The Dumbest AMD APU Build I Could Think Of

An overkill system featuring the Ryzen 5 2400G! Expand for parts list.

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Newegg -


Ryzen 5 2400G:
Gigabyte Aorus AX370 Gaming 5:
Corsair H150i Pro:
Patriot Viper LED DDR4:
Samsung 960 Evo:
FSP Hydro GE 650:
Corsair Spec Omega:

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My Gear List:
Panasonic Lumix GH5:
Panasonic Lumix G7 -
Sigma 18-35mm Art Lens:
Panasonic Lumix G Vario 12-60mm:
Metabones Speed Booster:
Zoom H4N Pro -
Rode NT1A:
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2:
Sennheiser MKE600 Shotgun Mic -
Saramonic Wireless Lav Mic:
Limo Studio Softboxes -
Manfrotto 502AH Fluid Head:
3Pod Orbit 4 Section Carbon Fiber Tripod -
Heil Sound PL-2T Boom Arm:
Kamerar Slider -

Production music courtesy of
  • MrZombie

    Not interested in AMD or their APU's but was interesting to watch this build/test would like to see more along these lines

  • bzzerc

    just a sidenote it's the ryzen 5 2400G not ryzen 3 2400G :)

  • dkerchner

    Worthwhile build. Very upgradeable. Maybe throw in a better Ryzen/Ryzen 2 CPU next month and quality graphics card. Could have a high quality build down the road. Good place to start.

  • NewWorld9

    My type of build ie lots of room to upgrade. On that note, how "large" a GPU could the 2400g handle before choking off performance? I think that would be an awesome video.

  • omar nurse

    2400G is the R5 verdant. You mean the 2200G.

  • Ynze Schaap

    not even the big corsair case were you can put 2 systems in dislike not future proof

  • Bordpie

    This is similar to my current build: ASUS Prime X-370 pro, Ryzen 2200G with Deepcool Gammax air cooler, 16Gb Corsair Vengence RGB 3000 DDR4 memory, Samsung 850 Evo SSD, Corsair 650W 80+ gold PSU in a Corsair crystal 460X case with 3 Deepcool RGB fans in the front. I'm waiting on Ryzen 2 and hopefully sensible GPU prices to upgrade, maybe even do crossfire at some point.

  • OldGamerGene

    Great video - just silly amounts of fun

  • LFly R

    Damn this Ryzen 5 2400G APU is a life saver in this GPU overpriced crisis. You can actually play modern 2016/2017 games at 1080p on Medium settings very decently and on Low settings actually very good and with that you get very low temperatures, low temperatures and very cold VRM-s. AMD has really outdone themselves in 2017 and more so in 2018 with these and the upcoming Ryzen + cpu-s :).

  • Jakob

    Loved the Music! Nice, mellow, made it easy to concentrate on your talking.And a motherboard like that without a GPU looks weird :D

  • clayton crawford

    Great video as always thanks

  • Shaderade

    Dude man, push that overclock. I went for an above budget 2400g build too. With a 120ml aio I got 4.0ghz and 1640gfx stable no problem and it really puts out good numbers.Added a rx570 and it does 4.1ghz easy too. Love the video though!

  • Marco Escamilla

    this the best i have ever with an apu awesome build.

  • RPG7Gaming Network

    Dumbest APU build... Why am I not seeing the A12 9800?

  • Noob Plays

    Say. Does anyone know how the ryzen 3 compares to a core i7-920?

  • aleon1018

    How many and which boards are now Ryzen ready? Apparently my Asus Prime X 370-A wasn't.

  • John Paul Bacon

    Maybe i should upgrade to this AIO from my current one which is the Corsair H100I GTX cooling my AMD FX-9590.

  • Nigel Wotton

    been waiting for a build like this ....peaks my curiosity........great job

  • Nintendork

    There's no much point in OC the cpu part when the base clock is already 3.6Ghz. Best thing to do:Undervolt the cpu, disable turbo.1.1-1.2v on the gpu 1600-1700Mhz :DThe igpu stock only takes about 20-25w, so it has A LOT of room for OC if you forget about cpu for a pathetic 10% gain which becomes 2-3% more fps on games.

