea of Thieves....Shots Fired

  • Yolo

    can I do this with Amd ? if yes then how?

  • arish mughal

    mine craft max setting

  • Hardcore Gaming & Walkthrough

    Potato Makes More Crispy!

  • Bryan V

    Far Cry 5 mobile is looking good

  • Veg Dog

    Potato mode is almost same as ultra except the water reflection and color

  • moncho masterdog

    What’s that Minecraft mod?

  • Dominick Boren

    and it still runs at 1 fps

  • Farhan Aditya Pratama

    best lowpoly games 2018!

  • Sammydassy

    This isn't that bad, It's just like a cartoon game now :D

  • Straight_Edge Spartan

    I think you two should learn brain surgery so you can alter the optic processes of real people and start Potato-fying real life.

  • Just kaaii

    do final fantasy xv!!!

  • Amanda Davis

    Potato Mass Effect Andromeda?

  • NØMΞYaCU627

    somehow it looks good even in potato mode

  • Proc 0002

    Lookes like Firewatch

  • lil pcupp

    Make fortnite run on a potato oh wait...

  • Joey Yee

    What game should we potato-fy next? Leave your suggestions here!

  • AdmiralOddSock

    you turned farcry into unturned!

  • Random Person

    Star citizen potato mode

  • c0mpu73rguy

    « The most beautiful games we know » And you’re playing a Ubisoft game...

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