The First 11 Minutes of Far Cry 5 (Captured in 4K)

We take a look at the current state of Montana and begin our journey in Far Cry 5.

Sea of Thieves Graphics Comparison: Xbox One vs. Xbox One X vs. PC

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  • Rami Yohay

    I don't know if Josphe Seed will top Vaas be he sure damn come close

  • Imran Rony

    medium 30fps enough for me :/

  • Brian Woo

    "The Father" sounds generic. He should be called "Father Joseph" instead.

  • Guilherme

    The solo and florest is a photograph

  • Donald Trump

    Lol its ubisoft ppl dont get ur hopes up, the graphics look good now wait till final release and all of a sudden it looks like ps2 graphics...

  • Brian Godfrey

    One of the cultists literally climbed into the propellers to stop the chopper from taking off...

  • Phanthom Gamers

    Best villain.. 10/10Story is interesting too..

  • Trey Yard

    Damn cm punk let himself go

  • Stoned Noob

    This trailer was so IMMERSIVE! Beautifully made. Felt like a movie.

  • Jacob B

    This is what happens when antifa finds religion

  • Saktheeshwar S

    I think it will be a good one like Far cry 3❤️

  • David Colmenero

    Does this kinda remind anyone of outlast 2.

  • Aerohk

    Everyone uses the chick to click bait male gamers, but I didn't expect IGN to do the same, lmao

  • Re-Vision

    Is it me or they made Joseph Seed to look like David Koresh

  • Lance David

    first time watching these videos for a while and the moment the cutscene was over I tried to reach for my controller

  • Negan

    Basically same mechanics as Far Cry 3 with some slight modifications and another insane world for us to liberate by killing anyone you don't like . 7/10

  • Cosmonauteable

    Protip: If it's on ps4 pro, it's not 4k.

  • Haydn Lamar

    totally called it lol

  • Kagix

    haha lynch sheriff ? what the hell are you doing here man ? :D

  • jason van rensburg

    Is this Bioshock Infinite 2?😂

  • _________

    its surprised me animation looks good and scene so intense

  • Dylan Mayhew

    Been awhile since I played a Far Cry game, I completely missed 4, but I've played all the other ones.Looking forward to this one, already added it to my Steam wish list.

  • ferdinand bonsu

    Impressive graphics...hope there wont be a downgrade

  • TheRealDonutKing

    Wasn't sure what I thought but now I'm pumped

  • darkspl

    I would really liek to play God of War and Far Cry 5

  • WheresToomy

    I’m getting some Outlast 2 vibes by the start lol, anyone feeling that?

  • Cristobal Maldonado

    I thought the idea of a cult taking an entire country was too crazy and far fetched. Then i saw Wild Wild Country in Netflix and it changed my mind, even though the Rajnishee were not as extremist as these Peggies, it made me think this could totally happen.


    We're are all these physcopaths coming from?

  • ch282

    it's basically a movie

  • The everything Channel

    If Ubisoft don't ruin this game the way they are famous for doing this game looks awesome and have a lot of potential

  • Kaos Ruin

    Looks amazing in 4k...

  • Saad サアド سـعد

    Show us the review not a gameplay on a high end PC you morons.

  • Rye

    Anyone else think Father kinda sounds like Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes?

  • Sun

    ijustine in the thumbnail?

  • h berm

    its a far cry from what i thought it wud let myself out

  • linkthehylian

    Is that ijustine? Haha

  • MadRaptor

    Here's my take on why this could be plausable. As far as I know we don't know how long this has been going on before we show up. It seems like, and it's mentioned, that this has been growing quietly, nobody really wants to believe so that must mean no real evidence has cropped up....until now. Something has finally gotten the attention of the outside but at this stage it's still just a rumor so they send in a couple of agent to investigate, they meet up with the sheriff and learn the history of what's going on. Then this all goes down, so it could be that the end of the game leads to the army, national guard whatever coming in as well. Still something that is hard to think could happen today but in these smaller towns you never know what can go down.

  • 1saac

    there are too many synergies between this game play and modern america......

  • BulletSpoung

    It seems odd that they have the rolls reversed.  They have you fighting for the government and trying to disarm everyone instead of for the citizens fighting for there freedoms.

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