  • Arashmickey

    Yeah, this build is way less imbalanced at a price point that includes a GPU, that gives a big price/performance jump and then the other parts are way less overkill. I didn't like the Spec-04 either but the Spec-Omega looks pretty good to me, one less triangle and nice glass and I/O.

  • Nintendork

    The cpu is still on par with an i7 7700. Is just a matter of upgrading to a gpu later or never...X370 mobos normally offers better integrated audio, better mobo cooling, more ports, etc.You can always either upgrade to a dgpu, next year APU, or Ryzen 3000 7nm + dgpu, so many options.

  • Jeremy Deel

    I’m doing the same thing building an overpriced 2400g build till gpu prices come down then all I have to do is upgrade cpu if I want and gpu and I’ll have a hell of a system. Already did a budget build for my father in law with a a-320 motherboard and it’s a FINE system for what he needs it’s for I’m a blue kinda guy but hands down to AMD for this product!!

  • Jonathan Fun

    This is actually effective future proofing. In doing more or less the same thing. I'm getting a nice keyboard, mouse, monitor, case, 2Tb hard drive, 250 GB SSD, tg case, and ryzen 3 2200g

  • aleon1018

    Like a 4 cylinder in a full size truck.. without a GPU turbo.

  • John Hepworth

    That is some impressive cooling!

  • Michael Carter

    Have to say I am loving my BPS Customs shirt...very well made.

  • John Paul Bacon

    Nice video. I was just thinking why not build am all out gaming rig setup for the time when you could add a Discrete video card and just gowith either of the Raven Ridge Chips. funny you kept Saying ( Ryzen 3 ) 2400g in the video but meant { Ryzen 5 } 2400g - lol. Not sure if you Overclocked the ram or not but maybe overclocking the ram as well. Glad to see this type of build.

  • Gul Dukat

    2400g is a great placeholder in this rig. For gaming alone I'd only bother with a subsequent GPU upgrade. Adding in a 6-8c CPU later on is just gravy.

  • rap international

    Bro its impossible to turn your head 180° and at the same time looking at the camera...

  • Push Tech Talks

    This is what i wanted to see i always wondered how far an apu can go ?? Thanks sir for this video .Did it still had headroom to hit 1600 mhz on gpu ?(somwhere around )

  • Nintendork

    My mobo of choice is the Asus X370 Pro, pretty much no gaming gizmos :DCooling of choice, CM Hyper 212X

  • Marc-André B

    No silicone lottery win for you!

  • Trolling 4 Dollars

    I am going with the 2400G until GPUs start selling for MSRP. I plan to upgrade to the R5-1600 down the road.

  • Corie155

    nice front radiator mounting 😂

  • Serj Star

    i want u to see gaming and overclocking it . I wish there was more depth in your videos

  • BuGGzLoVer's Tech

    If you have a decent budget but not quite enough for a full power system just yet, Id say do this then save for a discreet Graphic's Card + Ryzen 7 CPU. You will end up with one hell of a PC!

  • Gimby Dude

    Interesting premise for the build. I am seriously thinking of doing the same higher end build with a Ryzen apu, specifically because of the current GPU prices, all other parts will be ready for an overclockable “newer” chip. Just waiting for the 470 boards to see what they really have to offer. Totally looking at future swap of the processor and adding a gpu. And am ready for a potential 1 yr wait on things to get outa crazy ville like they are today.....So like the direction you took, if not for a slightly different reason. That AOI though....and the the 1Tb m.2. Neither are in any future build scenario I can justify with a straight face.....😄Good build look overall. Not my colours, and looking at a diffferent case, but that is totally preference. I get why people like the clean white builds.

  • Rogue KOS

    Ahhhhhhh please put in a gpu!!!

  • Jeff Cook

    Just a nit... the 2400G is a Ryzen 5. The Ryzen 3 is the 2200G. Like the intent of the video though! Keep it up!

  • aleon1018

    I think this APU is fine for a media center and older games.. without a card. and I'd like to see the price total without having to tally it up myself.

  • Kareem Suleeman

    I have this case and I hate the mounting screws for the tempered glass. Little amount of airflow. Aesthetically it looks very good.

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